Women, Sex and MMO Games

MMOBomb Staff
By MMOBomb Staff,

You want to start a new MMORPG, so you have two options to choose which one: a recommendation from a friend or looking around the internet to read about others opinion about the best Free-To-Play MMORPG out there. When you choose the game you are going to invest at least a whole day playing, you enter the website, fill the registration form to get your account and start downloading the game. If you are like me and want to start the game with the right foot knowing a little about it, you start checking around the website and the wiki (this is a great indicator to know if the game has high population and if it is good). An interesting thing you will find is that throughout the website you will see a lot of art concept, and the ones concerning women are almost naked, using small, tight, and sometimes transparent outfits. You don’t pay attention to this and keep reading to define your class and how are you going to build it.

When the game finally finish downloading and updating to the latest version, its time for some joy and start a brand new thing, which is one of the most exciting things for a gamer. As the game loads to the different screens you see the same art concept of almost naked women but it doesn’t impress you, you have seen this before so whatever. You selected class, nickname and you are ready to create your character and customize it (some games have better customization tools than others). Perfect World has an excellent customization option for your character where you can do whatever you want with it. Concerning the body you can customize her waist, legs and bust. From the start you can create a super hot female character and no matter how hard you work on making her a normal average body it doesn’t work, she will still look super hot.

Ok, you have you have your character created and you start your adventure through a huge MMORPG ready to invest a lot of time on it. You start with some small clothes or armor that shows all your physical attributes. If you look for a newborn male character around you will see he is using just some normal medieval clothes. As you level up you will get better armors and weapons, but you will find you still get some sexy armor that doesn’t look like real armor at all. If some clever mob decides to attack your perfect thighs or belly and you are dead. Once again, compared to male’s armor, yours is some sexy outfit but protective as being naked.

I think I described pretty well what you will find if you start an MMORPG concerning to the role of women in it. In one sentence: Women are sexualized everywhere you look. From the concept art to the armor you use, even the female NPCs are made to think on one word, she is a *****. I think this is the situation in a lot of, if not most of the MMOs in the market.

In my personal opinion, the reason for this is that male is the biggest target for MMOs, and games in general. I know there has been an increase in women playing games, but they are still a minority. Developers are focusing their efforts to please the consumer group that really brings profits to the company, male gamers.

This strategy has been used in gaming for a long time, even before MMOs started to become as profitable and popular they are right now. If you don’t believe what I am saying check games like Tomb Raider, Soul Calibur, Dead or Alive and others show women as a sexual object. This hasn’t change in MMOs as I described before, and I’m sure you can feed this article with hundreds of experiences concerning the role of women in a lot of MMOs.

I don’t know if any male gamer have any complain about this issue (I’m almost sure there isn’t), but me, as a female gamer feel insulted sometimes with the treatment given to women in these games. Most of the times I don’t pay attention to these things in order to enjoy the experience, but I can bet a lot of new female players feel insulted by these and simply don’t play the game.


This won’t change any time soon, but I’m optimistic that with the increase of female gamers year by year developers will start paying more attention to our needs about these games, not sexualizing male characters, but making games more like an adventure filled with thousands of idealized characters and not an harem full of sexy women ready to please the sultan.

If you have any comments on this issue I would love to read them, and maybe they can help to make further articles about this issue. Hope you enjoyed

By Cleo

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DD 9 years ago
Great article. I'm a female gamer and one thing I've noticed is how often I'm asked my rl age by males in game. It's usually the second question after "are you really a girl". Female players (or those professing to be female at least) have never asked my age. Not once. I guess guys cannot turn off their looking-for-a-mate-mode.

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ThenotsoKING 10 years ago
It was a simple question I didn't know you were subscribed I had just thought it is weird that you come back a a couple months and comment on an old topic that is pretty damn near impossible to find and that you would have not received any replies so whats the point of subbing to a dead forum?

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ThenotsoKING 10 years ago
CuriousCursor I was reading some of the comments and noticed you came back a year later wtf is the deal with that

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Maria 10 years ago
As a female adult player, I was pretty shocked when I started to play online games. I really enjoy them and have been play wow for almost 4 years. I put my money on those games that I enjoy playing. There have been many when I signed on for the free trial, saw the toons, and never played again. They will never get my money. I suspect games will have to change. The population is aging and pretty soon the biggest demographic will be the baby boomers. More women are in college than men. Women are already a major financial force and will soon be even more so. As for women not dressing appropriately, remember not every women is a 20+ walking in the mall. They are you mothers, your sisters, your aunts, your grandmothers, your boss at work. Also, it is hard to say whether the young girls who don't dress appropriately - whether that is an effect of the media protrayal of women or a driving force for the media. Meaning do the young women dress like that because the media, including online games, tell them they should?

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Kat 10 years ago
Well.. I'm female. And well.. Err.. I make male characters. xD
I'm never questioned to be male or female, nor do I go about pointing out my gender.

I make male characters because I don't want my character walking around all slutty-like.
Also.. I don't like compliments IRL.. I see them as sort of kiss-ass. And well.. That there role playing in the games.. If I've got a female character.. I get a guy saying 'hey babe'.
My reaction. GTFO. But I just realistically reply with one word answers. Bore them off my back. And eventually if they seem especially dumb. I switch over to annoying troll mode to get them to quit messaging. 8D Call me antisocial. But no offense. You interweb people. I don't give a rip about you.

I play the game to play the game. So.. err.. Having a male character is easier for me. And one never questions the IRL gender of a male character. Though if I am questioned, I'd tell them the truth, then they'd not believe me.

All of you saying that girls dress slutty have never been to about 90% of Michigan. Shet's cold.

I myself dress conservatively, even in the summertime. Dressing provocatively = uncomfortable. And well.. I'd even be disappointed in myself for doing so.

Anyhow. That was to sort of fight back on the girls IRL dressing like dollar-store whores.

Anyhow.. Whereas I do appreciate if a game get's realistic and has the defensive female characters well-covered (like skyrim.. but that's not an mmo)... But if it's such a large problem for you.. Don't play the game. Play something else. Make a male character. If the apparel is the killing point.. try something else. A different game. A different genre.. etc etc.

Well.. Basically those that can't stand to play based on the apparel won't play and those that are attracted to it will play. If the numbers are rising as you say.. there will be a decrease in the growth of members of the game. The game will die out. A new game will rise that better suits the player base. Gaming evolution.

But as of right now 'sex sells'. Maybe when the female gamer population grows, and enough agree with this article.. outright appalled... Well... things will change. This is currently trending. This is what is booming.

Tofu 10 years ago
Hmmm...well i'm a sucker for tomboys and they tend to wear more clothing, but that's not to say that the ads for games with chicks with huge sweater pillows and such don't get to me lol. I normally play female characters so idk, if there's items you can buy like jeans and stuff I normally give them jeans and a tanktop but this is all irrelevant

Test Subject Number 771 11 years ago
Ok .... look i think more then one here have everything wrong.... and just thanks to the comment this "missy" made about hte sexualism and all that she hates blah blah blah... didnt really pay much attention... and now THE answer....
THOSE ADDS, are from the less then popular games (mostly) that need more people (always) so, civony (now referred as Evony) is a game wich didnt have many players thanks to its slow paced game type.... so they recurred to the only thing they thought could help them... wich is TITS!
now... lets see how much audience they could get....
1- male heterosexual gamers... expecting for a "porn-like" videogame
2-Male homosexual gamers... (there arent many but there are) looking for stuff to laugh about (yes i know gay people and they are really kinky)
3-Female homosexual gamers... looking, as the first one for adult entertainment

and for female heterosexual gamers..... nooooo they just complain... but still its 25% of the mentioned before, only....

now, responding to your "customisation" section...female characters, in most games nowadays are shown as the "average" sexual appeal, since the developers dont want any people to hate them for big titties or small ones... Some even have the power of change, in the matter spoken above... and some others preffer to simply give you diferent choices...
NOW.... in most of the games, reffering to the male avatars..... we, male players (the most abundant of the community) preffer this "classic" examples...
1-the average... wich is human... average body.. not to fit (or as some call it "gay") and not too fat (or as some call it " we gamers :P")
2- the hero... wich CAN be human... or humanoid species... in wich they are built extremly fit, in what they are shown as some species of bodybuilding machines.... or something like that...
and well 3....... theres the ugly ones.. that you yourself mentioned... the thing is... those sometimes are really fun to play, have diferent gameplay experience or even look or sound good for the gamer... wich makes them as fun as the others....

well.... now i hope you understood... the female avatars ingame... they are not "slutty" by choice of the developer... but by choice of the women who play them, or men who try to get a "mule" (alternative character in wich you can store stuff) to get objects for their real accounts....

oh and by the way.... i know MANY women who, when they play videogames with customisable characters... they make them as slutty as possible but for none of the reasons i stated above... but bor the same reason as we men use the "trolls" or "dwarfs" .... just to have fun... and i believe, that THAT! is the true spirit of mmorpgs.... not to fight against the other sex over a childish therm -.- thanks for reading... i hope i helped

MC: Over and out...

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CuriousCursor 11 years ago
Is this really still an issue with gamers? To echo Nox, you may as well demand that there be less violence in games as demand that there be less sexual appeal. After stumbling across this article while perusing this site for a new MMO, I have to say I'm disturbed by some of the comments I see regarding this topic, and equally disturbed at comments that I HAVEN'T seen, primarily even ONE that questions whether the premises assumed by the author are even true in the first place. Has pseudo-feminism really reached the point where it leaves the public unable to think critically any more?

The premise of Cleo's complaint rests on her view that the stereotypical female game character is "sexualized," and that this is done in order to attract male players even at the cost of insulting female players like herself The argument uses the logical fallacy, "post hoc ergo proctor hoc" ("After this, therefore because of this"). Her opinion assumes that because men have historically been the predominant consumer demographic for video games, men must be the cause of the particular trend she sees in this industry. By this logic, if I stamp my foot and a clock strikes 2 o'clock afterward, my stomp must have caused the clock to chime.

Here's an alternative explanation: Maybe the trend is developer-driven rather than user-driven. Video game developers have been pushing the envelope of the acceptable level of nudity for the past ten years or so to see if they can make headlines by convincing a publisher to back them on it AND have it pay off. This is difficult to do, as recent, high-profile game titles poised to earn commercial success with nudity as part of its content have often seen their success dashed by censorship campaigns in the US. "BMX XXX" and "Mass Effect" are two examples I have in mind as I write this. The point here is that developers want to make history, but they can do that just by having the content there. The EMPHASIS on that content occurs when the publisher tries to use it as a marketing strategy (or, in the case of "Mass Effect," when the game's detractors want to pick a fight over it). Because there's always so much hubbub over the issue (which this article surely serves to increase), people join for the novelty when they see a new game marketed in this way. Proving that such ad campaigns produce a gender-biased response is difficult; since even the author admits that men are the predominant player base for most games anyway, you'd EXPECT to see high male response regardless of how marketers choose to promote the game One does not necessarily have to do with the other in order to see the same effect.

Once such game content becomes more commonplace, the novelty will wear off, and you'll see focus on gameplay again. In fact, if some of the comments from MEN on this article - writing about how they simply refuse to take such ads for face value and ignore them - are any indication, this has already started to happen.

Annonymous. 12 years ago
I am a male gamer and I must say I also do not like the ads they been sending out... Mainly because it takes sooo much longer to get to the game because every other second I find myself looking over to the side of the website and checking out the art lol.

And yes, sex sells. And believe it or not, each new generation is more horny than the last. My generation (1990) I consider extremely horny. Everyone was hooking up with someone in elementary school, hell I remember one of my friends had to move cause she was caught giving a bj to her boyfriend. And our elementary was the mild one, everybody was gettin in trouble for sex and stuff at the other one that was across town.

And the generations just keep getting worse, when I was in high school my friend and I were walking home from school, passed by this day care center for lil kids, we said hi to them and one of them walked up to the fence and called my friend a stupid fat-ass. (replace stupid with something much worse that will get censored if I say it...)

Each new generation gets more rowdy in language and action, hell if I know why its happening, but it is. Welcome to the future, the real idiotocracy. (which will be in, i imagine, 30-40 years from now.) and with that all I have to say is "Welcome to costco, I love you."

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Agarrett 12 years ago
I'm a male gamer and I am sick of this. I'm not gay, but honestly, I'm tired of seeing mostly naked women in MOST EVERY game I play. I've always been turned off by exaggerated sexual features in animation, its not realistic, and to be quite honest, not at all attractive. Games with females that are not exaggerated are often times more entertaining, and don't feel like some porno game for perverts.

so totally.....nonchalant 12 years ago
i agree with borntown, people, im 11 years old, i see this stuff everywhere, i know pervs at my school who look this stuff up for fun, im just sayin', its sick and wrong so people gotta lay off the "sexually attractive females" and actually make a real mmorpg

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ForumTroll 12 years ago
here you go here is a comic to describe the exact way it is...


they know how it is, maybe you should get clued in too.

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umadbro 12 years ago
lol ppl you are bitching on like faggets about why are they naked or not...just take it from the real way as it is. its just a matter of fuckin business, everything is business. if u dont want sexual content games DONT LOOK FOR SEXUAL CONTENT GAMES...geez you got at this page cuz you clicked on the pretty girl pic...why you did that? try answering this question with your own self. MMO's that dont have sexual content is only World of Warcraft. Wow its just a matter of playgame and its totally focused in it...i got around 3 years playing now and im totally bored of it,i just do pvp. if you're gonna cry out about it being with payment, just go play in fuckin private servers as i do. im totaly bored of it and im going to quit soon. but if you're looking for a good MMO. the best is WoW. Period !...or if ya want better advice..get the meaning of this yourselves: stop wasting shitload of hours playing mmo's ...get out of the box...! peace

shirushii 12 years ago
you know... as a male i feel exploited... barbarians running around in loin cloths, exposed chests, tight pants... muscles a rippling and bulging in all sortsa places. it's sad, us poor guys have to deal with it, so i guess the trade off is we get to see nice looking women *who undoubtably look at male charachters in the same way*... go figure you're playing a game ... you want realism, don't play. don't bring your crap about sexist exploitation, you got a problem... write the company.... wait for a reply and leave it at that.

secaly7 12 years ago
They should stop these dumb ads...... Its effecting the life of younger people...

Toys 12 years ago
Personally I am a male, and normally I just ignore the ads that use sexual advertising. But sometimes I feel that the effort put into making the ingame characters to look "sexually attractive" could be better speant to make the game better. A game such as Cosmic Break comes to mind when I bring that point up. They could take that advice and that game would be very good.

SisterPsycho 12 years ago
First of all, I'm a female gamer & I have to say I agree with the "sensible" posters out there, both men & women.

Now for my thoughts on both sides of the equation.

To the extremists for this article:

Actions speak louder than words. We need to DO something about this if we want to change the way women look in MMOs. Not only do we need to show/say what we want in the games, but we also need to do so irl so the game makers actually get it.

To the extremists against this article:

To those who think women dress scantily I say there are many, many women who dress modestly. Please look more carefully. You say a majority of women dress that way because that is what you're looking for. If you were really looking for more modestly dressed women, you would find more of them.

To those who think women aren't equal to men because they aren't physically strong I say we are equal. We may not have the physical strength a man does but there are other areas that we excel in where a man would not. Childbirth is an area that comes to mind.

To those who think women who are jealous because of the way women look in MMOs I say not all of us are jealous, mad, or in bad relationships. Some of us don't like it because we have good values. We just don't have enough weight to throw around because not many people are willing to stand up for those values.

To those who regard women as sex objects in their fantasies, think that looking like a sex object is beautiful, & that most women are trolls I say this.....we aren't trying to rule. We just want to be treated as more than just a plaything. Most women are not trolls. Just because we don't look like sex objects, doesn't mean we're ugly. Please don't think of us in this way. That is very disrespectful.

My closing thoughts:
I agree that customizing is fun. That helps draw me into a game. I just feel there needs to be more options for customizing females, not just the barely there items. As for the way men are dressed, making them just as scantily clad will not solve the issue. It will only add to it. Men don't need barely there clothing but I do think there could be a few more options for them as well. We(both men & women who feel the same way) just need to take a stand on the issue. Some of the male posters here who think women need to do something about this could help us out. There are more male gamers out there. Just the female voice alone can't change it. We need to work together.

On a side note, anyone wanting to see short, fat bald male characters need to go check out CoH/CoV. I've seen quite a few of those during my time in Paragon City. :p

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deph008 12 years ago
im a male teenager and ive never play a game for the boobs... first of all, its a game not a porn site. I pretty much ignore the nice pictures and look at real gameplay, as all men (and women) should.

sormlord 12 years ago
i goofed the system deleted my rant sorry tho it was telling basicaly women to stop trying
to rule the way we regard women in are own FANTASIES and let us live are own lives
without there social commentary after all we didn't ask them to join in are gaming tho its open to all
who show equality and tolerance instead of complaining and that they should be flattered that we
think all women are buetifal even tho reality is most women are trolls that why the cosmetic industry
is a muti billion dollar industry

sormlord 12 years ago
sormlord the name for the above rant and yes thanks to women ive found sex is not everything

Joanna 12 years ago
I think that personalizing the characters is a lot of fun. Just because the girls that don't look like that in real life are I don't know jealous? they don't have to complain. I don't care if my character looks like sslut its just a freakin' character get over it. I like looking good and I like when my character looks good just because my character is wearing slutty clothes does'nt mean I do in real life. I think the girls on here are in bad relationships or something and guys notice the girl characters on the games more then the girlfriends so I think the girl on here are just mad.

clay0040 12 years ago
I'd say the guys in games look pretty damn alpha already (well, in non anime games). They always have chiseled abs, you never get the pudgy beta males so why do girls complain that there are no "average" girls.

Devin 12 years ago
This is an image that basically sums up why I consider this article a joke.


genevei 12 years ago
Just to make this clear; not ALL women dress skanky... ok? ok... lol, that is for the boys in the beginning of the conversation... Personally I love Rpgs and MMO, and etc... Like WoW, everquest extended II... and other games.. but those are my main.. I love that I can dress my character up but I hate it when I get online and a guy denies I'm even a girl... I mean... women can't have an adventure either... killing stuff and doing quests? lol.. like its that hard! haha. oh... btw, I'm 26 and married so I'm not hiding from social surroundings. hehe.

dontrippy 12 years ago
i've always wondered how the almost naked women could win any fight in games, that's why one of my fav games is dragon age/ DA2, not mmo, but one of the best games ever :p and there the female characters have about the same armoring as male characters... quite ridicalous to call an armor dragon bone plate and have the female version look like an iron bikini :p but appart from the questions how the hell do they win any fight? and how the hell can a practically naked woman have such a high armor value? i never really thought about it

mr.bojangles 12 years ago
So i reread the article and still found it was mostly about how badly women are portrayed in videogames. The article doesn't really seem like something that would inspire some sort of video game feminist revolution. And like I said. When the demographic of either A. what is attractive or B. what the average gamer is change is when stuff like this will stop happening. Although it could take a turn for the worse depending on what changes and how.

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data 12 years ago
women complain about how they're portrayed regardless.

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jordz0005 12 years ago
the only girl character in games i know isn't sexualised would be Alex Vance in Half Life 2, you first meet her when she saves your life from these masked cop guys, and she's a very tough character

link to her wiki page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alyx_Vance

valordi 12 years ago
Almost half of them were from Evony. What does that nice rack have to do with the game anyway? Exposed females makes me a bit more critical of the game, because if all they have is hot women, we would just go to a strip club irl.

Denagath 12 years ago
After trying an unrememberable number of MMOs out there, I can only say one thing : I'm a male, and I really prefer playing a MMO in which female characters are well-protected than one with 150K armor rate thighs of sexiness.

Come on, developers, stop thinking every MMO player is nothing but a perv.

Kinda... uuhhhhh 12 years ago
Well yeahhhh. this is right. Everywhere the woman are half naked. It SHOULD probably attract men but it doesnt. i think it just attracts pervs that want to trade naked pics. Im a male and that trick kinda doesnt sit on me.

ltzh0f17 12 years ago

One certain comment made me think of this. And, well, it applies to a lot of comments in here.

18-year-old guy, and more importantly: Christian.
My stance: They're trying to sell sex. This to me says they can't sell anything else.
The other thing I note though, is that selling sex works... That's the point where I just sigh and ignore it.
Alone, I cannot change it. Until I work out how I should go about changing it though, I can't do anything. So I'll focus on more important things for now.

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DaishixDMC 12 years ago
been thinking of this subject since i commented and well came up that is just not games but if you notice most arts are anime style and since i watch anime, i can tell you they do the same but in worst matter.
Also adding that is not just girls, but on the majority of the cases they never use color people. most online games don't give you the option of changing the color of the skin. not only online games but also normal games, programs so is still just a matter of discrimination, so although we all hate it we just need to coup with it. so although my previous comments say if on female side, im still are but is not to be so mad about it. could be worse if you didn't even have the option to be a girl

loopylamaaa 12 years ago
Evony only got as far as it did because of those ladies.

Joojo 12 years ago
In all seriousness on this topic of woman sexuality in games and art, whenever I see this, I pull ma wang out and start beatin.

Nevy 12 years ago
wow yall are all pussy's... yall say you agree with the womens side but you all watch porn you know you do so dont deny it.. the truth is that women arent mens equal, thats why every one takes advantage of them 80% of the female population knows this... and out of 20% only 10% could possibly do what a man does.. so what if a game uses what every other marketing aspect does in the world.. if you dont wanna see half naked girls make your own mmo n have the girls wearing overalls

Paulo 12 years ago
i see so many pornography everyday everywhere that i dont even feel anything about nudity.
when i read the news on internet and i get this tits mmo adds i really feel nothing anymore. its like oh someone died, damn wth this marriage everywhere, the boob add, where´s the car section again?

MrHoax 12 years ago
I'm 14 y-old and I don't find any problem in posting my opinion on this thread.
MMOs already are giving the experience of a walk in the Playboy Mansion: too many boobs(I don't say I don't like 'em) and so less detailed male char's.C'mon ppl! If you are an addict of the gameplay the only place where you will see a nice pair of boobs will be the game.
When I start looking for an MMO I want to see the customization capacitys for both genders first.When I see an MMO where the male has no style at all I realise why so many guys started creating female char's.I got my own style and if the game doesn't lets me show it I don't even wanna see the rest of the game 'cuz it's just a waste of time.

u106010431 12 years ago
it will be nc

Mark 12 years ago
As a male, I don't mind some well...hot stuff so to speak.
However it's getting to point where you see it everywhere and way over the top. Take the evony ads.
Simply...wtf man? Why are they advertising their game by shoving two tits in your face?

Nikki 12 years ago
there's only one solution...make the males more naked *.*

solonor2612 12 years ago
More often than not, if the image of an overly exposed female brings a player in, the gameplay is what keeps them in. I wouldn't consider this marketing strategy a problem as much as I'd consider it brilliant. But in the end, you're not going to keep playing just because of that one link that led you to the site that may or may not have had a picture of an attractive female on it. Usually, you stay for the gameplay.

Take Evony for example. The ad using attractive women to bring in the players, but the game differentiates entirely from the ad. There aren't even any avatars in that Web MMO, as all you do is construct buildings, raise armies, and wait 3 hours to find out if your attack failed or succeeded. A game like that typical turns away your average gamer, regardless of the model in the ad. As for games that actually have the women wearing next to no clothing -in- the game, I don't really care. As these are pixels, as well as probable men. Regardless of how hot they are, it's not like you engage in sexual activity with them. And even if you could, you're sitting on the other side of a computer screen so it's pretty much fruitless.

I figure if nobody is actually being hurt by it, it's not really something that can be changed. Developers don't care if a few feelings of females with poor self-image get hurt. Despite losing female players, the playerbase is largely male so they don't really care as much. As males tend to be more competitive, so more likely to spend money pimping their character out in the cash shop in order to be the best in the server. Still, I'll state that as a male, I have found a few sexual-based things annoying in MMOs.

In Perfect World, I thought it was alright for them to have such a detailed character customization, including bust size, as not everyone wants to have DDs.

On the other hand, in Forsaken World, the busts are not customizable, as all of the females have ridiculously large breasts, and the Vampires wears next to absolutely nothing.

Some would say this shouldn't be a problem to me, but it is. For males, I like the armor to be cool-looking. Regardless of what level you are, you have the right to look badass.

For females, I've heard they prefer their armor to be cute, as many of them pick mages or priests, due to the cloth clothing that is more likely to be cute, as you're not really expected to take many hits.

The thing is, an MMO may purposely diverge from both of the above paths, simply because they'll include "badass" fashion and "Cute" fashion in their cash shops. And that's how they get you.

As for the comment about "Why can't the women look average?", I ask, why is it a problem that you're somewhat unable to have a fugly character? Do you want them to look unappealing, or do you want them to look plain enough to the point that it makes you feel better? -shrug-

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Steuck 12 years ago
My point has already been made multiple times. Sex sells int real life, the media(movies I mean) and in games. They only put out what we as a general society want to see in order to make the mulah. I would like to ask though, if your so offended by these sexual concepts why do you people simply ignore them and support the developers that put them out there by playing these specific games? To me personally, this is a recycled article that I've been reading for probably the past five years or so in magazines and around the web, yet the people that are "Seriously offended by it" continue to support the creators of this sort of content by purchasing the game (or buying in game content in F2P) and populating the servers, and then whine about it online or in a magazine. Take some affirmative action. I'm not saying don't voice your opinion (though I believe if your writing an objective article it should not be one sided), in hand with the article you should maybe not play the game, maybe write a letter to the developer(get a bunch of signatures from people that agree with your cause). Just do something besides regurgitating an issue that we clearly as a society have no intention of changing.

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Crimson_flame 12 years ago
im a 16 year guy (turning 17 later this year) and as DaishixDMC i am also for the female side and i agrees to the most of what he said but not all:
"its a bit annoying that games attract players with sexy girls(they just forget about the gameplay sometimes) and you got to admit pretty boys are either gays or simple created. most guys don’t care about their appearance specially gamers, not being racist or anything but have you seen most of hardcore gamers? can they walk?"

1: i have lost count of how many games i have tried out and realised that some of the more popular mmo games(that i know of) are 90% the same as each other when it comes to for example quests, characters (and NPC) looks and clothes. the games that irritatets me the most are the ones which has made a gender lock on the classes like AIKA online. P.S i have not seen any gamer who can´t walk in my country. (exept those who are bound to a whellchair)
Those hardcore gamers that i do know of do go to the gym 1-3 times a week or train some other way.
"also don’t say all guys go for sexy girls with tiny skirts, big boobs, blond, when i think of a perfect girl the first thing that comes to my mind is personality, why the hell would i want a good looking girl if shes a bitch?"

2: as he said all guys don´t go for sexy girls with tiny skirts, big boobs and blond hair. i also consider the personality the most important part. But if i had to chose a girl for her aperance i would say either avarage long skirts or pants, small/avarage boobs (natural) when it comes to the hair colour i don´t really care.

"PS if you really hate that give a try Ragnarok online, although theres still some of it but is really few compared to other games. or simple play runescape where you cant say if its a girl or boy"
3: i have played s4 league for about a year now, its a mmotps and there is at least 1 clothing style that everyone likes(asfar as i know) some can you get in difrent colours and the only thing about the female clothes that i find a bit annoying is that many have short skirts. some of my active friends are female (or at least say so) and they don´t mind it cus 1: either they don´t care or 2: they like the skirt.

This is soley my personal opinion regarding this matter and i apriciate that you have read it all. If you have some comments on this i will try to answear but it might take some time cus i rarely wiew my e-mail.

m.shinigami 12 years ago
Another "Let's do an article that's been done to death and kill it some more" article this site is becoming famous for. I expect the next one will be "Violence in games".

This is a one sided and highly sexist look at a common problem. Are women objectified? Yes. Are men? Hell yes. Unless somebody's willing to point out an mmorpg where you play a short fat bald man? No? Alright then, guess we'll focus on the Rogue in Requiem, Dante, Kronos or any class in any game that is not a tank. In Requiem the rogue class is dressed in leather belts, same for the mage class in AIKA. But hey, that's ok, it's only a problem if they're women, right?

I don't like the way Nexon and Outspark do business, you know what I do? I don't play their games. If you want to make a point, then do the same, not whine about it and then go back to playing it.

Also, let's take a look at Champions Online, there you CAN make a "normal" woman. How many "normal" women do you think are running around in that game? I'll give you a hint, it's a number lower then 1. This is an article that echoes something that has become a norm, complain about women being treated as sex objects and then proceed to play the said games thus giving the developers support to continue doing it. It's called hypocrisy, you should look it up together with a few more words, such as "objective outlook" and "auto psychoanalysis".

And it's a good thing you named your article "Sex and MMO's" and then proceeded to fill it with pictures of scantly clothed women. God forbid you'd actually have to use your brain to write a reasonable and thought out article, no, it's best to just use sex to attract your readers...oh wait, isn't that what the games do as well? How odd...

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Marcelo 12 years ago
Pathetic feminazi rant. You women are envious of game characters. If you are offended by it, you should just make your own games.

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Artimus 12 years ago
I agree that males are targeted but more so the adolescent male who is inexperienced with sex and contact with the female body. This is a way to catch the eye of who we all no are one of the most active of all gamers. But more and more this tactic is becoming Moog with explicit sexual content all across the medias. Truly now has come the time when all characters in games should be dressed in armor or clothing that compliments the toon and it's abilities. Males and females need more options to dress the way females need the options to dress sexy if they wish or dress character appropriate as the males always have.

ForumTroll 12 years ago
Less QQ more Pew Pew.

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Hazard 12 years ago
Lol To this post it's so simple lol "Sex Sells" ^_^

Vanquish 12 years ago
I am going to agree with you'r opinion. But the least they can do is to stop doing this. Although im a boy, I don't care about these pictures and I think its quite dumb to put 'em on the screens of the game.
But one thing I hate is this thing on more childish games, you see games like Ether Saga online or Luna which graphics are more childish and more cartoonist that there are pictures like these, and I'm pretty sure that most of the players who lay in these games are younger.
So to sum it up, this situation is real and this situation is dumb and I hope the game companies will start to think why not to put the pictures.

DaishixDMC 12 years ago
im also 17 boy and i kind go for the female side. its a bit annoying that games attract players with sexy girls(they just forget about the gameplay sometimes). not only that but also male gamers become girls and start acting like them just to get free items or money. its really annoying to get this specially when guys act wrong. then when you actually find a girl they act the same... so is not just a matter of companies being evil, some girls just actually act like that others don't. and you got to admit pretty boys are either gays or simple created. most guys don't care about their appearance specially gamers, not being racist or anything but have you seen most of hardcore gamers? can they walk?

also don't say all guys go for sexy girls with tiny skirts, big boobs, blond, when i think of a perfect girl the first thing that comes to my mind is personality, why the hell would i want a good looking girl if shes a bitch?

PS if you really hate that give a try Ragnarok online, although theres still some of it but is really few compared to other games. or simple play runescape where you cant say if its a girl or boy

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kety0k62 12 years ago
Reminds me of a graph we once saw in class. The biggest spender is always the 40+ male, but the 40+ female comes darn close. These companies are still working with the cliché 90's idea of the adolescent male gamer.

First thing we learn is you gotta go where the money flows ;)

BlueberryIce 12 years ago
@quickman007 "short shorts, teeny tiny tank-tops, why didn’t you just wear a bikini? And how many women participate in these sexy photo-shoots, on their own free will, wearing even less."

Do you really think that the women who Do wear those kinds of things and the same women who play online? The women you are talking about aren't even the majority, they're just the ones you seem to notice.

@Icedrake "The problem with this article is that it is opinionated. If you’re trying to make a serious news article, don’t make it opinionated. You’ve only looked at things from one point of view; yours."

I think what she's trying to show is how females gamers feel about it, so of course it would be opinionated.

@mr.bojangles "To be blunt this article has served no purpose. Trust me when I say this will continue until the demographic of either A.what is attractive or B. the average gamer is changes. So you might as well put your self on a couch and wait it out."

The purpose of this article was to show what we, as female gamers, thought of the way that a lot of games show women as. What we CAN do about it is get our female friends into games, that way, to please the increasing number of female gamers, the developers would have to do something about the way they advertise their games as well as give female characters decent clothes to choose from.

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Makeapoint 12 years ago
The 17 years old "kid "quickman007 made a good simple and clear point ...and i will add too it you should really ask why is women being sold the idea of being naked = S e x y ...Cause for me at lest the shorter the skirt is the less moral and the more women disgust me . i will never marry a XXXX with a short skirt or if she is running around showing her breasts like a XXXX but am still young and i can dream 25 >_> here and love HON .

- but in the end its all about the "Money" .and S e x sells so the Dev's or Editors wont give a damn about this article even if selling naked ideas like this have the wrong impact on moral or if its right or prudent . but hay DON'T give up speaking your mined .. you might change the View of 1 Pearson in a million and that will still count as change .

Narutoboy 12 years ago
Well, mr.bojangles and Quickman have both covered what i wanted to say.
Just replying to make a +1
It's just how it is,was and will be unless you do something to change how women project themselves in real life.

mr.bojangles 12 years ago
To be blunt this article has served no purpose. Trust me when I say this will continue until the demographic of either A.what is attractive or B. the average gamer is changes. So you might as well put your self on a couch and wait it out. And if anyone really goes in just because an add has some boobs their pretty damn pitiful. Also quickman has a point.

dalentarth 12 years ago
Not exactly the most clever article, you made a article out of the obvious, like you pointed out many of us have already seen tits games. But about as many of us have seen "Authors" and "Editors" making the same article again and again. This is will never change and its just funny how everyone with a computer can pretend theyre offended or effected by it but in the end they support it or dont give a damn.

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robbyrahmankusuma 12 years ago
"harem full of sexy women ready to please the sultan." ?? what games u played ? i dont remember any of those games i played that have this kind of stuff, yes they are sexy, yes they armors are not really looks like one but the harem thing is not true, not even the sexual object thing, i never seen thera are male npc's threting a woman npc like a toy and its true for real player charters too, there are not even a single emotion there what humiliate womans !

plantaquatix 12 years ago
The problem with this article is that it is opinionated. If you're trying to make a serious news article, don't make it opinionated. You've only looked at things from one point of view; yours. However, I do agree with you. Like quickman, I'm not one of those guys that only cares about seeing as much cleavage or skin as possible, that just seems a bit perverted to me. Nowadays though, there are many women out there who do exactly what's shown in the pictures, so what's stopping marketers from using them as an example? The women who do this first need to stop trying to be "attractive" so to speak, and once developers realise that this marketing strategy is no longer effective, they will go for something else. But one of the main reasons they still do this is because most teens will instantly go for the big breasts. Shazam! You now have a new player. >.<

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robbyrahmankusuma 12 years ago
quickman007 has right, i dont see a bit info what womans are wanted in games ?? Male charters looks lika a g.y ? i hope not.
And another true thing in these comments what girls shows in the real life, they really looks like ... u know what i mean. and this styles are not just irritating womans, its also offend man's too, not the way u think, we lowe womans who show more from their body but its cause some problems if u cant get that girl and usually u cant !
You right the female charters are too sexy and their armor looks like can't protect you but sexual contents are everywhere in this sh.t world, not just games but everywhere. And if it irritating u just ignore it and create a male one.
If u really want to change anything try to write an article what really girls wants in these games.
And another thing, How a man choose a new mmo ? first of all u think we see a hot girl and we want that and we dont care anything more, maybe the first part is true but its true for womens too cuz its a normal reaction for humans but the second part is truly not ! And why someone stay playing these games is not cuz there are nice girls in it, its because the game is good !
U sad u bet a lot new female player feel irritated by these things and just dont want to play, sorry but never heard that ! Not a single woman cared about this kind of staffi think u overreact this thing.
I hope there are more and more girls came to play games like MMO's but this kind of articles not the way u should solve the problem

tim 12 years ago
As a male gamer, i have to say that i do see this everywhere, but when i see these kind of things, i ignore it and move on. i honestly dont care about the pictures i prefer the gameplay. Some games don't have things like that, such as Runescape, but Runescape isn't as popular as it used to be. I do wish the developers could find a better wau to attract players though.

ghostsai234 12 years ago
Articles like this are hard to take seriously. Why? A couple of reasons, but one big one

Now, before I start this long reply, let me just say that I'm a 17 year old dude that plays MMO's. And remember that little "I don’t know if any male gamer have any complain about this issue (I’m almost sure there isn’t)" bit? Well think again, because I, a guy, do have an issue with this. I DON'T like games where the women are dressed like....ya know.

Ok, so if I'm on your side why would I say this article is a joke?

Because when I go to school, or out to the mall, I can say with confidence that 70-80% of the women I see aren't dressed much better than they are in a game. short shorts, teeny tiny tank-tops, why didn't you just wear a bikini? And how many women participate in these sexy photo-shoots, on their own free will, wearing even less.

So why on earth wouldn't developers use this tactic? It works in real life, it'll work in their game. If women don't want this to happen in games, why are you letting it happen in real life?

I would go on, but i doubt you'll listen. Sooo ya...start bashing this reply.

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uawl0j08 12 years ago
Quote: "Yuki: Has anyone else noticed that all the above screens have half naked blonds with big breasts?!…"
That attracts males. Ads catch their eye and they try that game out. ( Most of them anyway )

emmcac 12 years ago
As a female gamer i must say this is exactly how it is...the female characters in mmorpg's are exploited in order to fulfill the man's ideals but...we females don't want to have ugly looking characters all covered up in non-stylish armors either right?!
The only thing i have to say about all this is...ok you wanna exploit the female appeal to make males more hooked to the game go for it (just don't overreact it to the point of offending us females by making npcs look like....ya know what i mean) but why is it that we can't have a little something for ourselves either?! i mean why is it that females always look good and guys always look ...i can't even find words to describe it...
In the end this isn't just the games fault...games like perfect world with so much customization work both ways but male gamers just don't bother making their male characters look good...they prefer wasting their time making a perfect looking "hot" female for eye-candy.
If we go down to statistics 80/90% of the world in a MMO is made to please the male gender and the other 10% go for pink stuff and fluffy animals to please females?! we don't just like pink stuff and fluffy things...use your brains and 1 day you may get there...anyway the female community is growing in the online games but we are still a minority. I believe that if developers pay attention to their female followers things may get a little better for our side.
P.S: Has anyone else noticed that all the above screens have half naked blonds with big breasts?!...

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