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Next Tuesday, April 11th, En Masse Entertainment will drop the latest “Honorbound” update into TERA. The largest part of this update is, of course, the new Valkyrie class. Getting the particulars out of the way; yes, it’s a female only class, yes it is race restricted to the Castanic only (although the lore has been molded to “explain” that), and yes it is a damage dealing class. (Where are new healing classes??)

Anyway, this week I had the chance to sit down and play the new class with the team from En Masse including Product Manager Michael Santora, Writer Scott James Magner, Associate Product Manager Robin MacPherson, and Community Manager Sean “Spacecats” Gibbons. As is typical for these previews, we were supplied with a max level Valkyrie in pretty boss gear stat wise and we rather enjoyed just pummeling things with the Valkyrie’s damage combos.

TERA Preview 4

Time to Slash Through Anything That Moves

Starting off, the Valkyrie uses two core “build and spend resources” systems. One, Runemarks, are applied to the enemy you are attacking each time the Valkyrie lands a critical hit with any of a wide variety of the class’s assorted slashing abilities. Spending those runemarks on abilities such as Runeburst, which explodes runemarks on a target doing damage to all surrounding targets, becomes not only a lot of fun, but also essential to the Valkyrie rotation. Build up to seven runemarks, explode them for additional damage and crit chances, and repeat. You don’t have to wait until you have 7 runemarks but the increase in damage output is worth doing so if you can. If you kill an enemy before spending any runemarks you’ve stacked on them, you’ll be able to temporarily take those marks back and move them to your next target if you move quickly.

Runemarks tend to stack up quickly since the Valkyrie not only has evasion moves like…well, Evasion, to better position them for critical hits from behind targets, but because the class has a myriad of combo chains that end up using abilities to knock the cooldown off of certain other abilities. In short, find a chain you like that keeps almost all the skills off of cooldown by using certain other skills and you’ll be pumping out the damage with each ferocious swing of your runeglaive.

TERA Preview 3

The REAL Resource Spender

Once at max level, Valkyrie players will open up the TRUE resource spending mechanic of the class. Upon each hit on an enemy, the Valkyrie accumulates Ragnarok points. Get 1000 of these bad boys (they do diminish slowly when not continually whacking away on targets) and you can unleash the Ragnarok ability. This spend not only increases attack speed, power, and range, but ALSO resets the cooldowns on a number of abilities. Combine this with the level 65 ability Titansbane and you can not only dish out some serious punishment but you’ll also be buffing yourself AND allies.

In short, I enjoyed my romp through Kaprima (again) and rather enjoyed the smooth and slick style of the Valkyrie and think that TERA players looking for melee combat that’s slick, fast, and able to be tailored a bit based on combo preference will likely have a fun time with the Valkyrie. You don’t have to wait until April 11th to see some more details though as En Masse is streaming Valkyrie content right now and plans to do so tomorrow as well on their Twitch channel.

Our thanks to the team over at En Masse Entertianment for the preview and if you want to check out more details about the new class be sure to visit the Valkyrie Class page!

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  1. Guys lets think about this for a moment. They can release all the race/gender exclusive classes they want, but there will be a day when they implement a male only class. When? I don’t know. But theres only so much you can do in a fantasy game with a small variety of females before you run out of ideas, and eventually look to the other gender for consideration.

  2. hopefully they Valkyrie class wont suffer from the same horrible running animation the castanic gunner has where you are humped over and run with your ass swinging 5 feet to each side. i couldnt even complete the dam tutorial before i deleted her and made a high elf gunner.
    as to the conversion in the comments ill leave you all with a quote from the guy who introduced me to mmos. “If you are going to play for hours on end do you really want to stare at a guys ass for over 100 hours?”. my own opinion is who gives a dam if you hate gender locked mmo either play a different one or make your own!!!

    • I give a damn and couple other million do too :]
      I create female characters sometimes aswell or play female heroes in moba games. But these are roleplaying games so what do you create? Your avatar that is you in the game. Ofc being a male I want a male character. I don’t want half naked female which will often scream loudly or be half naked if not completely.

      I am fine with other opinions but that argument is awful. Who looks at their characters ass? When I play the game I watch the cool skills, armor, landscape and other things. I think of the character as me in the game. If you sit there over 100h and stare that male characters ass you have a problem then…

  3. Tera is really not a bad mmorpg not for everyone but not bad …. however I’m done with gender locking of any kind.

      • If people are playing MMOs, they generally want some ownership over their character. Twisting them in weird ways like “Oh, I want to be a healer, but let’s make him a zipzorp instead of the usual cranglheimer.”
        When studios make race or gender-locked classes (or worse, both simultaneously), you’re stripping away layers of ownership of the concept, and you’re basically playing something pre-generated and lifeless.

        Although I don’t know why I’m explaining this to a troll named Lily.


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