On this week’s show the Free to Play Cast speculates on the pricing model for the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online MMO, travels to 16th century Europe for a free FPS, and then plays a game that is SURE to end friendships when played in real life called “True or False”. Throw in a dash of Weekly Bombs and more viewer questions and you have a mix that can’t be beat…but WAIT there’s more! The Free to Play Cast also welcomes guest host AkaMikeB to the show! Make sure to follow AkaMikeB here www.facebook.com/akamikeb and here www.twitter.com/akamikeb and make sure to let him know we sent ya!

If you have submissions for the show’s Weekly Bombs, have questions for the panel (nothing is off limits!), or just ideas for what you want covered you can now send them to magicman@mmobomb.com. You can also be a guest in the show, just send us why you want to host, and what topic or game you would like to cover.

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  1. wow wish you would get guys on here that know what they are talking about
    aion went f2p cuz if they dint they would go under player base was dieing off
    and point of fact is know one can say whats going to be hot and whats not it the player who make it happen not every one likes the same kind of game
    it like listening to 3 people talk about stuff they don’t know
    dont get me wrong love the site and the info here
    but wow you need some people who at least know what they are talking about half the time
    have a great day and hope this help make your cast better

    • Your critique would be beneficial if it pointed out specifics. We very briefly mentioned Aion when we talked about sub games going free to play. In the context we mentioned it in we were saying it “cashed in twice”. So…they go sub..player base dies down…instead of closing it they cash in a second time as a free to play…how were we not accurate?


  2. tera great game but i feel as though they should have made it a free to play and for the secret world that game just needs to be free to play why because it would be way more fun and hype then it being sub cause if its anything like age of conan they should just drop now and give up but the secret world need to be free to play. and the longest that i have stayed up playing an mmo would have to be two weeks ummm it was when i first started playing mmo games ummm the game was city of heros yeah i know sounds corney bit when your lik 12 and 13 years old you though that game was badass lol but yeah i love the show guys you guys are funny and give some good advice on games

  3. Ahah nice show.. chilled out watching it after work.. Guest host was awesome, any links to where his videos are at?

    • Yes! His links were mistakenly not posted in the information. A wrong that will be righted very shortly!

  4. with the way Ubisoft is doing with Ghost Recon Online, they are doing quite well with their free to play model.

  5. Ok I know we all see ea and think wont go free to play…But what about “Need for speed world”.
    It is free to play well more pay to win but still free to play. And for the how long you played thing… I played 20 hours straight on SD Gundam online. Had to work on getting points and other items to make a Mech i wanted.

    Love the show guys

    • Point too my comment last night. Its simply not their style too take the risk on such a high profile game that they dumped tons of cash into.

  6. Well…Could bring me on, I just plain suck at PvP…Wait..I am play support I am not suppose too be good on my own.

    Anyway, Elder Scrolls died with skyrim in my opinion..But yea I would say pay too play, Skyrim Online was registered before Oblivion even came out, so in all fairness I don’t think many of the big companies took a look at free too play. It clearly has been in the works for years.

    However I am a massive RPG but both single and multilayer…And SKYRIM is a abomination too the genre the elder scrolls games, and anyone who seeks to game with more then two monsters and three weapons.

    Too statement One
    Magicman…. Thank you for taking my side..EA won’t ever do a free too play.

    Too Statement two..
    Umm..*Pokes too the forums*

    Anyway, The Secret World will fall and hard…Wwwwait..Nevermind, I am going too have too say yes, I do think The Secret World will hold for at least eight or nine mouths. Just because of EA and nothing else.

    Another good episode.

    • EA already does F2P…. Battleforge, Battlefield Heroes, Lord of Ultima, and FiFa Online… And how is Skyrim an abomination? Its much like the last two, which all were great.

      • First, all those games are heavy pay too win games. none of those are MMORPGs like The Secret World, nor did any of them have a massive marketing campaign done. EA is not going too take a chance of taking a hit by going free too play its just their choice.

        Second I did not want too explain it but..Skyrim is a sin, because it rips out the skill system, rips out a engrossing lore, rips out a in depth world, it has less 1/4 of the monsters creatures and things you could fight in Oblivion, and I say Oblivion was a step down to begin with. Honestly..Tell me what skyrim has? A pretty 256×256 texture world? Yea..LOOK the game is ugly, its all hype and the aesthetics methods that make people think the game is any good. But honestly..The game lacks, where people say they don’t see a Dragon Priest or have reached 50 hours..Just waste time. I took my time and in 21 hours I had seen ever corner did every quest and gotten to level 71 so…Its not diffrent then Fable 3..I spent more time looking at loading screens or mindless task then playing a game.

        Too even compare it too Morrwind is in itself a sin. In Morrowind you had a true sandbox game, with a story that you COULD mold..Not just make it so someone says something slightly different. I could write a whole paper on the issues I have with Skyrim, but this is just a brief reply.

        • Pay To Win is by choice and i chose not to unless the game is that inticing, therefore its still Free To Play however you cut it.

          No point in arguing your Elder Scrolls opinion any further as it appears you’re pretty latched into it, so i’ll let it slide. However, i don’t fully agree, although i slightly understand your concern.

          • While I can understand that they are free too play, a pay too play RTS might as well not be free too play. A free too play browser game is just common sense, and I would never touch a racing game unless it was free too play.The problem is..They all require money too gain full content and the ability too compete.

            So EA is clearly not in favor of a free too play model. Now the bigger problem comes too the fact that Secret World has had a massive marketing blitz costing EA well enough too make an entire new game. I highly doubt they will go and allow this too be a free too play.


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