Con Artist Games’ World War II-themed RTS Warfare Online is now out of early access and officially launched. Billing itself as a “fast-paced, focused, online game of tug-of-war,” Warfare Online mixes RTS gameplay with a progression system for individual units and tosses in cards to open up additional abilities.

Warfare Online represents the next evolution of Warfare 1917 and Warfare 1944, a pair of single-player Flash-based games also developed by Con Artist and published by Armor Games. The newer game has a similar feel but with updated graphics and gameplay and, of course, online multiplayer.

You can learn more about Warfare Online on its website or download it from Steam.

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    • What are you talking about? The abrams for example was totally developed in the second world war. It was even deployed but you just don’t know about it because the secret documents are secret. (sarcasm off)

      • Yeah… I understand, it’s a small underrated game that is below everybody’s rader. Mr. Jason still should have at least looked at screenshots or something before posting news about it. >_> Besides, the game is pretty neat and deserves better.


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