Allods Online

Allods Online is an impressive free to play fantasy MMORPG with some Sci-Fi elements that fans of the genre’s most successful titles can enjoy. It features extensive questing, intense player-versus-player combat, grand exploration, in-depth character development and plenty of social interaction.

Join one of the 2 factions at war in the deep storyline by choosing from one of the 28 classes available. Customise your character and pet via the rich creation system and level up by completing over 1500 quests at launch and confronting over 300 unique creatures. Explore and fight your way in dungeons, castles and temples as a raid or as a group. Allods Online features Faction vs Faction, Players vs Environment, and Ship vs Ship mechanisms. Be ready to explore the Astral space on board of your own ship, and if piracy sounds like the life for you, it can be!

In the Astral, players will have the chance to put their wits and brawn to the test in larger-than-life Astral battles, the game’s giant fights between competing "Astral ships" manned by multiple players. Adventurers from all over the world will have to choose between six races and eight character classes before choosing their allegiance between the two warring factions: the League and the Empire.

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Allods Online

Allods Team
Release Date
April 26, 2011
Windows (Client)
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.
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Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8


4 GB


8 GB


Core i3 2.5 GHz


Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 with 512MB of VRAM

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User Reviews (112)

Do you recommend this game?
nocx 1 year ago
When I played this game in the past, it was jammed pack with toxic PvPers who only Player kill the weaker players because they can't handle players their own levels.

Guess and mainly (probably) the same garbage toxicity exist.

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Joshi 7 years ago
P2W game. nothing else to say. Beautifull game with sad story of devs who don't care about player base...

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Lefter 7 years ago
I havn't played this game for a while.I never reached anywhere near lvl cap but i can surely say that allods has a big broblem with the zones you wont meet more than 5 people in each zone

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Todoran 8 years ago
good cover.... bad content!

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xudja 9 years ago
I play this game for long time. I've been trying out many games. New ones, old ones, subscription and free games and always, always, comeback to Allods Online. The game is just great!
For years Gpotato ruined it, then, Webzen continued with deal and now, My.Com, just continue the job... I never understood or will, why this game have no publicity at all and it is not even on Publisher games list... It's not the game fault but it's so poorly management!
This is probably the best game but history have is weight. The Cash Shop is a heavy burden and the "free" to play version is actually the "pay" version which made hundreds leave the game. You can play freely till level cap but after that, you be a punchbag and not enjoy at all the endgame content. Just to prove it is on time every MMO goes subscription to free to play, Allods Online went otherwise.
But now that they've opened the subscription server the game finally, over 5 years, became a great game for everyone. And is probably the cheapest subscription game you'll find!
The game have it all. It's not a WoW thing neither any thing like it.
If you try the free to play version to have a look, you'll love it! At least for me it's the best so far. But yes, the F2P version is a P2W no matter what and the real game is subscription base.
Take a look at website, at forum, at guild portal, download and try and most of all:
MMOBOMB, the info on the game is not updated!

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Great Dane 93 9 years ago
Impressive graphics (imho), interesting gameplay (different than wow for sure) and awesome (if you pay a lot I mean). I've been playing this game on and off for about 4 years now and I honestly can't say that it is worth trying. Once you reach the level cap, you have to have a guild or spam in world chat in order to successfully enjoy going into astral to get end game gear. Battle grounds are totally unbalanced due to the fact that there are people who actually spend tons of money to upgrade runes while you may not have taken interest in doing so. Further more THERE IS NO DUNGEON FINDER! So, I reccomend playing something else for real. A real waste of time unless you are willing to spend a lot of your life and money on the game. <-- Caitlynn 65 scout/Harrior 65 paladin from empire side.

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peppe 9 years ago
in questo gioco esistono le gilde italiane??

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foseeseemo 9 years ago
but is it pay to win though

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Hellion 9 years ago
terrible game.
1.character naming was restrictive, no spacing special character or any character that isn't a Latin numeral. (when are game creators going to realise its not uncommon for people to have the same name)
2.screen resolution was unchangeable. try as I might I could not change the size of my screen. it ruined my gameplay. it felt like I was looking at the game through a telescope. yes there was a screen resolution in the video options and it was broken.
3.the game itself (from what I could see playing through a telescope) looked ok. the default controls needed to be tinkered with to make it functional but the skill activations cool downs and the skills themselves were a retarded imitation of wow that didn't work.
4.the character class's were nonsensical. e.g.. a wannabe warlock class called a summoner that was described as a necromancer/summoner type... very poor indeed
5.the hair/colour and face opens sucked

when I made my character I couldn't make my name Hellion. I tried - _ special character and even caps in the I and l (the I cap was too funky to be passed off as an L) in the end I couldn't get my character name so I typed FvckMyCom.... it was a legal name. so my character is called fvckmycom. this is an example of bad video game devs. they never put any thought into making new features for games, only copying successful games so they can make money.

if you want to play a game like this go play wow. $14 a month isn't that much.

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markky60 9 years ago
played allods for a while , too much pay to win
if you dont have high level runes no one wants you in raid team plus you will get 2 shotted in pvp

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Corerupted 10 years ago
Ok from all off that comments all you guys can talk about is a discussion of wow and all mmorpg's in general and cs.


Instead of hearing random crap about wow and cs I a possible player looking at the comments of ex and current players was expecting to hear about the game. Like how is the gameplay, questing, dungens, characters etc..... I can promise you most games have bad sectors WOW: the PTP concept, free browser games are CS orientated, etc but stop focusing on the games' bad sector and focus on the good sectorS ..... ffs....

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Nick 10 years ago
Well i have been playing this game for a little over 2 years now and i must say it is balanced out cash shop wise much more than when I first started. The graphics are truly amazing and I love the idea of ship pvp. They have added many different weekly and daily quests that can help with getting gold for things you need and the fact that there is a gold to gpotato convertor in game for a while now it makes it much easier to not have to spend cash. I mean of coarse you can drop loads of dough in this game to get to the top fast but even in sub based games if you want to get geared you have to grind for gold and such to get there. The random group astral finder added was a nice perk. You get teleported to astral with free mercenaries(minions to fill spots in group) once every 30 minutes on the hour and half hour. This gives alot of gear drops compared to before and makes gearing a toon much faster than when I started. This also serves as a great way to earn gold if you have multiple toons and not planning on gearing some. With 20 keys a week I earn 10k gold per character that im not gearing. The upgrading system was also revamped. Cost of upgrading was significantly reduced from what it was and the amount of reagents needed went to 1 per upgrade which used to be up to 6 needed for one. All in all i think you can spend alot of cash on this game only if that is your choice but after you get going and reach level cap it gets very easy to earn gold and play more F2P style. Higher gear levels only makes this easier. The sub server is up and running now. Not too sure on the details as ive not tried it myself. As for the WoW comments i played WoW for about 4 years and this game does have some similarities but then again it has alot of differences. But what MMO doesnt have some things that look the same:)

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Sajo 10 years ago
It's a fun game, draws you in from the very beginning.It has some very original ideas and some very nice graphics. I hate it, I keep coming back and get sucked in again and again. This is a 100% p2w game, item's cursed? lil cash will make that go away, follow the ingame suggestions for you build well you're screwed come endgame and we can fix that... for a lil cash. Hell they had a cash item that could just give you the item you need to upgrade a piece of gear instead of spending time playing the game and going out to get the gear. I remember when they merge the NA servers together to help with low population issue... then they made a new server maybe a month later just because. I've seen successful games go from p2p to f2p, I've only seen one do the opposite. Whoever is in charge of this game wants it to fail, I swear.
"Omg that guy has a sword, my character on WoW had a sword, this is such a copy." Let's just break this down to what it really is, ALL games are just Pong copies.

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Nate 10 years ago
Played this game for a few months and then lost interest. The auction house isn't very active at all and its mainly cash shop oriented. Maybe in a few years when the American servers grow and they lessen up on the cash shop emphasis it'll be a better game.

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Marcus Rucinsky 10 years ago
See - this what I don't like about character costumization - You look good while you create yourself but you look nooby when you start the game.. that is one of the main reasons why I don't like some MMO, better would be if they showed us the true look in the game

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Mav4396 10 years ago
Don't waste your time, on any new machine this game will do nothing but crash and error out.

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Effreti 10 years ago
A subscription server is in the works, wont have all the p2w nonsense and will probably be cheap, around 10-12$, release time around october. Also, the f2p server is getting better, each patch a little bit of the p2w is drained from the game an you now have weekly quests that give decent gold + free mercenary astral runs 2 times each hour. Things will only get better with the 5.0 patch, when there will be a new gear reset for everyone to catch up, but thats a few months from coming live

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Caztiel 10 years ago
Ofcourse, if someone pops up in pvp with lvl 13 runes (which cost a few years sallery if you dont farm gold 24/7), youre pretty much screwed either way. But this game is a lot more stats/gear dependant than any other game Ive ever played... I mean, the stats are everything, theyre hard to balance, but when you do, the results really show! having higher runes only adds to your DPS but doesnt make it :) I played for little over a year, and I only quit because my personal life wouldnt let me put enough time into the game ^_^

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Try 10 years ago
its not that p2w like everyone here says. I have a lvl 43 char and until now I never had any probs in the game, coudl even solo some of the groupquest without the need of buying good items or even runes(i only have 3 lvl 1 runes!). If you have so big probs, you are doing something wrong.

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OMJesus 10 years ago
Been playing on the NA servers and it is pretty fun.Putting PvP aside if you want to have fun conquering other allods and looting them as well as doing a bunch of PvE raids and stuff this game is definitely AFFORDABLE!Just get yourself any craft and start crafting to make gold to buy runes.Once you hit level 45+ earning gold is so much easier from both your craft and quests that you don't even care.Some players make around 10k a day because they know how to play the game and the auction house!Take time to learn and play right or don't play at all!

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Jah 10 years ago
I've been playing Allods for 2 years now. Until latest patch the p2w aspect was controllable, now it is possible to directly buy equipment you need to have better stats through the cash shop. Sure there is a system of exchanging in-game currency to buy cash shop items, but the prices are ridiculous. If Allods in Europe or NA gave the subscription option like Allods Russia I would reccomend it immediately.

But for now, it is pointless to waste months and money to perfect your character and being beaten by someone who paid more.

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Levii 10 years ago
can this game runed on windows 7 ? please answer

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tanvirshahriar 10 years ago
i was thinking of either downloading this game or age of wushu but cant decide
which is better?

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Mes 11 years ago
I've been playing on and off for 3 years. I play on the North American Server. We have a dwindling player population and they are talking about merging the two existing servers together after they have already done so previously 12 months ago. This game is extremely cash shop dependent if you want to play at end-game and compete with those that already have everything. If you plan on being free to play, be prepared to spend 10+ hours each day after reaching end-game, just to keep up with everyone else (or attempt to). Overall, this has the best look and feel out of any mmorpg out there that I've played, but I don't see this game lasting much longer. Better not waste your time (or money) on it.

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JcsP 11 years ago
Thanks a lot MMOBomb for being rude and edit my reply above, when I was just trying to lead people to high level content in Allods, and getting my way to support the ideas I was trying to transmit to the community.
By the way, learn how to deal with your mistakes, or should I say..."Magicman's mistake"...I actually got into Allods cause that review and endded up on a P2W game.
That will make me think twice and wonder.....Is the MMOBomb judgement correct? Maybe not...

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JcsP 11 years ago
This is another great example of how amazing games with great unique features, get trashed by greedy companies. Awful customer support, cause 2 months to answer a ticket it's not enough and probably its still there rotting, player base is worse each day, barely 2000 players on the only server opened (EU side), if they don´t fix the unbalancing features of the game, ...I'll give them 1 to 2 years, until the game is dead and there'll be no population to scam with their Cash Shop. Don't know how Russia is doing with their population.

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Ozzie 11 years ago
Don't bother with this game its pay to win to the max and you will be too far behind anyway because maxed out people get bonuses when starting new characters so you will be abilities behind than everyone else. Don't be fooled by people telling you its not p2w because it is completely p2w these people are just trying to get people to stay.

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dfhgzrjsdf 11 years ago
yes best wow clone, but pay to win game

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Nexus 11 years ago
(sorry for my bad language)
i think this is best online game that i ever try, there some reason i said that :
1. nice graphic, and if you want some adventure you will find in this game, you can explore huge map with detailed. not just array of graphics that make you boring.
2. You will chose your character with different faction, race and class, but not only that. after you chose your class, you will raised your character with so many ways, from skill and talent (exp: you can chose to build your scout to be range like archer or melee fighter like assassin class or just hybrid type) : that's why only adult play this game in my country, children may confused play this game
3. if some people said you can reach glory if you have more cash in this game, that is not true, in this game, actually, i play this game, with more cash, i have purple rune, but when WH (some war feature in this game) i really bad, cause my eq not support me, and to get the eq you must have some friend that can play constant and consist with you, and there is cash exchange feature that balance cash and gold in this game
4. if you enjoyed pvp game. so in this game you will find pvp without afraid you loose your peace when you need (not like rohan that make you have a bad dream an neither like rf that torturing low grade player), you can choose peace or not in some map.

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CryingTiger 11 years ago
Here is an honest review from an honest reviewer, about Allods Online, for the public's knowledge of the game.

I don't want to keep this review as a wall of text, so I will separate it into the pros, and the cons.

-Astonishing game world, many areas to explore and many different unique monster designs.
-Excellent graphics, are easily on-par with the graphics found in World of Warcraft if not superior (keep in mind both ART styles are very different)
-Great community, I found a friendly guild early in the game and advanced with it to winning astral battles and conquering Allods (small worlds that the entire game world is structured by.
-Fluid and interactive gameplay, though it is not an action MMORPG, Allods Online still requires you to manually attack. However, you get accustomed to this relatively fast, and everything you do in the game world feels timed just right, and feels great.
-Beautiful Music; from the log-in menu to the icy mountain of the Frozen Frontier, the soundtrack is one of the best I know of in MMORPGs. So plug in your headphones, you will enjoy it!
-Highly dependent cash shop; up to around level 35 or 40, your effectiveness in pvp-oriented zones, (which you MUST go through) depends on the strength of your class, and the level of your runes, which cost real money.
-Imbalanced classes; during my time playing, I found that the scout class dominated pvp, it's as simple as that.
- With a large world comes a lot of walking, and you walk slowly in Allods. A mount is pretty essential in the Allods experience, and it either costs money to get one, or you must wait for an event, which do not come around very often.

I know that the list of cons is overwhelming, but my verdict is my opinion.

To wrap it up, Allods Online is a fantastic game. Get a couple of friends to play it with you, they will enjoy it too. There are so many little details that make Allods an absolute must-try free-to-play MMORPG. As a warning though, if you are going to invest in Allods, you will literally, REALLY have to invest in it.

-Crying Tiger

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edydd 11 years ago
cool games :-)

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edydd 11 years ago
cool games , are 345 player ;(, cool games

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Troy 11 years ago
Was going to try it but then I read the developer name. T.T. I remember Aika. No thanks xD.

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Necroshank 11 years ago
Great game plays like Wow but the targeting system is a little off. Astral battles are where this game really shines and takes pvp and turns it on its head. And to those saying it is PTW obviously you haven't played this since it was in beta.

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VerSeattle 11 years ago
I would play this game, but I want to know, Does the armor look good WITHOUT using Cash Shop ?

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Gerard 11 years ago
I downloaded the game, almost a full day downloading... And when I wanted start the game, open the login and a f*cking error called corruption... So the game looks really nice but the login sucks.

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tbone sabz 11 years ago
175 ours 34mins dats not ryt

Was this review helpful?
tbone sabz 11 years ago
I am downloading te game ryt now n it seems kinda kool exept de parts were piple attak u outa nowere but seeems ok

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UzumakiNaruto 11 years ago
that game or lineage 2, which one better guys ?

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Malik 11 years ago
im new to the game and they put me in the shittiest servers with barely any people idk how to chose a higher one because it only gives me two server choices

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Nazgulix 11 years ago
Well.. this game was good until i reached lvl 22. The moment i arrived in Azu-Teph i got attacked by 13 lvl 51s players, League players of course. I couldn't even go to the NPCs, because i got killed every min. And the g.pottato company don't give a damn. That they are losing alot of players once they have reached lvl 22. They only way to surrive in Holy Lands( players can attack players in PVE area) is to have 20 lvl 51 body guards with you 24/7.

I would not recomend this game.

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WMD 11 years ago
all of the male character face models were just to weird-looking for me to even try playing

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Mr.Mince 11 years ago
I've been playing this game for over a year, and I must say that it is a really good and extremely polished game. You have race-specific classes rooted in a certain archetype (Orc warrior = Brute, Gibberling warrior = Brawler etc.) that have certain racials that keep them slightly different from other classes of the same archetype. There are 6 races to choose from, divided into 2 factions. Kanians, Gibberling and elves are the League and Orcs, Arisen and Xadaganians form the Empire.
The game got Instances that are challenging, they got PvP, and a very original feature: Astral ships.
With these ships, you can sail out with your guild and fight Astral demons, travel to far-away "Allods" (Small floating landmasses) and hunt down Boss-mobs and get epic treasures and cool loot. What I really like is that the loot have many different levels of rarity: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Relic, Artifact and more. A big plus is that the End-game starts at level 40ish already instead of 51 which is the level-cap.
A huge downside with the game is the Runes. Runes boost the players offencive and defencive abilities and you can't play the late game without them. And they are bought from the Cash-shop. This have been solved for the F2P players now, and you can buy CS-money for ingame-money. If you grind ALOT. Other than that, this game is more than worth to try out. :D
I should also mention that the game is very active and there are alot of friendly players!

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anao21 11 years ago
pretty good game i love it

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ChowderPowder 11 years ago
The games CS starts to get on your nevrves later on. In my first 20 levels or so i had no problems with it now i am 37 and it got on my nerves badly. And to all of you who say that you can get CS items with in-game gold that is true but irrelevant since it is impossible to get that much gold without hacking or no-lifing the game. Pretty much the same as Maple Story.

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DeathBladeZz 11 years ago
Great game but i just wished the exp gain would have been high :/

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Ssinss 11 years ago
Allods has changed a lot in the past year. One really great change was the ability to purchase ruby shards with in game gold. This removes all need for p2w. They created an exchange npc for this and it is working great. It created a little bit of a gold grind but with the ability to earn their cash shop currency doing surveys etc and in game exchange for shards I can not see why anyone would have spend any money at all. The GM's are active on the forums and are quick to repair any issue a player might have. They have events and rewards for special occasions and are usually quite good. Sinister lion mount and a new wolf mount being recent game wide prizes. Great updates to the game and one of the better communities has kept me coming back to this game time after time.

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nimeth 11 years ago
I love it, it's pretty awesome that it is f2p.
I don't got any problem with the cashshop, its OK.

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benlogela 11 years ago
Game is great, alittle slow at times and you have to follow the story pretty closly to get anywhere but very well rounded and one of the best I have played from mmobomb.

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Krosfox 12 years ago
I played this game for couple weeks while looking for that one amazing F2P game.
I have to admit, It was really quite enjoyable, especially for a someone who never thought they would be into WoW.

As for the cash shop issue people seem to be debating about, I found no problem with it, however I was on a PvE server. That said, you can get some pretty nice items simply through mob drops.
On top of that, the things like Holy Marks and etc which keep a curse from falling on your armor when you die are free from the cash shop, which is good, because it may as well be mandatory for every player to have. That said, if you run out and a curse does befall your armor, turning its positive bonuses to stats into negatives, it does cost money for the item to remove the curse. Additionally, the lore of the world and the story was unique and well thought out, and I actually regret a bit not finding out how things play out.

Once your each level 15, the rate at which you gain experience seems to come to a dramatic halt. It feels like you hit a brick wall, or at least that's the feeling I got from it.
On top of that, the combat feels a little slower than I would like, but that's a highly personal preference, as i feel it would be better for the combat to be at a speed closer to that of 7Souls, which is relatively fast.

Long story short, I enjoyed it quite a bit for someone who never thought they would enjoy WoW, but the amount of grinding required for getting from level 15 on seemed a little much for my liking, and the pace of combat was a little slow. The story was unique and well thought out, and the characters you meet were sometimes quite interesting.

I would highly suggest this as an alternative to anyone who wants to play WoW, as I'm sure they may enjoy it more than I have, or at least stay with it longer, as it really is a good F2P game overall.

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Matt 12 years ago
Can someone please help!!!! I downloaded the game but after it finished downloading the installation window won't open up. Every time i click on the downloader it completes the download but never installs! Anyone have any answers to why and how i can fix?

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Kalameesjr 12 years ago
Sadly this game is still pretty much p2w. You pretty much need to bury hundreds of bucks into the item shop before you can even start raiding. Runes, rubies, talents, trinkets and other cash shop items that have gone from luxury to requirement and without them gl getting into any groups or killing anything in pvp. Sad, this game had great potential and had it gone the way LoL went with its cash shop it could have been the biggest mmo out there right now, that I do believe.

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Szabi 12 years ago
They fixed the item shop but it's too late i think, most of the players already left the game.....

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MrKein 12 years ago
Good graphics,pretty good gameplay but i have a question?

this game have that cash shop over exagerating or is not that exagerating anymore now??
to know if its worth trying again :D with some friends

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Cuartas97 12 years ago
I'm from south america (Colombia) i can play this game or is just for North America?

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AKery 12 years ago
Does anyone knew how to delete Allods Account becasue it kept boring now, i have decided i would play World of Warcraft.I don't like Allods lot now. Please if anyone knew, tell me!

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kazoo 12 years ago
So annoyed! Don't even want to play the game anymore. Have spent over half a day trying to get the launcher to update. With all the re-installs, computer restarts, and all the other "advice", it's not even worth it to try and play this game. The game looks cool and I was really excited to try it out, but like so many of the other people having the same problems we probably won't ever try this game out of sheer frustration over it.

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Greedy Monster 12 years ago
If you log in at the spike of most people playing you will be at 800+ queue I've been in it for like 20 minutes and I'm at 757...

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Valorage 12 years ago
This is a incredible, unique and fun game, but the game killer for me is the rediculously long login queue. theres almost 300 people loggin in at once, and if your near the back of that stream, then you have a LONG wait ahead of you.

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VoiD 12 years ago
lmaoo fking WOW fanboys it isnt a copy of WOW its just the same style of interface stupid nerds plus the game is like 100x times better than WOW

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FD_Stalker 12 years ago
Great game copy from WOW!!!

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stelstel 12 years ago
I found this game incredibly fun, except the crafting. I couldn't stand it so I don't use it what so ever anymore. I didn't want it to be such an annoying mini-game. I don't mind a more involved crafting style but this was not just involved, it's horrendous in my opinion and wastes too much of a players time. Another problem I found with it was leveling. I realize that you shouldn't be able to level to 20 in a day but after you hit lvl10 it goes from well paced to a grueling crawl. At first this was alright, but seeing the same spells over and over and over and over and over for days was too much and I had to walk away from it.

If you don't mind the level grind though, this is a very engaging game with wonderfully done graphics. The game play is smart, fun and fast paced (most of the time) while the abilities themselves are easy to understand, use and maintain. The faction cities are huge and beautifully done, very well detailed and you find yourself somewhat lost at where to go at times. Being lost didn't bother me though, as there was so much to explore in such a large place that I was willing to just take it all in. The tutorial for both sides is very fun and makes the introduction to the game feel very epic and gives you an honest feeling that you are contributing to the story line continuing on from where you joined.

All in all I would have to say people should try this. Obviously it will not suit everyone but the game is very well done and worth a try at least.

(I know nothing of the cash shop as I don't use them.)

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Braduz 12 years ago
only thing i dont like is u av to spam buttons to attack and not just right click.But then again it ceeps yu involved i suppose =)

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Dragonsvk 12 years ago
Im playing on EU server and have level 41 there summoner right now and I have to say its really polished and I like it more then WoW it have loads of differences then WoW. This cash shop is now much more balanced then it ever was so dont waste time and try it :) It will get you to story very fast.

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asdfdvbcvbkcnvkndk;lfd 12 years ago
It lacks innovation, but does have smooth visuals, engaging (familiar) gameplay, and loads of polish.

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shockfuryyyyy 13 years ago
its allods better?

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Saaelis 13 years ago
I've to say, this game at the very start was a p2w game, but now is much more balanced, i think the game is growing just nice.

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apples_aden 13 years ago
the cash shop in this game its absurd its a p2w game

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Raul 13 years ago
:D its not like that anymore ^.^ haha i recently started playing again 2 days ago. i quit about a year ago cuz of that patch that made the game like that. but i heard its fixed, and from what I see, it is fixed ^.^

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mqoy4e31 13 years ago
Fun game that has factions and lots of player classes to choose from! one drawback is that this game is a copy( and i mean COPY) from WoW so you will see alot of similarities but all in all it is a fun game to play!

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Mitia 13 years ago
Great game, if only players weren't forced to CS to be able to play in good conditions...

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