Tales from a Newbie: Jumping into Warframe Weeks 1 & 2

Michael Byrne
By Michael Byrne, Editor in Chief

I enjoy Destiny 2. This doesn't come as any surprise for anyone that watches the Free to Play Cast with some regularity. That said, that game obviously has some serious issues right now. When a SUPER casual first-person shooter player like myself finds himself only playing the game once a week after each reset (and that's even after the most recent DLC addition), then I can't imagine how frustrating the lack of challenge or longevity in activities must be to more hardcore Destiny fans (which I was not one of during Destiny 1). That's not to bash Destiny 2, however. I've enjoyed it enough to get all three classes to max power prior to the DLC on the PS4 and was almost there on the PC version.

Why do I say all of this? Because in looking for something more in-depth to play between resets, I couldn't help but come across many comments that all went the exact same way: "If you like Destiny 2 but want more depth, play Warframe." It's amazing how many times I've seen that comment on YouTube, forums, Reddit, and many other places. Obviously, working for a free-to-play gaming website, I have clearly heard of Warframe and knew the basics of the well-received title ... or, well, let's say that I thought I did. But we'll get into that in a moment.

Those comments led to me jumping into Warframe on the PS4 Pro about two weeks ago. Prior to that, my previous experience with Warframe could be classified as "not much." A First Look video back in 2013 that's wildly out of date now (so don't bother watching it for anything more than the laughs), articles and interviews here and there over the years, and maybe the occasional stream or two if I remember right. Bottom line? I didn't have much experience at all.

So, seeing all the "play Warframe" comments made me decide to jump in once again. I booted up the PS4 Pro, got the game downloaded, and decided to have at it. Over the coming weeks and months, I'll detail my thoughts on Warframe and what I'm accomplishing in the game. I hope that players thinking about playing Warframe for the first time will find info in these articles that will help them decide if the game is right for them or not. Warframe veterans, feel free to chime in comment-wise and school me.

Remember, I'm writing here as a new Warframe player sharing my thoughts, not as a journalist writing a piece about a game. This means that I'll be sharing both pros and cons from my perspective, and it also means that I may say something about the game or a feature that isn't quite accurate or changes later as I progress and learn. Allow me to grow as a player like you all did. If I get something confused or backwards (not out of malice but out of my current experience at the time), feel free to comment below, just don't blast me unless I make the same mistakes twice.

With that said, let's get started and look at Weeks one and two!

This is fun. Where the hell do I go now?

Upon starting out on my PS4 adventure, I chose the Excalibur frame. This recommendation came from a few videos I had watched for beginners. Special thanks goes to YouTuber iFlynn whose videos are proving more and more valuable as I sink more and more time into the game. I worked my way through the tutorial and got equipped, following up with the game's first real quest, "Vor's Prize," and continued to learn more about controls and have a cool little story to work through as I do so.

Warframe has become a "pick a goal and go for it" game for me.

Then ... I had no idea what to do. Yep, you got it, the game literally sets you loose in its world at that point. That's not to say that there isn't a ton to do, but the game itself is somewhat limited on actual guidance for new players, particularly when it comes to some pretty core systems (mods, I'm looking at you!). You'll be served well by online guides more than any actual in-game guides.

This observation led me to one of the first things I am finding that I love about Warframe, however. Since there isn't a linear story path or anything to follow (if you don't want to), Warframe has become a "pick a goal and go for it" game for me. Today I want to unlock that planet. Look at the requirements and go for it. Today I'm going to make this weapon or Warframe. Look up the materials, what planet has that available, and work at opening it up. I'm kind of choosing my own adventure to a great degree each day and I'm loving that aspect of the game.

A Wide Arc: Perfect World's Plan For Warframe And F2P Gaming 2

I started to focus on just opening up each planet. Moving from Earth to Venus to Mercury gaining ranks and working toward new mastery levels is fun. Yes, the game is highly repetitive. You will grind things and missions over and over. However, the game's vast array of mission types does make this more palatable. That said, if you aren't down with grinding, turn back now. You will either spend a ton of actual cash to avoid the grind or you'll save your money and hate this game because of it.

Also, do not spend platinum (cash shop currency) for a while. You don't have to at all, at least not yet in my own gameplay. In fact, I haven't found anything I felt I even wanted to buy rather than farm up yet. I'm also not really looking at cosmetic things yet, though, which will bring on the plat spending later if I so choose.

In the past two weeks I've put in 20 hours, and I've only scratched the surface of the game. I've unlocked up to Europa, have farmed and built the Rhino frame (he's done in about 20 more hours), reached Mastery Rank 5, have slowly started figuring out the mod system thanks to online videos, and so much more. Just last night I stumbled on the Sanctuary hunts just by doing the various quests in my codex. I had no idea this type of "hunt" was in the game at all. I've also met a number of syndicates but have no idea what they do yet, so that's where I'll be headed in my Warframe searches today.

I love my Boltor!

What have I built? Well, a number of weapons that I haven't even used yet. I hatched a Kubrow, have my first Sentinel at max rank, and am now starting to get various prime part blueprints from relics and questing.

Oh yeah, relics! Now there's a tutorial that sucks. Even reading it in the codex isn't all that helpful. But damn, do I love my Boltor weapon. The first time I plucked a target and saw its arms literally fall off on the ground where he stood and the rest of his body fly 30 yards away I couldn't help but laugh for a good 10 minutes. So awesome.

But where do I go from here? Well, my plan is to keep working my mastery rank through changing weapons and frames once maxed out, continue to unlock the rest of the solar system, and continue on my random progression through my own set goals. All in all, so far I'm very much enjoying Warframe and kind of wishing I put more time into it in the past. I'm excited that I haven't even ventured much into the highly touted Plains of Eidolon expansion (I was there for the Saya's Vigil quest but that's it so far) and it feels great that I sit at work excited that when I get home some things I built will be done. Yeah, sorry, I'm not spending plat on timers either; I like being excited to log in because something is finished!

Here's to my next recap in two weeks! Feel free to recommend a path for me in the comments and recommendations on all fronts, from what to build to what to clear, are always welcome!

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Michael Byrne
Michael Byrne, Editor in Chief
Mike “Magicman” Byrne has been a part of the MMOBomb family for years and serves as the site’s current Editor-in-Chief. His love for MMOs and gaming in general has led him to covering games for numerous gaming websites including Gamebreaker TV and XIV Nation where he proudly displays his fanboy flag for FFXIV:ARR.

Discussion (21)

Dustin 5 years ago
I tried playing Warframe but the combat really put me off. It probably didn't help that I'd just discovered Desitny 2 where I was in love with how good the combat felt, but coming to Warframe after that felt like a real step down. Movement in the game is really cool and the graphics are nice but everything else felt so... lacklustre. Played it for around two hours. Probably won't go back.

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Namtubb 5 years ago
Real cool to see you play Warframe for yourself, especially since the First Look you and Spunky did years ago pushed me to try the game and now 4 years later I'm a drooling fanboy for the game.
Like you figured and what some comments have already said, you won't feel a need to spend Plat and if you do it'll be for weapon/warframe space really. Also from time to time you'll get a Daily log-in reward granting you a percentage off of Marketplace purchases on Console (I'm reading a 25, 50 or 75 off purchase voucher that you can get), so you might wanna wait until then before opening the wallet.
Also I totally agree with playing it as you feel it, there's no need to rush.
I'mma keep reading up on this, it's always nice to read about new/returning warframe players. And I'm REALLY looking forward to your reaction to The Second Dream :)

Yuen 5 years ago
Glad you're liking it even with the limited handholding aspects. That's what led me to play it even more when Warframe launched. Personally I'm burnt out and I don't play it much more, but I'm satisfied the game is great. Tons of Youtubers and Streamers have codes lying around for more free things.

Ascythian 5 years ago
Should play it on PC and through Steam. More cosmetic [read player made] options available for you then. Can't switch from a console game to the PC version. Same for all console games though I believe.

PC gets updated quicker too [basically act as testers for the console updates].

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Powerlord 5 years ago
I saw this mentioned earlier, but I'll expand on it.

In the market terminal, you can enter two codes that will give you free weapons.

Using the code FREESWORD gives you a free Heat Sword with an Orokin Catalyst installed plus a free Weapon Inventory Slot for it.

Using the code FN6B-8RML-MLH6-GM2N gives you a free Vectis (sniper rifle) with an Orokin Catalyst installed plus a free Weapon Inventory Slot for it.

The Vectis code expires on February 15, 2018.

An Orokin Catalyst doubles the mod capacity of a weapon, so a rank 30 will have 60 mod capacity.

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Trinian 5 years ago
Funny you doing this. I've just restarted playing Warframe too, since a friend from work mentioned it after I was talking about Destiny 2. I say restarted as I originally played it when it was closed beta, as upon logging in again I find I had the 'Lato Vandal' secondary, which is something you can't get nowadays.

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Renas 5 years ago
SUMMIT1G, KINGGOTHALION not sure if all still working

Renas 5 years ago
Also like people said plat you can get by tradig with players what you should really spend for weapon and warframe slots at the beginning.

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Renas 5 years ago
You should do natah, second dream and war within quests (main story). You will unlock a bunch of stuff while and after the quests, what will be a game changer. Sory for my bad eng.
Ah yeah also build sonicor (a secondary).

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Kineticfetus 5 years ago
Go for the arca plasmor shotgun and watch waves of enemies just disappear

Chadom 5 years ago
Keep in mind that the premium currency, platinum, can be earned in game through selling extra prime parts to other players. I've spent only 20 dollars on the game for some extra slots and I now own around 16 warframes and 30 or so weapons.

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Coldfire1080 5 years ago
I am also a new player who only dabbled in it before and wondering why I hadn't put more time into this game as I'm enjoying it quite a bit right now

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