Bohemia Interactive’s free-to-play sandbox adventure game Ylands has a new update live today, 1.6: Trading Territories. The dev team has upped its exploration game by introducing new, specially handcrafted ylands for players to discover and well, explore, alongside the game’s player-created ylands. Future plans include holday-themed ylands and new game modes connected to them.

For now, players can set rules on a yland-to-yland basis, controlling who can build on their new territories. Speaking of building, there’s a new building station that lets you fly around its area of effect to make building high structures easier, and a new vendor crafting station will facilitate even more trading.

There’s also “a real treat” for “hardcore creators”: the beta version of the game’s text-scripting API. Hardcore achievement hunters can now view a leaderboard, which offers “daily & weekly breakdowns” in various categories. For the less hardcore, you can now get a rake “for all your terrain smoothing needs.” Yes, this was apparently a hotly requested feature.

For more on Update 1.6, check out the post on the Ylands Steam page.

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  1. Ylands has made some many promises over the years and delivered on less than 2%
    the games explore and adventure was scraped at many times and changed while the company focused on self serving interests over the games promise

    theres a reason after tencent bought stock the head DEv got fired


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