Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Educates Regulators As Microsoft Makes Final Arguments For Acquisition Of Activison In EU

Time is drawing near for a final judgement from EU and UK regulators.

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Xbox boss Phil Spencer flew to Europe this week to face European and UK regulators regarding the Microsoft acquisition of Activision Blizzard King according to The Times.

EU regulators have not yet given their ruling on the acquisition and Spencer is adamant that he does not want the console market to mirror the two-phone smartphone market. Xbox has already inked a deal to bring Call of Duty to Switch should the acquisition go through and has offered PlayStation a 10-year contract for the franchise. Still, regulators focus on the Call of Duty franchise while Xbox says acquiring the mobile market of King is one of the primary reasons for purchasing Activision. Xbox continues to argue that PlayStation controls 70% of the console market

For his part, Phil Spencer claims to enjoy educating regulators on the intricacies of the gaming market, saying: "Most of the time in my career at Xbox as I've met with government regulators, there's been a real lack of knowledge about the games industry. I’ve appreciated spending time with them and in certain cases helping to educate. I think for a lot of the regulators, this is the first time they've looked at this industry."

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