I didn’t want to keep making comparisons between War Thunder’s Ground Forces expansion and World of Tanks, but it was impossible not to. World of Warplanes and the base War Thunder game came out at nearly the same time, so I formed my opinions about both simultaneously. But after two years and a thousand World of Tanks battles under my belt, I’ve already got a preformed notion of how a tank game plays, and that’s hard to shake. Plus, I figured you’re in the same boat – no, wait, boats come later! – so I figured I’d just give in to temptation.

It should be noted I played most of my matches in arcade mode, which plays like a faster, looser World of Tanks. The tanks themselves are quicker and more maneuverable – so much so that you’ll find yourself spinning out or even flipping your 20-ton death machine if you’re not careful. Maybe that’s just the case with the lower-tier, light tanks I was playing, but I don’t recall WoT’s light tanks as being quite so squirrelly. The added mobility and greater lethality make for a faster game overall, and with a respawn mechanic, you have tanks to spare and can afford to take greater risks than you would normally.

The tanks also seem somewhat more fragile than their WoT counterparts, but that’s probably due in part to the “weak point targeting” system found in arcade mode. When you line up a shot on an enemy tank, you’ll get either a red, yellow, or green cross. Red means you’re unlikely to damage the tank with your round, yellow means a fair chance of damage, and green means SHOOT HERE NOW. Aiming for specific weak points is a major high-level strategy in World of Tanks, but you have to know where those weak points are, often through research on outside sites.

In realistic and simulation mode, you don’t get that targeting help, and enemy tanks themselves aren’t identified on the map by name. In simulation mode, your view is even heavily restricted and you have no visual references to aid you in identifying the enemy, which might be proper for a tank – which probably doesn’t have the best visibility – but it seemed taken to an unenjoyable extreme, in my opinion. There are still some respawns, but these advanced modes feel a little more WoT-like in their need for strategy and what seemed like slightly slower, less maneuverable machines. They might be more suitable to people wanting a more true-to-life tank fighting experience.

Still, with arcade mode drawing in the larger number of players – and shorter queue times to match – it seems like Gaijin Entertainment is going for the masses who want a more “shoot-’em-up” kind of game, while Wargaming is content with a more tactical and strategic feel for its tank battles. Both approaches have their merits and will probably appeal to different audiences.

As with its predecessor, Gaijin does itself no favors with the localization for Ground Forces. Mission descriptions are humorously Engrish, and the descriptions of tanks and their weaponry, while detailed, don’t give you much of an indication of their in-game capabilities, short of an overall battle efficiency statistic. This is one case where World of Tanks and World of Warplanes are undeniably more user-friendly, offering both the detailed analysis for enthusiasts but also boiling down combat capabilities to a few easy-to-understand numbers, like hit points, firepower, speed, and so on.

Once in battle, you’ll also get relatively undetailed information about your vehicle, and it can be a little confusing at times to know what’s wrong with your tank and what, if anything, you can do to fix it. At one point, I got the message that my transmission was damaged, which meant I could barely move. I spent the rest of the battle virtually immobile, crawling back and forth at about 1 mph, with no option to do anything about it. (Yes, I had a repair kit, but it was unusable.) Another time, I got stuck in a ditch and spent over a minute working my way out of it. And then there are those flipped tanks, which are nearly impossible to right. I can “suicide” out of a damage vehicle, but I’d at least like to know why I’m doing so.

Ground Forces is in open beta, and so you might think these could be addressed (as well as more map variety, such as urban landscapes). But if you’ve played War Thunder, you know that user-friendliness and better battle feedback isn’t exactly their forte. Still, maybe that suits the game just fine. I play War Thunder not to feel like a master tactician but just to go out and shoot some stuff and have fun. As long as I can move and shoot my guns, I’m fairly happy, even if I don’t have a nuanced grasp of every part of the game, like how to best assign my crew skill points or what modules to research. It can work on that level, and, if you’re willing to put the effort forth, you can probably take yourself to an even higher level. No matter which way you slice it, it’s a lot of fun and will definitely pull some people away from its more established counterpart.

By Jason Winter

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. As the first poster mentions the handling of tanks is closer to real in WTGF then it is in WOT, 20 tons in high speed motion when it goes to turn will drift if you turn too fast. Also I think you missed that WOT also has the Red/Yellow/Green targeting as well, and almost the exact same weak points.

  2. Geme is wot clone and its a pay to win also, ballance is also very similar, any anti tank unit is almost useless, very slow very hard to target, very slow reloading time, dont hav air support skill, cant skip leveling these useless antitank vehicles, to unlock last qualification u need to pay real cash so this game is pay to win, its less pay to win then wot because there is no golden shells like in woth with them u on shot anything

    • 1. WoT is not first tank game. Saying that WTGF is a WoT clone is just stupid. Also, they are completely different tank games, it’s like comparing Battlefield and CoD.
      2. Pay2win? You are obviously new to the game. Last qualification gives you close to none advantage. You surely won’t become Rambo pwning everyone with elite crew.
      3. Tank destroyer is useless? LOL. You don’t have a clue what are you talking about. TD’s have much better guns and better penetration, they can one shot kill tanks more easily and that’s why they don’t have artillery support (note that you said “air support” which only proves you obviously don’t have a clue what are you talking about) just like heavy tanks don’t have it either.

    • I don’t see any invisible tanks in War Thunder so I”m pretty sure it’s not a World of “Tanks” clone.

      • LOL But in fact there are invisible tanks here. XD Even if you didn’t see any of them yet. Enemy tanks behind cover (huge rocks for example) become invisible. They simply don’t get rendered if they are not your tank’s direct line of sight. Sometimes when they are moving out of cover they remain invisible until they are nearly quarter way out of the cover. This magical disappearance/reappearance always surprises the hell out of me. Probably even more than in WoT because here it can happen even at super close distance.

  3. LOL I cannot say how much I HATE PEOPLE DOING THIS SORT OF ARTICLE. seriously, this guy played with probably two tier one german tanks and went to write a report about it. He’s got it all wrong. He seems to say that WoT is more tactical and realistic LOL. I bet he’s only played for a few hours.

  4. At lease In WT you can feel powerful at all levels in a way, killing a KV-2 for the first time with a Pz.IV was an exciting moment, Killing a heavy tank with a higher tier with a medium tank of a lower tier with that skill shot next to the cannon barrel in the turret making it explode…oh man. In WoT you can’t do anything to higher teir tanks especially if it’s a heavy.

    And those stupid heath bars in WoT, I killed 3 tanks with a broken right Track and a damaged engine in WT. I’ve always wanted to be in that scenario and WT delivered.

    • You still have health bars in WT, you know. Only they are invisible and there’s a whole lot of them on a single tank (one for every component and crew member).

      • Those are not health bars but critical points.
        If those were health bars you wouldn’t be able to 1 shot kill a tank.

        • Correct and also you can repair damaged parts with out repair kits so if you lose a track and turret you can repair both.

          • Too bad the repair times are ludicrous right now, my tier 1 tank had a 12 minute repair time ealier. I mean sometimes it’s just easier to jump out of the tank and respawn as a new one rather than waiting for the repair to finish.
            Not to mention that it should be possible to cancel the repair if needed.

        • Yes they are critical points. But those critical points have health bars. What makes you think they don’t? All the components and crew members have set ammounts of “health”.

  5. Comparing War Thunder to WoT/WoWP it’s the same as comparing Call of Duty to Battlefield.

    Battlefield = War Thunder
    Call of Duty = Wot…

    Same genres, but they are different things when it comes to rest. Except the content being tanks and planes yes…

  6. As the game goes, the tanks get thicker and stronger. Making it a lot less random. The moment you pop in to T-34, game changes drasticaly, because at this point, you can allready effectively angle your tank.

    As seen from screenshots, the game was tried only on a very short period, with german T1 tanks only. Not to mention arcade.

    • their called AA guns their half track and trucks with aa gun mounted on them their 2 inwards on the right on the skill tree the German 37mm is the best of them for shooting at tanks with the Russian rate of fire 20mm is better for planes..

      • Your picture and answer do not match. Either you’re a 12 yr old girl who googled that, or a 50 year old man pedophile who should be shot and skinned. Either way you googled it actually.

        • I’m gonna assume you don’t play War Thunder. Mainly because it gives you the info on the profile screen of each Tank/Plane.

  7. Well, to compare WoT and WT GF is a bad start to you; the only real resemblance between them are the armored vehicles; everything else is different. Like when you talked about the tanks “drifting”, well, believe or not it is closer to the reality than wot stuck in the ground tanks (just search some vid in Youtube), this “drift” capability is only based in speed and type of terrain. And about durability of the tanks, as in the Planes version of the game the vehicles don’t have an health bar, if something is hit it is damaged or even destroyed, sometimes beyond repair. Other thing, besides the Arcade be the “maintream” sincerely it is the worst of the game modes, the true Ground Forces is the simulation mode, but even it needs a lot of work for now; but it comes to opinion. All in all is a different experience from WoT, it’s a game that came out of the CBT excessively early and that it’s not ready for the great crowd. But have a lot of potential to be something really awesome! If Gaijin be able to balance the game in all aspects…


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