Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developer Turbine have announced the closed beta start date for their DC Ultimate Universe MOBA, Infinite Crisis. The superhuman filled MOBA is set to start its closed beta phase on May 8th, with players getting the opportunity to fight against each other as one of several DC Comic characters from throughout the DC multiverse.

Infinite Crisis is set to be released later this year, although the date is currently not available.

Players interested in being a part of the beta can sign up for a chance to play here.

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  1. um mobas are becoming more variated? like the almost invisible bloodline champions. it takes a more simple approach to mobas with only fast paced skillshot style play. no minions blah blah blah. no leveling. no items. just some skill trees and runes. or that other one mmobomb covered that looks like simcity had a baby with a dota and terrain actually buffs you. also theres airmech. a mix of regular rts and moba i think.

  2. Just a thought, when announcing there’s a release date…put the release date in the article. I know you just have to click a link to find out it’s May 8th, but you should already include that little detail when you post something like this.

    • I don’t want to upset you my friend, but it is written in the article and I quote : ”The superhuman filled MOBA is set to start its closed beta phase on May 8th”… Oh well…

    • For the last time PANZAR ISNT A MOBA?!!? who told you it was a moba? cause its not even close to a moba its more like rakion.

    • og god,why are you crying ? if you went good fps go buy it ! or check the list bro ! If you dont know they are already lots of mmo and mmofps …moba are not easy to find,so don’t cry ! and if you dont like moba ,dont suscribe … *sorry if my english are bad,i am french after all*

    • Panzar isn’t a MOBA. It’s an action rpg. It’s more like TF2 than anything.

      Seriously, if you like action/FPS, try Panzar sometime.


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