World of Warships is sailing for new shores, as Wargaming has announced that the free-to-play naval battler will be launching soon on the Epic Games Store. All content available for other versions of the game will be accessible via EGS, but players on those other platforms won’t be able to transfer their accounts to Epic.

There’s not much more to be said about the impending launch, so let’s talk about a few other things happening up Warships way. Do you suffer from unrequited ship love? If so, you have until the 16th to write “a romantic poem or creative love letter dedicated to a Premium ship” that you don’t own and, if your dedication is pure (and entertaining), Wargaming will satisfy your heart’s desire and give you that ship. Even if you’re not successful in your romantic endeavors, you might score a bundle of Valentine’s Day camouflages. Details on this contest and how to enter can be found on the Warships website.

Finally, if you’re not sure how one of the most basic features of the game works, Wargaming has produced a video on hitpoints, It’s good for both beginners and veterans alike and reveals several intricate details about how Wargaming calculates and assigns damage to a ship when you hit its various sections. As for me, I’m allergic to explosions, so when I play, I try not to get hit by anything, ever. It doesn’t usually work out that way, as my “battles survived” rate of 37.6% would attest.

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