Artifact collection has been a major feature of Rift since the game launched. Many is the time I’d be running with a party, see something shimmering in the distance and yell, “Oooh, SPARKLE!!” into my mic; forcing the group to stop until I could pick it up. I couldn’t help myself. They were there and I had to grab them. (Just ask Mike.)

Of course, due to my on again, off again nature of Rift playing, I never have acquired all of the 8,000+ artifacts apparently available in Rift — and I likely never will. That is, of course, unless I’d just like to buy them.

Yep, Rift is adding the ability to purchase artifacts in just a week. As of February 17, you’ll be able to pick them up in stores — rather than off the ground, behind fence posts, or from that one really high ledge you just haven’t figured out how to get to.

According to Trion, this new addition is for all of us that have been trying forever to complete a set in the game and just haven’t managed to do it — rather than those who just want to avoid hunting for them altogether. Of course, you CAN do the latter, but you’re going to pay for it. As Senior Development Director Simon Ffinch points out:

“It’s actually designed to encourage gathering or trading for artifacts. Because when you open a fresh collection with no items in it, the price per slot is ludicrously high. No one is going to want to buy them at that point.”

According to Ffinch, the goal here is actually to encourage people to collect those artifacts — even sending minions out to collect them and trade them on the auction house.

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  1. well that’s cheesy…

    this game used to actually be good back before it went f2p. i started at it’s beginning, all the way to infernals…yeah i remember the first failed event! i was there…pissed off with everyone else. i’ve gotten so many awesome things(especially sigils) and cool looking effects and costumes, mount, etc etc from these events, that now just seem disappointing because of how this game turned out… now its all about micros, p2w and just buy pretty much whatever.

    artifacts were actually pretty fun to find and hunt for… you could still buy them from other players, but players put time into finding them…much like i did…i made tonnes of plat for my efforts. i went after the rarest of the rares…now they’re gonna be purchasable for credits?

    yeah this game sucks now… what a waste…

  2. Correct me if i’m wrong here but gathering full sets of artifacts gave rewards didn’t they? i remember at least one of them giving a mount…so it’s really down to do the rewards constitute as pay to win.
    Pity the die hard players that spent years gathering them only for that effort to be sold to any lazy sod.

    I get the impression that someone should take the shovel away from trion and beat them unconscious with it…before they dig themselves any deeper


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