On this week’s show we delve into a record breaking EIGHT questions to get YOU the answers you want to know about! Magicman announces a new show coming to MMOBomb as well! Enjoy!

Ask MMOBomb is an MMOBomb.com weekly exclusive where we answer questions from our viewers. While questions should be Free to Play games related, they don’t always HAVE to be if you question is something we think viewers REALLY want to know. So feel free to ask anything you want! Questions are chosen from YouTube, Facebook and our website comments on the previous episodes, and emails sent to magicman@mmobomb.com. Get those questions ready and let’s have some fun!

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  1. Why we all believe online games should be like this type? No! I believe Age of Wushu is not limited by tasks in game, which is more diverse.

  2. Such stereotyped game is bound to be unacceptable! You should quit! Or, join us to play Age of Wushu, a fresh and funny MMO game.

  3. what do you think of MMO’s having multiple server types (ex. casual, old school difficulty, permadeath, hardcore)

    Magicman you will be missed and if and when you return you will have viewers willing to welcome you back as a host

  4. hey Jellopy i agree,iv never understood why ppl get weird about what sex you and your toon are? Iv always played females in games even when i was a kid starting out on table top D&D .Its never been about a sexual thing for me it just cool to be a small chick with a big GUN/SWORD.any rp games online iv played i also tell ppl (ooc) yo im a dude.What wierds me out is the ppl that wanna cyber with you(had someone ask me about that once in DAOC)my only guess is those are the ppl that get mad about dudes playing chick,but whatever im hear to slay dragons not jerk it to a video game,i guess those ppl can go play second life lol ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. about guys playin female characters i think u dont see anyone complaining about girls playin male chars cause they arent any imo cause girls just play female chars at least as far as i’ve seen
    and i really havent seen a single girl playin a male char so i quess thats why there isnt an “u a girl why u play a male char?” arguement

    • Not entirely true, I know a couple women who play both male and female characters and even get into role playing on them. But I guess most of my friends and myself included are nowhere near normal.

    • Also on the same note I don’t understand why nor do i really care that other guys get all weird about a male on a female character,especially since 99.9% of us have at least tried out a female protagonist at some point in our lives as a gamer. My theory is the ones who take offense to it are in general people who date over the internet because otherwise it shouldn’t matter to them and I find that to be just as awkward a subject as my choice to play a female character if not more so.

      • well i did say as far as i’ve personally seen in my commment but i get it ya and ya i do believe that everyone at some point were thinking “i am tired of male chars lets role a female one this time” it seems like girls dont roll with the thought of “i am tired of female chars i’ll roll a male one” at least i quess most of em which i dont really get

  6. I dont know Magicman is they can do an Age of Conan MMO and it be some what succesful they can certainly do a He-Man Masters of the Universe ya think?

    • They probably could but they would have to do it really well or it simply would not succeed. Conan is a bit more broadly known and accepted as well and even though I loved the masters of the universe toys i had growing up I just don’t know for sure the market would be big enough for it to make the production costs worthwhile to most devs as with most cases the underlying factor is that they want that buck more than your praise.

  7. shame you are taking a brake (and i hope it is like that). magickman, really, it was you who created a new kind of gaming journalism here. it’s not that new, but here, you managed to popularize it to a degree. for me, it is you, who actually created overall gamer2gamer critic content. a lot of mistakes, shinanigans and etc. but in the end – it always has been a fun and yet informative experience.

    overall, thank you.

  8. Oh man, I remembered a question I wanted to ask Magicman for awhile…was wondering what his favourite Final Fantasy game is, since he’s a huge FF fan….

  9. Thkz Magicman for all the grand shows and all that u and every has done to make MMOBOMB the best very . Will miss but can keep fingers x that u and the others will return again soon .Hope to run into in some of the games u do play and keep up with from time to time ,and the best to do in your new adventure as well . ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Thank you Magicman for the great shows. I really liked to here about your thoughts on questions people asked. I hope you’ll be back someday ! I’m sure Spunkify will do a great job on the free to play cast and stuff, but we will all miss you Magicman !
    Take care ! See you around !

  11. I think the line between single player RPGs and MMORPGs needs to be blurred. In both single player and MMO cities, OPEN UP ALL THE DAMN DOORS, or at least provide the ability to unlock doors with keys or even if you aid an NPC somewhere in the city or the world (maybe they’re being bashed up by some thugs or they’ve dropped their shopping and you help them), they’ll give you access to their home/shop. If you do a transaction with an NPC merchant by buying something, maybe they’ll open up a secret quest with you and say something along the lines of “Psst, mind doing me a favour?” Questing should reward those who take initiative as well as exploration to great heights. Dragon Nest’s feature of befriending and getting to know NPCs is good, and I’d also like that to be taken to the next level.

  12. in real life store if u want to buy alcohol cigarette or enter to a club etc u have to show some kinda ID so how about system of verifying someone identifying and age like IRS pages do ???
    in USA u have Social Number .. in other countries u have other things … The project would depend only on the publisher….

    • Exactly ๐Ÿ™‚ But the checking of ID in a shop relies on a sales person who cares or is at least afraid of the consequences of not doing so. I don’t know about you but the LAST thing I would give any free to play company is my Social Security number. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • i really don’t know how social numbers works cause im from Poland so i wont be going in to is this the thing u will give a f2p company willingly .. but in my country we got something like government personal ID .. when u come to the age of 16 u are obligate by the law to have one .. it has its own number which on many gov page and other ,is use to verified your age and person .
        any ways … the idea come to me after watching episode of The Newsroom series when the main character was talking with his IT guy about verifying someone occupation in chat room .. and he suggested the system that IRS use ..
        but this would only work if the companies behind the F2P were force to implemented such system.
        also some time ago i was thinking about something like Gamer ID that some kinda Internationale gov company was created that verify your age and issue something like that but still as u said this not in the present times ..

  13. Magic I still like ffxi but haven’t played in a few months. I hope they can replicate the class system better with the relaunch of ffxiv. I had a kind of odd combo for ffxi that i was pretty good at. I ran solo as a rdm/war or rdm/mnk through most of the game and it was a lot of fun but it simply did not work in parties so i did rdm/sch rdm/blm rdm/whm sch/rdm sch/whm and sch/blck for a long time before i took up drg and nin and thf with dnc to pair for soloing. Really great game. I hope so badly they will convert ffxi to a free model and update it with hd graphics when xiv relaunches.

  14. Sad to see you go. Enjoyed the episode. I believe as far as your idea on questing GW2 did implement it a bit when it came to their random events and world events. I remember many times running up to a town or outpost and having a NPC beckon me over to alert me of something important in the area. I also remember NPCs calling out for help, like a girl stuck in a cave because she fell through a hole and having that start into an escort quest. I do agree it needs to be more a focus in a game. I HATE the (!) and (?) in MMOs… matter fact at times I just skip them all together and go my own way like in Rift with other options to level. Lately I play Skyrim more than MMOs because it has become the “Been there done that” blues.

  15. hey magic man I can say this buddy your computer screen is super super clean +1 if you think so too. thanks for all your work with mmobomb , I enjoy when people share the same dedication to mmo’s as a whole hope to see you on the servers one day…. Enjoy your time away hope we hear from ya soon (as a f2p host) spunky spunk welcome sir. im sure you will do a great job keeping us in the know on free to play games

  16. Yo MM Why are u leaving MMOBOMB? I watch the vids on this site just for your discriptive point of views of games.You are way better than spunk & I hope you will come back! Plz respond back & let me know where ur going so i can follow you. MMOBOMB will not be the same with out you.

    See u on the servers

    • Hey xkieth , dont feel bad brother you have to assume he has read thousands of questions (not really but ya) a large number and as anyone would select some of the ones that he felt like have yet to be discussed….. with that being said . I would like to give you a free cookie (yes it has tears soaked into it) and welcome you into the circle or mmobombers that did not have their questions read on a free to play cast or ask mmobomb , keep at it man maybe next episode we will hear your question …. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • He didn’t answer mine either, if he actually were to answer all questions he got it would’ve been (I assume) a video that is over 5 hours, which wouldn’t happen.
      The answers he give to the each question are quite elaborate and takes time overall.

      • He answers and responds to the ones that can usually start their own conversations to keep the cast and ask fresh i think. The only reason I got mentioned on anything was because I think ncsoft will end up redistributing rights to wildstar so they can put more people to work on gw2 and aion to keep them going as they are already rolling in cash from those two and have big updates coming. Most people probably disagree. I don’t think he misses most of our posts though he just can’t possibly keep up with everything and I think magic man and spunkify both care a lot for the community and hopefully we will not be separated from magic man long.

  17. magicman, i think the kind of questing you’re talking about is the same in Elderscrolls online , there is not alot of information about it. but the dev’s say’d that if you completed a quest at a npc or city , you would be thanked by the npc/city. evry time you pass.

  18. Hey magicman thx for answering my question ,I really agree with your ideal for a within so many meters system would be something new and fun.I also agree that gw2 was a step in the right direction But i also got kinda board with that one after about a month ๐Ÿ˜› Hate to see you go from the site for a bit, but i wish you luck and good gaming in whatever you may be doing.


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