World of Warships’ Update 0.5.5 is now live, bringing weather effects, a pair of new maps, and balance fixes to the high seas. Random weather will crop up from time to time on the majority of maps, reducing visibility. Rain, snow, and heavy clouds are all potential effects, with the “cyclone” condition (heavy rain, fog, and heavy clouds) possible on the North map.

The two new maps are Mountain Range and Trident, modeled after regions of the South China Sea and Indian Ocean, respectively. There have also been a number of changes to make torpedoes less effective at higher tiers and to reduce repair time when a ship’s engines or maneuvering have been knocked out.

A new file system means that 0.5.5 will take an extra-long time to install, though it will be balanced by reduced install time for future patches. As compensation, Wargaming will give players three free days of premium time if they login before May 10.

You can get a recap of the changes in the video above or check out the patch notes on the World of Warships site.

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