Who doesn’t love to hate matchmaking in PvP games? Going live tomorrow, Wargaming’s patch 9.18 implements a new framework for that thorny issue in World of Tanks, along with changes to light tanks and artillery.

The improved matchmaker will guarantee that all matches involve vehicles spread out over no more than three tiers, with a 3/5/7 highest/middle/lowest split between those tiers to ensure each team is fairly represented. Some of those new high-tier tanks will be the new Tier X light tanks, which are fast and fragile but enough firepower to take down their heavier foes.

If there’s one thing World of Tanks players hate more than bad matchmaking, it’s SPGs (artillery). The dev team has introduced a new “stun” mechanic to artillery splashes designed to reduce the number of one-hit kills while having the potential to disable multiple tanks.

Overall, 9.18 is being dubbed “one of the most significant updates we have ever introduced to the game.” The update will force the game to go offline from 1:00 to 7:00 a.m. PDT tomorrow morning, the 18th. You can learn more about the changes in today’s brief dev log, the longer dev blog from last month, or the full patch notes.

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  1. Another rediculous and horrible patch. If 8.0 was not a dissapointment (marketed “free map roaming with launches and ramming…ends up just “you fall in water and off cliff and die”) this is worse! Well…back up just after patch 8.0 they had to admit in an open letter they are P2W and had to REBALANCE the entire tank line as they hemoraged players …. I actually still play (dont know why). US and EU servers. US takes over 5min to find a match and low player base. EU is instant and full of players (but cancer greek and turkey users). ANY WAYS, this patch will NOT ADDRESS THE GOLD TIER OR OP UNBALANCED TANKS. All it does is put you in groups of Three tiers…. as it is, it is about 4 tiers…so you just cut out of match making one tier higher, that changes nothing as one to two tiers is enough to still roflstomp other players. THEY NEED TANK TYPE BALANCE. Games end in less than 1 min when you are 5 heavies on one team vs 2 heavies on the other (or non at ALL in some matches)… TIER and TYPE are needed. And not 2 but 1 tier difference.
    Putting more light tanks in tier X is not cool. Light tanks are super troll and have a PARALLEL RELATION TO ARTILLARY. That is, their job is either roll an op derp canon to chip away big tanks as you circle around them, or SPOT FOR ARTILLARY (pro light tankers know you don’t even shoot, you just spot and move)….so, MORE LIGHT TANKS AND NERFING ARTILLARY??? Just because people cry????? Artillary IS HARD to master. It is NOT A 1 SHOT CANNON. If you get shot in one hit it is becasue some one already lowered your hp and you are stupidly in the open… This patch is addressing cry babies and bad players in WoT… I hope this stays only in US and not EU. I quit until it is removed.

    • “I hope this stays only in US and not EU.”
      A strange thing is that this update has not been installed on RU server. It isn’t even announced or anything. Perhaps you should consider migrating here. 😛

      P.S. Arty is cancer no matter what you say. x_x


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