Wargaming.net has added the new Personal Missions feature into its popular free-to-play game, World of Tanks. These special missions launched today and the race is on as the first 5 players who unlock the StuG IV by playing these missions will get their choice of premium tanks and 6 months of Premium account time. If you’re in the running, make sure you provide the proof of your success on the official forums.

What are Personal Missions? I’m glad you asked. Personal Missions are a new set of missions that players can take on whenever they choose and in whatever order they chose. These missions do not expire and one mission is not dependent on another so if a mission is giving you problems, take a break and try another mission out for a little while. When starting each mission, you’ll be given a set of conditions for victory. Meet those conditions and you win the mission, exceed those conditions and you can gain some extra rewards by completing the mission “With Honors.”

This game mode also features campaigns (sets of personal missions) and as new campaigns are added, they ADD to the options available, they do not replace previously launched campaigns. Campaign 1 kicks things off and completing all the sets of missions in that campaign will net you a total of 20 new crew members, specifically, female crew members that come with stats and bonuses ready to go.

Check out all the benefits of this new game mode on the official announcement page.

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