Top 5 April Fool's Day Jokes For Free-To-Play Games

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor

When it comes to April Fool's, the internet -- and gaming companies in general -- are usually up for a bit of silliness. Or, in the case of Trion this year... some genuine heinousness. Today, we round up a few of the better bits of April 1st mischief for y'all to enjoy. I should note, this year felt a bit thin -- possibly because it wasn't just on a Sunday but Easter Sunday and people were busy with family stuff. But there were still some good bits of fun.

We picked five favorites and compiled them here for you to enjoy -- starting with what can only be considered a true act of cruelty in the MMO world.

Trion adds falling damage back to RIFT

This may very well be the best April Fool's Day prank. Trion avoided being elaborate. They didn't create news that those less fond of a little silliness declare every year they'll be ignoring. Instead, they did something simple and just flipped the switch on fall damage in their fantasy MMO. Now, there was a time -- long time players can remember -- when RIFT had fall damage. I think it was right around the time the game went free-to-play.

Of course, some players found out about this the hard way. But, at least they were nice enough to start warning each other. Because, I mean... while that kind of thing is funny when it happens to someone else, it's never funny when it happens to you.

Smite's Fenrir God Reveal

Hi-Rez went the silly video route this year for SMITE. Not much of a surprise here. Those guys love doing videos. This year, they've revealed a whole new Fenrir with some seriously OP abilities, such as "Fetch" and "Who's a Good Boy?" That last ability offers "Awwwwww" damage. So, now basically anyone in a match with Fenrir in it isn't getting anything done. Oh well.

Fortnite R/C Battle Bus

Okay. So this one isn't actually a game company prank. This is a bit of genius from Think Geek. Of course, we all know that Think Geek jokes sometimes become a real thing. Remember Unicorn Meat? So, hey... Maybe this'll be a thing someday. But in the meantime... Fortnite Battle Royale players can dream about about owning their own Battle Bus.

Hearthstone... Now available in Nerglish

Apparently Hearthstone is really popular among Murlocs. Who knew? So to address the needs of this somewhat wet player base, Blizzard has translated the game into their naive language... Nerglish. Unforunately for humans, the language will only be available on gnomish and goblin devices. So unless you can get one of those, you'll just have to stick to your mundane human language.

No Verds With Friends

This ones an in joke for Secret World Legends players. While it's not uncommon for Funcom to create Secret World spin off games, I'm fairly certain this one won't actually be coming out. Although, it appears some players would be interested in it.

Hard core SWL players will recognize the game's name from the game's massive list of achievements -- although it's spelled differently. The "No Vords!" achievement is earned by defeating Dr. Klein without taking any hits. Soooo... Basically, I've yet to get it.

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