Update 9.20 has been deployed for World of Tanks, bringing 30v30 battles, new Chinese tank destroyers, and tweaks to vehicles of several nations.

The opt-in 30v30 battles are a new type of Random Battles, dubbed Grand Battles. They’re available only to Tier X vehicles, and follow the same rules as other Random Battles: Capture the opposing base or destroy all your opponents. There’s a new map for the mode, Nebelburg, a 1.4 km x 1.4 km area and Wargaming promises that “more massive maps will follow in the future.”

(It’s worth noting that this does not appear to be the same as the “Frontline” mode we heard about a few months ago. That’s also supposed to be a 30v30 battle using exclusively Tier X tanks, but on a much larger (3 km x 3 km) map.)

Previously available only on Chinese servers, a new line of nine Chinese tank destroyers are now available for all players. Eleven vehicles receive new HD models and, to the delight of many, SPGs are getting nerfed slightly, reducing their ability to cause splash damage to tanks seeking cover behind obstacles.

Finally, there’s a new season of ranked battles coming to servers in September. You can get the skinny on all the changes in Update 9.20 in the video below or on the World of Tanks website.

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