You Won’t Be Riding Final Fantasy XIV’s Rising Event Mount, You’ll Become It

Become the Phoenix and set the world on fire.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Final Fantasy XIV Phoenix Mount

Okay. You won’t set the whole of Eorzea on fire when you get the Phoenix Riser mount from Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming Rising event. You will, however, turn into a big pretty bird that it appears is able to either manifest a fireball around itself or throw it. It’s a little hard to tell from images alone. Either way. You’re a Phoenix and Phoenix’s mean fire.

The mount is teased in a recent post on the Final Fantasy XIV site, where they detail other information about this year’s event. This time, players won’t just be doing a seasonal quest. They’ll also be able to read special messages to those who survived the Seventh Umbral Calamity and play a new mini-game. The mini-game involves using moogles to bounce balls to a target and take down enemies.

If that’s not enough, a special quest related to Louisoix will also be available in Ul’dah. Players need to have a level 50 Disciple of War or Magic class in order to take on this particular quest.

In additional news, Square Enix is offering players another chance to win some in-game goodies. The XIV team is hosting a special Mosaic Art Sweepstakes asking players to contribute screenshots that will be used to recreate the 10th anniversary artwork by Yoshitaka Amano. They’ll be choosing up to 20,000 screenshots to use in the image and rewarding those players with some in-game cosmetics. The catch is that most of the images will need to have yellow and white hues. Details on how to enter can be found on the Lodestone.

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