Today, Nov. 11, is Veteran’s Day here in the United States, and that usually means promotions from military fighting games. Both World of Tanks and Armored Warfare are doing just that this year, offering benefits both to players and to veterans.

From now until Nov. 22, any player logging into Armored Warfare will receive the T-62 Veteran Main Battle Tank, a tier 3 camouflaged version of the American T-62. On the other hand, World of Tanks’ Veterans’ Day bundle will cost you some coin — $22.99, to be exact — but 30% of the proceeds will go to charity organization Operation Supply Drop, which aids active and returning service men and women.

Regardless of which game you choose, take a moment today to give thanks to the veterans who made it possible for us to sit at our computers all day and play games simulating digitized warfare.


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