Eligium – The Chosen One is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG set in an impressively atmospheric world where players battle evil and each other, guided by hundreds of exciting quest series. ELIGIUM’s demanding boss battles, group instances, mounts and pets, guilds, PvP and ranking systems, item upgrade system and many other features provide players with a great deal of variety. Upon selecting a character, players have a choice between four races which are linked to specific classes.

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  1. to anyone who wants a free beta key i was just given 3 and have 2left for the takeing if anyone wants them just email me and ask for one

  2. just got let into beta. its decent graphics. the gameplay isnt very good/ you start off with ridiculously cool looking weapons and armor. you just go from quest to quest auto walk. the game is to ordered. theres one path and you take it. there no chaos. no freedom. everyones doing the same thing so often times it takes you 20minutes to kill a quest monster 10 times when it could just take you 2 minutes. so thats annoying. i dont mind that so much the order. its to orderly. i want chaos. i want to be able to stray and go do what i want without feeling like ive misplaced a bunch of stuff. also dont like the instances. i like teleporting quickly between towns. but to go through a portal to get into a major town is just disappointing. everyone wants an actual world to play in, not half a world and the other half portals. im sure 85% of the community feels the same as me, and the games player base will drop drastically once they are done trying out the beta. i manage to withstand the game to lv 20 took me a few hours, it was really boring.

  3. Russian guy!Anyways i feel something about this game, its very…familiar, its just like that other game.. oh no i think is that other…hmmm…no no is familiar with every game i played so….FFF*****CCCCKKKK…..

  4. How come there are still 30 keys and u not sent them out instead you make a video showing the game instead letting loyal members of MMOBOMB get chance to test it i am not amused with this

    • This guy making the video isn’t in charge of mmobomb and probably has NOTHING to do with the key give away you idiot, this guy just plays the games. Also getting a key for this game is easy just sign up because no one wants to play it; because it’s terrible.

  5. Several issues (non beta related): 1.) Frogster. They cash you subtly. Not as hard as PWE, but subtly. You can wallow in freebie realm, but expect a community that treats you like an invisible after inspecting you and dubbing you trash.
    2.) They have a wonderful habit of not fixing ANYTHING. RoM brought it great money. Probably more than any other mmorpg in start up. However, after two major content updates and tons of patches, LOTS of glitches exist still. They refuse to answer it and take your money for god knows what. When the population drops, that is, when a group of about 200 hardcore fans remain (MYTHOS), they crap on them and DUMP the game. If I audited this company and saw how they tax wrote off millions for “foundation” events (helping starving kids, etc… like they did last year). And when I see the amount of accounts vs. fan base. Then I see how they dump games and what they come out with… it just is kind of greedily sickening. So I’d save time and not get involved in this title. Unless you are a “hit cap n quit” player. Tons of you zergers / addicts exist so they will make their big bang, but the loyal guys sticking it out. Expect the worst. Through your credit card or wipe.
    3.) Sound files / graphic files all the same as Rom / Mythos. Basically, this is 3-D Rom. What is embarrasing is that when RoM launched, all mmo reviews labeled it as WoW clone. SHAMELESS wow clone. And rightfully so. All the mechanics / gameplay was like wow. “Oh but multi-class”…ok, mix a priest and warrior and you have a paladin…wow did it. Ok, make a mage and warrior…. doesn’t stop the wow factor, except, unlike wow, the quests suck. You farm dump regular quest line for over EXP daily quest, which means lvl 15-40 farm ferrets. Lvl 45-up, farm butterflies… hit cap, start paying to farm dungeons. Sound dumb? Cuz it is dumb.
    Right on the heels of WoW panda expansion, comes Frogster rip off. … >.>.


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