Captains will face some stormy seas when Update 0.5.7 goes live for World of Warships next week, following a short delay to iron out some of the kinks. Cyclones will crop up 10% of the time on maps with Tier VII-X ships, significantly reducing visibility. There’s a new map to go with the new weather, set way up north, “near Canadian shores,” that might help you feel a little cooler during the summer heat.

The upgrade system is also getting a major, well, upgrade, in the hopes that captains will find more interesting choices for their ship’s upgrade slots. It’s a lot to digest, so make sure to read up so you’ll know exactly what you’re adding to your ship.

Several UI improvements are also on the docket, both during and after battles, and spectator mode after your ships has been destroyed has been improved, offering players the ability to freely look around the battlefield.

Overall, Update 0.5.7 has a lot of little things that improve the game — which you can read about on the World of Warships website — while lacking that one big signature feature. Sometimes it’s about the steady improvements, and not always about making a big… splash.

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