Battle Royale comes for us all, and today it’s come for World of Warships. Update 0.8.5 — still in beta! — adds the post-apocalyptic Rogue Wave battle royale mode, as well as two Ranked Sprint seasons and other gameplay fixes.

In Rogue Wave, four teams of three players each start with just a few consumable items and have to navigate the flooded ruins of a sunken city to acquire more resources and ammunition. Players have the choice of three ships to captain, each with different ratings in survivability, guns, and torpedoes. Naturally, as the round wears on, a ring of fire envelops and shrinks the battlefield, causing damage to any ships caught up in it.

Update 0.8.5 also comes with four Directives of 10 missions each, letting players earn various rewards. The top prize is the Tier IX American destroyer Benham, which sports a deadly array of 16 torpedoes. The update also includes 6v6 Ranked Sprint battles featuring Tier VII ships and Clan Brawls, which will see clans fight each other for Steel and other items. Finally, the update implements a reworked minimap and improved damage calculations.

Learn more about Update 0.8.5 on the World of Warships site.

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