We’ll start with the obligatory “World of Warships is still in beta?” Yes, it apparently is, and that beta got a big update today — in terms of numbering, if not so much in terms of content.

World of Warships officially upgraded to 0.7.0 today, making it easier for people to know when you’ve owned them in battle. Emblems and patches are in the game now, giving your profile a bit more flair. You can mix and match patch elements to create a distinctive insignia, and when you destroy an enemy warship, they’ll see your insignia.

More substantially, 0.7.0 also adds the ability to create training rooms, where you and up to 23 of your friends (or enemies) can duke it out with nearly any type of battle configuration you want. You can try new ships and new strategies to your heart’s content, as consumables in these battles won’t be consumed and there will be no costs to service ships — though, understandably, you also don’t earn anything from these battles.

Finally, Wargaming is bringing the High School Fleet ships back into service. They’ll be available via for-sale bundles and in-game missions, revealed tomorrow, Jan. 18. Learn about those and the rest of Update 0.7.0 on the World of Warships website.

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