Tanks don’t have wheels. Paradoxically, that isn’t stopping Wargaming from collaborating with Mattel and giving the second season of World of Tanks‘ console version a Hot Wheels theme — though I’m sure that the sponsorship check played some role in that decision, too.

From now until Dec. 7, console tankers can earn rewards by completing levels on either the paid or free battle pass, including a Hot Wheels-branded T-34-85m tank. Paying players can also net the Trailblazer Spahpanzer Tank, the Rodger Dodger E 75 TS, and the Tiger Shark Spähpanzer.

You can get a full breakdown of the rewards for every level on the World of Tanks Console site. Alternatively, check out this link for images of all the shiny Hot Wheels tanks, including the new garage that looks like a Hot Wheels track.

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  1. I got no problem. With hotwheels sponcering wargaming ,for a short time? For ps4 and xbox one? But i really wish wagaming would just leave the game alone, it was fine as it was before The wwe sponcership “Now they want more , money,the whole point of game pass ,is to have free games to play.TO ME ,its one big;CON? I luv this game wot on concole.but really fed up with wargaming treating us very differently. ;compared to pc players, they have turned concole players away ,from the game, ‘IT FEELS LIKE A KIDDIES GAME.? ITS NOT A REAL TANK SIM ANYMORE .unless you play on pc? At least wargaming, we should at least have the choice to have the original tank garage.? People are tired of this bullshit?wot on concole, ifeel days are numbered , if wargaming keep this up, theY need to go back to how things where. EVER heard that saying , IF ITS NOT BROKEN,NO NEED TO FIX IT….


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