For a long time, Wargaming said there wouldn’t be submarines in World of Warships. They were announced as coming to the main game last August, but there are still a number of kinks to be worked out and new features to be tested, so Wargaming is running a special event for players to get their hands on the dreaded silent killers of the sea and provide additional testing support.

Submarine Battles are a separate type of battle for Tier VI ships, running until June 24. Players will be provided with rental submarines each day, which they can take into special combat missions with both the subs and regular ships. In the process, they can try out many of the new features for both submarines and surface ships, such as dive and ascend, sonar pings, battery charge, depth charges, and hydrophone. No, the hydrophone is not Aquaman’s mobile device.

The Warships site has some tips for playing submarines, most notably that they’re “fragile and cautious hunters” with a “small HP pool” that are best at attacking slower ships from their flanks and rear. To help them with their mission, they have sonar homing torpedoes, which require the firing sub to “guide” them using sonar pings. To counter a submarine, you’ll need to use your hydrophone to target their position and then deploy the depth charges to take them out. Happy hunting!

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