Say what you will about AdventureQuest 3D itself. Maybe you love it, maybe it’s a bit “simplistic” for your tastes, hell, maybe you don’t even know what it is in the first place. Despite those feelings though, I can tell you from first hand experience that meeting and chatting with Adam “Artix” Bohn, CEO Atrix Entertainment, and team is a pleasure. The team’s passion for almost all media, not just games and their game in particular, is refreshing and you’ll ALWAYS have something to talk about when you hop on the line. My recent preview this week with the AQ3D team took place just a few months after my previous preview and a lot has changed…but not as much as the team had hoped would have changed by now.

As AQ3D pushes towards open beta this October, players have already been testing out the Steam and Android versions of the title. The iOS version of the game will be made available during the upcoming open beta but hasn’t been tested much externally due to the nature of how applications flow through the Apple Store’s requirements system.


This recent preview saw Artix, myself, and some other team members traipsing through one of the games approximately 11 new dungeons that will be added when AQ3D rolls into beta, ShadowSkull Tower. This dungeon is unique in that the arrangement, monster spawns, and even the final boss’s final form are all randomly generated from a preset list of options. The first time through won’t reveal everything there is to see and in fact, since the dungeon length is limited but the options for generation are greater, it may take several trips through ShadowSkull Tower before you’ve “seen” everything. Don’t be disappointed that the final boss is very “Ghost Rider” looking, by the way. He’ll change forms later in the fight into one of 3 different forms…you’ll have to run this dungeon multiple time JUST to see all of the boss’s forms. This is a great way to increase replay-ability a bit, but Artix also mentioned that dungeons as a whole have undergone a bit of an overhaul based on player feedback. Players didn’t want just a ton of monsters, they wanted more balance, difficulty, and immersion and Artix Entertainment is focusing on that through rebalance passes and an increased use of all the storytelling options available to them including quest text, talking head cutscenes, and actual cutscenes.


Mogloween is also rolling into AQ3D so long time AQ fans will have something a bit familiar to them to take part in. This seasonal event not only introduces the new craftable Pumpkin Lord armor set (although Artix hinted that this cold actually be a class in the future…maybe) but also the Elder Gourd: Gourdthulu. My reply? That the armor was very Love”craft”ian of them….yeah…at least they appreciated the pun!.


All in all, there’s a good bit for AQ fans to look forward to when beta starts. Artix may have wanted to be a bit further along, but the basis of the “Friend Summoning” feature is running, new dungeons are always a plus, the iOS version of the game is getting ready to be available, and the game seems to be being tuned directly as a result of player feedback. Judging by some of the stories rolling around in Artix’s brain and in his personally written scripts (no, don’t ask, I can’t share them as they could spoil certain VERY cool upcoming ideas), players will have a fun ride, particularly those that already know a bit about the AQ world.

My thanks to Artix and team for spending some time previewing the game with us!

Mike "Magicman" Byrne has been a part of the MMOBomb family for years and serves as the site's current Editor-in-Chief. His love for MMOs and gaming in general has led him to covering games for numerous websites including Gamebreaker TV and XIV Nation where he proudly displays his fanboy flag for FFXIV:ARR.


  1. Don’t care, when I were a teenager I would continued playing this game, but I am right now 20 and what I can say about this game and their previous games – everything is like made on paper, plus 80% or abit lower of the community are under 18 years old, if u dont believe then try urself

    • Actually they attempted to build it back in 2011-2012 but failed because they were using adobe flash player and the owners of it decided to call it quits on it since people were transitioning from adobe flash to HTML so since they are poor and underfunded with very little paid workforce and alot of volunteers who work for free they spent a few years rebuilding it in unity engine and recycling alot of the stuff from their old game. The best news is this game is already going downhill the CEO adam bohan and the devs are taking the ideas from their previous failed games and reusing them in this game which includes 60+ ingame classes and weekly ingame content releases. And lastly this game is horrible for PC users your better off playing it on a mobile device or not at all. The devs aren’t even listening to crucial suggestions which would benefit the game they are saying they know how to run it xD well if you seen their older games you will kow they suck.

  2. “I will admit this game is probably better then all their horrible other games. They had some other cool games like Mechquest,oversoul,dragonfable,herosmash,the original adventure quest”

    Lmao, you just named here their main games.

    • Even I have to admit your right this game will probably be better then all their other horrible games but if you haven’t read the latest interview adam bohan did then you should start worrying. He’s bascially gonna turn this good game into one of his other horrible games by doing weekly release content updates and releasing over 60+ ingame classes. I would be worried if I was gonna play this game and I’m sure the backers are worried now. So glad I didn’t back this game now. Also I don’t know how they will manage it since they are barley managing it with their previous games.

    • I just thought of some of their cool games. AQWorlds would of been cool if they didn’t do their weekly releases and spam out rare items and weekly content updates since it ruined the originality of their ideas for the game and the spam of classes ruined balance. I liked Dragonfable but didn’t play it since it wasn’t multiplayer,I liked herosmash but didn’t play it because it was a huge failure and only like less then 100 ppl play it nowadays, I really liked oversoul but it died because it got rushed to launch because of adam bohan (artix) which caused it to fail otherwise I’d still probably be playing it. And I liked mechquest but once again I didn’t play it much due to it being single player only which was no fun for me.

    • Sad but true. This game could of done good on PC but the developers are driven on making it better for mobile then PC which is probably why I’d only recommand this game if your gonna play it on a mobile device. On a PC your better off playing world of warcraft or better games then this. And to add they don’t even have their own official launcher. Sure steam and soon if they do build the windows 10 app they been talking about could work but I’m talking about an official AE launcher. Some people might not wanna use steam or windows 10 I think they should consider building a official AE launcher for AQ3D at somepoint.

    • Strangely it feels like this game was built for mobile which is probably was. But feels like they are severly neglecting the PC users which is why I won’t play this since I’m a PC gamer. I rarley play Mobile games.

  3. Not worth the time. I’ve played it and the combat is horrible they need better combat and the UI for the PC sucks. I admit the one game on all devices idea is kinda cool but I don’t think they are going in the right way about this. One other thing I will admit this game is probably better then all their horrible other games. They had some other cool games like Mechquest,oversoul,dragonfable,herosmash,the original adventure quest but they either halted all production on it rushed it to release 2 early which caused it to fail or since it’s built in adobe flash it’s running the risk of being killed off since every major browser is trying to purge adobe flash from their browser like chrome,firefox,edge and others I can’t think of. But AQWorlds isn’t worth it you would be better off playing AQ3D and if you play AQ3D I recommand playing something else it looks like a failed version of world of warcraft.

    • its unity and all their games are fun. maybe not for everyone but fun. they make they game have comedy and just randomess which is diff and fun. don’t hate on them just cause you can’t see the fun.

      • Actually I did see the fun in most of their games. But then the support team unfairly IP blocked me on all their games for a stupid reason and yeah I admit part of it was my fault but they were using excuses and lying to me so I’m kinda steamed off about that which made me think in another light about them. And before anyone else says they don’t unfairly ip block people well you don’t know my situation I had with them in the past but they did and they refused to lift it. I don’t hate on them because I don’t see the fun in their games. I hate on them because of their BS support team and how extremely strict they are. Yeah I know every game has their own moderation system and chat filters but from all the games I’ve seen AE games goes overboard with it.

      • Also I’ve been testing AQ3D since the tech demo so I did see the fun at the beginning I do admit but then it got worse and worse as each testing phase went on from my experience since they are making this for mobile first then PC second. I doubt I’ll play Artix entertainment games again after the BS I went through with the support team when I was trying to disable my upgraded account on AQWorlds since the help pages say we can do that if we request it. But if I do come back I’ll probably recommand the newer games since I don’t see much of a future with their old games that run on adobe flash player.

        • I’m positive I won’t return to this company for their games but if I did I’m positive I won’t pay them a cent since they gave so much trouble last time with their idiotic staff not knowing what rules they have about disabling upgraded accounts.

          • Sorry I didn’t mean positive. I mean guarentee I won’t give them a cent out of my wallet. They don’t deserve it till they get better staff members at their company.

      • One other thing I forgot to mention is alot of the AE fans seem to hate my constructive criticism. I’ve given feedback and ideas and all shotdown by a majority of players and the staff which would of benefited AE. I’ve tried to be a nice person in the community but everyone seemed to get angry at me because of my ideas I’d suggest they would say it’s stupid and dumb when it wasn’t. The AE fans are either idiotic or children but yeah you are probably one of their hardcore fans so I can see why your not taking my constructive criticism very well. I can’t even suggest ideas on their forums the forum mods are strict as hell they would censor you over the littlest things that don’t even need to be censored. All I gotta really say is AE and their idiotic fanbase can’t seem to take constructive littlest very well.

        • I mean constructive criticism not constructive littlest lol but yeah that’s all I really feel about their game but yeah I know not everyone will like my ideas but I’ve suggested really good ones but no one likes them for somereason and I’m most likely not gonna return due to how bad the support team treated me but if I did I probably won’t till they start making better games and get better staff then the majority of the free labor he has working right now on his games. Also sorry if all of these posts been ranting and I would of put it all in 1 post but I didn’t think I was gonna make more then 1 post.

      • One thing I didn’t read which I should of mentioned in the beginning. You claim all their games are fun? Well that isn’t a fact that’s just an opinion and only you see them as fun not everybody sees their games as fun and I think over 80% of their games are horrible. Also I really wish I posted this in the beginning it feels like the answer to your post.


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