Report: PC Gaming To Grow To $35 Billion Worldwide By 2018, Thanks To F2P And E-sports

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor

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PC gaming is dying -- or, maybe it's not.

According to one group, PC gaming is on the rise and will continue to do so until at least the end of the decade, thanks in large part to the emergence of free-to-play games and the e-sports scene. That's the conclusion reached by Open Gaming Alliance, thanks to numbers from DFC Intelligence.

First things first: I haven't heard of either of these two organizations, and you probably haven't either. I'm not willing to dismiss them out of hand because of that, but I'd also take whatever they say with a grain of salt.

But if you take what OGA says as a reasonable prediction, the question is why? According to a DFC analyst who provided the projections to VentureBeat, it's largely due to the adoption of the PC platform outside of Asia, which was a key driver of past growth. It's not just the games, either, as PC enthusiasts "buy expensive equipment to play, view, and record games."

Those two parts are probably where the firm gets the notion that F2P and e-sports will be driving factors in PC gaming. Free-to-play is still growing outside of Asia, and there's probably at least a little contribution from the vast number of people who got their start in gaming on simplistic mobile games over the past few years and are looking for something a little meatier on PC.

As for e-sports, the buying hardware to "view, and record games" is probably driven by the e-sports scene, which certainly has made gaming a spectator sport and encouraged more people than ever to record and share their experiences online -- which leads to more viewing.

league of legends (6)

What about the actual numbers, though? The chart provided with the analysis shows PC gaming growing, though not astronomically so -- from $26 billion last year to $35 billion in 2018. Phone/tablet gaming is still predicted to grow more quickly, basically doubling itself ($15b to $30b) in that same time. By 2019, the two are nearly the same, and if the predictions went beyond that, I'd imagine that phones and tablets would surpass PC gaming and take over the #1 spot.

Meanwhile, handhelds are predicted to decline while consoles surge and dip near the beginnings and ends of their current generations. I suppose the overall message of the analysis isn't to say "PC gaming rises"; you could make the same headline for consoles or mobile devices, and the gap between PC and console at the end of the chart is nearly the same as it is in 2014.

Rather, it's to serve as a counter to the notion that PC gaming is dying or at least being vastly outpaced by other gaming platforms. Free-to-play has clearly helped mobile gaming skyrocket, and it makes sense that increased emphasis on F2P for PC could have a similar effect, if somewhat lesser in magnitude.

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Jason Winter, News Editor

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Discussion (7)

Benny 9 years ago
Gaming is dying for me, nothing precisely new, the same repeated genre with different graphic and some changes and everyone call it a new game. Had my blast dedication of 10 years on console/PC games, think is time to make a bail and make a come back few years later.

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Him 9 years ago
With greater amounts of people come greater amounts of responsibility which 90% of the industry lacks. lol

Merkadis 9 years ago
"PC gaming is dying" yeah... right.
PC gaming will never die, probably even when a proper virtual reality will come to be.
Especially not when RL continue to become more and more boring.

Thuya 9 years ago
1) Phone/Mobile shouldn't be considered gaming per say. these are just simple apps to kill small amounts of time. A true video game must posses a balance of:music/story/gameplay/graphics/etc which every single app out there definitely lacks (if there are any please feel to name them). If anything, "mobile gaming" is harmful to actual gamers since companies can focus their money to fund these "games" instead of actual titles that can even be memorable after decades have passed by.
2) As for PC gaming, whoever believes it has been in decline they couldn't possibly be more wrong, the only ones who would say otherwise are the ones of the money hungry e-sports scenes or completely serious journalists making click baits around the web.

Amta 9 years ago
Always a pleasure to read your interesting articles, Jason :)

Mike Ock 9 years ago


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