We’ve seen car preview videos galore, but finally the Slightly Mad Studios guys have graced us with some actual gameplay footage from World of Speed.

The nearly four-minute long video shows off the RUF RK Coupe and Mercedes SLS in all their brightly colored glory as they race through the streets of Moscow, the city’s towering spires reflected on the autos’ gleaming hoods. The race took place during a community livestream, so it’s refreshingly “imperfect” — there’s bumping and skidding and a general lack of polish (including the murder of an innocent traffic cone at 40 seconds) that you’d expect from a real race, as opposed to something carefully selected by the marketing department to show off a game’s perfect brilliance.

Of course, lots of racing games look nice. We won’t know for a while still whether World of Speed plays nice, but you can sign up for the beta on the game’s website and hopefully find out for yourself.

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  1. The reason they fail is because they littered with horrible F2P children. Back in 2006, I played to escape real life. I was able to socialize with other players, bitch about my day whatever. Playing the game was never about reaching end game really fast and killing everyone in the server. It was about chillin and venting your problems away. People actually were positive and gave you feedback. good feedback… Now its like ” too bad.. I suggest killing yourself, but first can I have your stuff ?” … so I just quit. —

    Hell, I didnt mind the pay to win, or how bad the game was, it was just a place to go and have some me time. Now, you cant have that anymore.. Anyway, a game I am eyeballing right now is albion online. I have not got a key for it, but I would like to give it a try because it may offer what im looking for.. a cross between runescape/ultma online maybe ? We shall see.

  2. 1.It is going to be another pay to win garbage game.

    2. another developer with no brain that thinks bumper cam should literaly be placed on a bumper.

    3. they aparently think hood on cars is made of mirrors. just look at that joke

    4. also they seem to think how hiting other cars is fun

    developers = brain dead

    • It’s free. Every free2play racing game till now has been pay2 win. If they manage to make a good cash shop i think this game has a very big chances but i don’t see how are they going to do that.

      • i’ll never understand how though. Like racing games should be the easiest genre to make free 2 play games in as a developer, right next to arts games like dota.

        You can get exp / ingame curency boosts to unlock cars faster, but besides that you have such a fucking huge variety of “cosmetic” items you can offer from neons and vinyls to spoilers and rims.

        You only allow performance tuning and cars with ingame curency so all players have access to it so theres no pay2win element to it, but besides that you can market pretty much everything in a racing game. People who want to have shinny cars and pinup girls on their hood will pay for it while people who dont want it will stick to the default design of the car.

    • The actual game or its core feature or whatever you wanna call it is that its a team focused game in that it doesn’t matter who crosses the finish line first, but which team completes the most objectives during that race. The vid is gameplay of the 1v1 which I assume to function as a standard race mode.


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