When you’re driving a 30-ton tank, every day’s a party, but Wargaming thinks you need a more formalized reason to celebrate. Enter the Tank Festival, a two-month shindig meant to celebrate the ninth anniversary of World of Tanks‘ launch, which brings back Tank Races and adds a new mode for players to discover and enjoy.

The fest as a whole runs from Aug. 6 (CIS and APAC)/Aug. 7 (NA and EU) and runs until Oct. 7, with various events scattered throughout. From Aug. 9-19, Czech-themed missions will let you earn blueprints for the Czech tech tree and a 3-D style for the Tier VIII Premium Czechoslovakian tank, Škoda T 27. 30v30 mode Frontline returns in mid-August and mid-September, with a new map, “set in the suburbs of a post-WWII Central European city.” Late August will see battles in the mysterious Zone 404, where tankers will encounter “the most extraordinary battles ever experienced.” Finally, tank races return in late September.

You’ll earn a new currency, Tickets, throughout Tank Festival, which you can use to customize your new Dog Tags. This is an emblem opponents will see when you destroy their vehicle, similar to the patches that currently exist in World of Warships. For more on Tank Festival, check out the descriptions of events on the World of Tanks site in brief or in full.

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