Summertime usually means fun in the water, and players of World of Warships: Legends can do just that over the coming weeks. We wouldn’t suggest hanging out on the beaches, though, lest a stray AP shell or torpedo find its way to your family get-together …

The latest update adds French destroyers in early access. They’re fast and pack impressive guns for destroyers, and they’ll need both, as they lack Smoke Generators to aid in their evasion. There’s also a new “Valhalla Rising” campaign, which has 100 levels of missions to overcome, with the final prize being the impressive Tier VII Premium German battleship Odin.

As for the big celebration, Legends is celebrating its first anniversary with a “Legendary Birthday” project in the Bureau. This will take players through this previous year’s updates, with themed rewards to be gathered along the way, including exclusive prizes from the game’s major updates over the past 12 months.

Learn more about the anniversary celebrations and new missions on the World of Warships: Legends site.

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