Daybreak Game Company has added a new car to Z1 Battle Royale and, most importantly, something to do with it. Wednesday’s update brought the new Raining Racers arcade mode to the game, which drops players into the match equipped with a pair of Racer Signal grenades. These will call in an airdrop of the new sporty Racer vehicle — with parachute, we hope — that will help you zoom around the map and outrun the more toxic gas ring. If you run down any players along the way, well, that’s just a bonus.

Naturally, you can’t have new content without a new loot box, and the update also includes a Racer Crate that has a chance of dropping all 10 skins for the Racer. You can also pick up three new outfits and the legendary Police Racer skin, but the wording — “are available for purchase as single-set crates” — leaves us a little confused as to whether that means you can buy them individually or you can buy a crate that might drop them.

Check out the announcement on the Z1 Battle Royale Steam page.


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