World of Warships gets new E3 cinematic trailer

Just as all restaurants will eventually be Taco Bell, all games must eventually come to Steam. That includes World of Warships, which will be coming to Valve’s ubiquitous platform on Nov. 15 — with one small caveat.

Steam players of World of Warships will play on the same servers as other players, with the same gameplay and rewards. They’ll use their Steam Wallet to make in-game purchases and can even create an in-game username that’s different from their Steam name — but they won’t be able to use their existing Wargaming account, if they have one. So if you’re new to the game, Steam might be a good option, but if you’re a veteran player, you’re probably better off sticking with your non-Steam launcher.

World of Warships becomes the second Wargaming title on Steam, along with World of Tanks Blitz (but not the original World of Tanks). You can learn more about the Steam launch of Warships by reading the FAQ on the Steam site.

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