Continent of the Ninth Seal

C9 (Continent of the Ninth Seal) is a free to play 3D fantasy action RPG with great graphics, strategic battle zone system, story driven quests, and much more. C9 has hack and slash style action with impressive graphics, fluid movement and fancy skill effects that combine to create visually marvelous game play. Choose your character that shows your power best: Fighter, Hunter, Shaman each class has their unique skills and characteristic and it will reveal your control and power. With your character show your control by variety of skill combos.

Players have to aim each attack, there’s no auto-attack or auto-aim system to fall back on, so don’t rest your hands during the fight. With your control you can perform endless combos and your enemies will not get down on the ground before their live ends.

There are up to 2186 quests in five different continents. The quests are created in two different styles. One is a tutorial style, which serves as a game guide to the beginners those who don't know the game well. Second, after the middle level, it serves as a guideline for PvP, Guild, Job change, etc. Playing quests is not a requirement for C9, but it will be helpful to play the quests in order to know the game system better, and eventually it will lead players to become a master in game.

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Continent of the Ninth Seal

NHN Games (Acquired by Webzen)
Release Date
September 13, 2012
Windows (Client)
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.
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Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8


512 MB




Intel Single Core 2.4 GHz / AMD Athlon XP 2400+


Geforce 6600 Series / ATI Radeon 9800

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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Mei Lichte 4 years ago
thank you for sharing with us, I believe this website genuinely stands out : D.

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Zval 6 years ago
This game makes me so nostalgic...

This is a review of a player who has been playing C9 for 7 years :

I've spent sooooo many hours in PvP and never get tired of it. Stuff didn't mean much in PvP, I've often killed players lv54-57 with lv 42 shadow, as you can infinite combo if you're good enough. And enhancement levels were not effective in PvP. (Yay !)

But. Let's be more realistic and honest.

C9 is the best PvP game I've played so far. And I'm still in search of a new game like C9.
The iFrame / super armor / semisuper armor was clearly identified by white/red/blue aura, the combo was complicated enough to make it thrilling, all character were equal and so it was possible to get good fights from any class against any other class.
Easy to play, hard to master.

Like any fighting-based game is supposed to be.

Until they released the mystic class.
After the gunner event (understand this as half the player leaving the game), the game hardly get anymore players. And they killed the balance between classes with Mystic classes : Battle Maiden and Valkyrie, and with no reason except getting money from a dying game, buffed the warrior and the slayer beyond imagination. I've played ALL classes more than 100h in PvP, and guardian for 6 years, but I've been sorry to see my warrior and my slayer evolving into godlike characters.

BUT, it was still enjoyable, and still the best game I've played so far. There were still funny fights !

And then, they released Nightmare Set. Yay... Stuff now matters in PvP, as you can't kill other highly geared players if you don't have enough stuff yourself. There is a percentage of getting HP back when you're attacked, making low-leveled weapons ineffective.

AAAANNNNND.... I still recommand this game. If you're playing with friends, you'll spend many hours in PvP having fun and laughs you cannot stop.
But don't even try to be competitive anymore, it's a waste of money.

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tony 6 years ago
fail download movie/9121.avi

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MR/Niceguy 8 years ago
This game is awesome man just enjoy the dungeon based game. IF this game isn't your type then don't play it. DO not believe the comments below that says this game sucks or anything. They lied go play in SEA server which i recommend you guys. Well good luck playing this game!1

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Han 8 years ago
This game has fallen to the ground by company name.
1. the drop rate to low.
2. to many hacker
3. bad item mall system
4. the exp rate is low
5. bad management company

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ewewaa 8 years ago
This is a really good game and it should have been more popular than Vindictus or Dragon Nest because this game was released back in 2009 and this game still have such amazing graphics. THe game is not P2W it's about skill of how you play it

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e2e22e2 8 years ago
This is a really good game and it should have been more popular than Vindictus or Dragon Nest because this game was released back in 2009 and this game still have such amazing graphics. THe game is not P2W it's about skill of how you play it

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NoFlaw 10 years ago
First off, C9 is awesome lets just start there ok. Secondly, you people complaining about tech support in regards to Webzen. If you've seen games like umm, RustyHearts provided by PerfectWorld Entertainment, you wouldn't complain probably much at all. Due to real unsupported games having the same issues are left without responses from GMs for current, previous, and still existing issues. Practically took 4 months to get the guilds up and going. This game might have small lag upon service related issues, but they atleast attempt to please the crowd, and fix what issues they can. Instead of like some other companies (PWE) which literally do nothing.

C9 is great game, if you like hack and slash, with MMO feel. Probably best free option out at the moment in this genre honestly.

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Jin 10 years ago
how can i download c9 global while im in japan? i dont want to play c9 japan, coz i dont understand japanese.. pls help me!

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nRoi 10 years ago
Europe servers crowded by GOLD BOTS.. Players can't play for weeks cause of lazy GMs who can't fckin take care of their shit. God I hate WEBZEN COMMUNITY. Why US and SEA servers are working properly? Only EU haz these probs..

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Koolaid 10 years ago
Honestly the game has the worst publishers aka webzen so yeah to completely make you all idiots for playing a game that has bad pvp support when the game revolves around it at end game. Not to mention massive bugs that get ignored and bot players aka china man farmers not being delt with because they lack the intelligences to properly take care of the issue.

Sun online is closing down so c9 is next because webzen lacks sufficient skill to actually support a game without trying to milk every costumer with cs items when the whole thing with games in general is trying to appeal to the public rather then themselves but hey if I was to rate this game it would be a 3/10 but only because webzen stinks at supporting the community and only cares about there own profit.

Webzen and gpot are exactly the same and asian web company people need to learn to interact with global in general rather then there asian counter parts... It shows ignorance when we try to ask them to talk to us but I guess gathering a american team to talk to others that don't speak the language is hard to do. Webzen are people who don't know how to manage a game so if you do play get ready for company disappointment at its finest.

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ABoret 10 years ago
Awesome game, i love this.

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GGson 10 years ago
Pvp force laggers and bad WEBZEN COSTUMER SUPPORT yeah later.

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HAMENG 10 years ago

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ewrwe 10 years ago
Runescape is better then this and also better then WoW

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deathbriner 10 years ago
super cool game

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disturrbed 10 years ago
Spunk makes this look easy... is it too easy? It looks fun as hell but if it's easy then that would ruin it for me. Graphics look amazing. Too amazing. I'm worried my old computer wouldn't be able to handle it so that sucks but I guess I'll try anyways. After watching this I suddenly want to play Dragon Nest again though.

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katzy 10 years ago
How can we get to play this game with the bonus package?

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ShanaNori 10 years ago
Lol. I just started playing nad i have to tell u. it downloads so much faster on steam than through browser or downloader, it was like 2mb/s so it took like 40min. the servers have beed laggy lately and sometimes it dc me. the game in my opinionn is better from vindictus but its only my opinion and than again vindictus is better in some points. i dont like how in c9 the interface is so 'hard'. i mean in vindictus u had more smooth edges and easy for eyes environment. anyways its really good game.

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Matt 10 years ago
You talk way to much crap for my liking dude.

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myu5ername 10 years ago
I don`t know why Kess is having so much trouble with the download. I`ve got 7MB per second download and certainly won`t be leaving it all day to d/l. Now, onto the gaming.

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Afriell 10 years ago
C9 is a great game, just played 2 months and got 2 max cap lvl characers with top lvl gear, but here starts the problem, it lacks of more to do on it, you have Dungeons, and more Dungeons only, the fights are awesome, the easy way we can manage our character is also awesome.

But the game dont have the tinny things other does, like mounts, pets, guild system is not that great, well for me it got boring after 2 months ;).

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yoyo 10 years ago
Hey guys, can i play this game in the middle east?

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BananaMilk 10 years ago
@Jewelz A. Lets try it! :D

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Name (Required) 10 years ago
Hi Guys Can i Play this game on Asia

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Alex 10 years ago
I hate the hub that comes with it...

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EvilMidnight 10 years ago
Well iv been playing this for like 2 months now,i reached max lvl with Shadow class.
I have tried all of classes and shadow seemed like most balanced for PvP and PvE as well.
Its kinda different from Vindictus.In Vindictus mobs are always recycled.In C9 that is not the case.
Graphics are really amazing,gameplay is fast and filled with action.bosses are awesome,and the story itself.There is a special Hell mode for 3 dungeons,Which is really hard but has some valuable rewards,in terms of special set equips which will grant you not only better stats than regular,but also skill improvment.I can freely say the mechanics and gameplay are much better than Vindictus.
I would recomend anyone who loves good action to try C9.
You wont regret it!

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Kess 11 years ago
Super-long review time! Ahh C9, C9... the trials and tribulations we have faced. Both immense frustration and wonderful times we have shared.

Starting at the very beginning, the download time is atrocious, and I have an excellent internet connection. This is a game you leave to download while you're gone at school or work. The installation is average length for any MMO, so it's not an entirely ridiculous process. When all was said and done, I couldn't get the game started. Some files appeared to be missing and my Google search to find help proved fruitless as the forums were down for maintenance. However, a long file check (simply by pressing the "Check" button on the launcher) fixed the problem and the game launched without a hitch.

The graphics in this game are amazing. The hair texture is a little painful to look at sometimes, but the world is vivid and the characters are colorful, smooth and easy on the eye. Well, except for the crazy body on the witchblade. That chick was made for fanservice, no doubt, with her porn star body and lack of clothing, and even using the slider in character creation to make her chest smaller does nothing to change it. Regardless, the C9 is very nicely polished.

Now, the best part. The gameplay. Immediately I noticed how similar C9 was to Vindictus and Dragon Nest, and that's a GOOD thing. Combat is fluid and very easy to learn. Dungeons are listed by level and difficulty, in their own instances. You attack and turn the camera with the mouse while firing off hotbar combos, making everything you do in-the-moment. There is absolutely NONE of the usual MMO-style fighting where you select a target and go through your number keys until it's dead, then select another target... To say you get involved is an understatement. This is a game where you will pay attention to everything you do, every skill you use and every movement you make, with keen interest. There is no stopping playing any time you want during an instance. You run through it entirely or you abandon it and go back to town. You receive letter grades in different categories based on how you do during an instance , and get to select surprise rewards at the end. Suddenly I want to play Dragon Nest again...

There are class upgrades for each, one initial "elite" upgrade at level ten, and then a full class change at level 20. There are three to four subclasses for each, with more on their way. The warrior and ranger classes are predictable with their upgrades and become the standard melee, tanking, ranged DPS, and assassin types, but don't let names like shaman or witchblade turn you away from the girls. Their names are a bit deceiving. Shaman is the main magic DPS class, and branches off into summoner (Illusionist), quick melee with a magic splash (Taoist), or even more magic DPS (Elementalist). Witchblades are dual-wielding, focused-on-crit types. They use some ice spells, but are very focused on using their blades. Their upgrades involve using more ice magic with less melee (Warden) or more acrobatic-focused slashing (Slayer/Blade Dancer).

All in all, I would recommend C9. Not heavily, but I recommend it. It has its ups and its downs and I've enjoyed playing it so far. If you have the patience to deal with a bit of trouble at first, definitely give it a go.

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Fillo 11 years ago
nvm, its the timer for the new continent, i should've read it lol

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Fillo 11 years ago
just went to the sight and i'm pretty sure it said 28 hours left, :O! is that for C/O beta or full release?

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Anino 11 years ago

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IceyRemo 11 years ago
Is this Open World?
Pls Reply ASAP coz this game looks Amazing

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RaYnE 11 years ago
C9 is one great game, and I love to play it... every last minute spend in it :D it's brings quite big relief of happens :D

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Dariel 11 years ago
If you like Vindictus you'll most likely enjoy C9. They're very similar games, and both are good.

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David 11 years ago
Am i really the only one that didn't like this game compared to Vindictus?IMO the combat in C9 felt verk clunky in comparison to Vindictus

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dragon 11 years ago
it came out in korea be4 vindictus. so yea,vindictus is a copy of this awesomeness

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Jewelz A. 11 years ago
Looks good...anyone want to start playing this with me?

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Brian H. 11 years ago
Oooooo Its so much like Vindictus! Well in the hack and slash aspect!

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