Diablo III Free-to-Play Alternatives

MMOBomb Staff
By MMOBomb Staff, September 7, 2011

As most of you already know, Diablo III, the third installment in the Diablo franchise, is an extremely popular action RPG developed by Blizzard Entertainment and it’s not even yet released. Obviously, this game is irreplaceable and that’s not the point of this article, to find a Diablo III clone or a free-to-play substitute for that game. What we wish to accomplish is to highlight some free to play alternatives to Diablo III that contain some element that reminds us of the Blizzard game. So if you are a big fan of Diablo you will probably want to try the following games.

- Drakensang Online
[rokbox title="Drakensang Online" thumb="https://www.mmobomb.com/file/2011/09/video-draken.jpg" size="854 505" album=""]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88sj6_W-eKs&hd=1&autoplay=1[/rokbox]

A beautiful hack and slash game, Drakensang Online has some lush outdoor visuals that are looking a lot like those from Diablo III. It is one amazing free to play browser-based action RPG with several elements borrowed from Diablo, including a familiar interface.
Play Now: Drakensang Online

- Fortune Online

This is a game that couldn’t be more Diablo-like… well, maybe except for the fact that it is browser-based, but that’s obvious from the start. Fortune Online has it all: three classes, dark dungeons and undead creatures. It’s the closest homage to Diablo a free-to-play game can get.
Play Now: Fortune Online (US only)

- Mythos

Now, looking at Mythos, it couldn’t be more of a Diablo clone. Everything in it seems inspired by the Blizzard series, from the inventory to crafting and, mostly, the dark dungeons and fast-paced gameplay. Oh, and the interface, with the life and mana globes and the shortcut bar. Mythos is a nice hack and slash that isn’t ashamed of revealing its main inspiration at every minute.
Play Now: Mythos

- Battle of the Immortals

Despite a logo and a main menu that looks like the one from World of Warcraft, Battle of the Immortals plays more like Diablo. The top view and fast paced action are reminiscent of the hit series, as well as the typical quests about killing a number of monsters or retrieving an item. A good game.
Play Now: Battle of the Immortals

- Mytheon

Mytheon is another game that looks and plays somewhat like Diablo. The isometric view is clearly inspired by previous Blizzard work and the graphics are pretty cool. The keyboard and mouse control is essential to this Greek mythology-inspired game, where we can grab the usual tons of loot left from enemies. There is also mana and spells to be used.
Play Now: Mytheon

- The Legend of Mir 3

Not the newest game on the block, but The Legend of Mir 3 surely has some Diablo elements to it, such as the character screen, skill tree and inventory, for example. The isometric point of view is actually more reminiscent of Diablo 1 and the weak animation actually makes it more appropriate for players looking for old-school hack and slash games.
Play Now: The Legend of Mir 3

- Eudemons Online

Eudemons Online mostly recalls Diablo due to its isometric point of view, but there are some spells to use and loot to pick up from fallen enemies. Combat is slower than a action MMORPG would need nowadays and graphics are outdated, so it’s not the most technically adept game for Diablo fans. However, the playerbase is large and that makes it a popular game.
Play Now: Eudemons Online

- Dekaron

Dekaron (also released under the name 2Moons by Acclaim, before shutting down) is an enjoyable action MMORPG that is as much World of Warcraft as it is Diablo. There’s a pleasant mix of both genres, but the gameplay is mostly based on fast-paced PvP combat.
Play Now: Dekaron

- MU Online

MU Online has some years behind it and the graphics are proof of that. It’s clearly inspired by Diablo 2 and focused on PvP, with the grind being one of its major gameplay components. It’s outdated but has some clever ideas, such as the random items dropped by enemies.
Play Now: MU Online

- Cronous

Hardly the best of the bunch, Cronous can be excused since it was first released in 2001 (global launch occurred in 2007). That explains the dated graphics and the stale combat, but it’s a fact that the mana and life globes, the hack and slash gameplay and pretty much everything else is based off Diablo.
Play Now: Cronous

There are many other free to play MMO games with some Diablo elements, such as Dragon Oath, Warrior Epic and so on. So, we recommend you to go on the hunt for other valid alternatives in our free MMORPG area and keep an eye on upcoming games such as Path of Exile.

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Discussion (41)

Rage 7 years ago
Fck blizzard & their pay to play games!
The best way is Marvel Heroes & Path Of Exile.

Free Minecraft Premium accounts 2013 8 years ago
Heya i am for the primary time here. I came across this board and I find It really useful & it helped me out a lot. I am hoping to offer one thing again and help others like you helped me.

soapJ 8 years ago
Torchlight isn't free to play however it is as close to diblo as you can get with out playing it and that reason is it was made by the same group of people from blizard that made diablo they fromed there own compay after they left blizard

kastytuxx 9 years ago
Mu online is the best game ever

ral400 9 years ago
fortune online don't work. site need to be updated

greg 9 years ago
any good hack and slash games cause i just got dynasty warriors online and im lookin for more maybe anime based

games 9 years ago
Just wish to say your article is as astounding. The clearness for your post is simply great and i can suppose you're an expert on this subject. Fine along with your permission let me to clutch your feed to stay updated with impending post. Thanks a million and please keep up the gratifying work.

sebastian 9 years ago
hej give diablo 3 hack plz

LordSos 9 years ago
umm mabie add War of the Immortals to the list, i noticed you had Battle of the Immortals, War of the Immortals was made by Perfect World in early 2012 i believe, and its one of the best free mmorpg's, ive played in a long time.

viva 9 years ago

ATIX 9 years ago
Oh my gawd.... alternative of D3? Really? You serious? *facepalm*

Samuraii 9 years ago
Can we get Path of Exile Beta Key Giveaway? :D

ValdekPT 10 years ago
MU ONLINE and Battle of the Immortals are two games that I will always love!!
If you try B.O.I. you will surely like it because its fast-paced and it has a lot, but i mean, A LOT of quests and EVENTS for you to do!!
MU ONLINE is acctually preatty good too. You hae basicly no quests but its really fun to play, you have many items, many things to try out!!

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Chirpe 10 years ago
o.0 Eudemons, really? I thought they shut it down... Last I played there was only like one or two other non-afk people on a map. How in the world do they manage to keep it up?

zaazaz 10 years ago
i played drakensang! it web based!
hey dude!
it is free and ridiculously it is a web based mmo

mig25084 10 years ago
now i need wow free to play for ever

View 1 reply
Flavyx 10 years ago
You can play free, if you use VPN software

Dexploratio 10 years ago
Can't wait for Torchlight 2 btw :)

Diablo 3 is just gonna be a big disappointment :(

Dexploratio 10 years ago
Torchlight was F2P in the beginning, but not anymore no.

Titan Quest never was F2P but still is the best hack&slash game I've ever played :)

Flavyx 10 years ago
You forgot Loki

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thepitholl 10 years ago
tortchlight is a similare game and fate

Mike 10 years ago
@GrimX Torchlight isn't FTP

View 1 reply
GrimX 10 years ago
what about torchlight, that game is just like diablo

w00dchuck 10 years ago
This is a great article type, keep more like this coming! I'd rather see more of this "games like this popular game" stuff than firstlook vids of old games.

Summer 10 years ago
This is about games that are out now, not games in development. So shut up about Ass of Exile already. And this list has quite a few good games in it that you can play *now* (which was the point).

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Eamesblack 10 years ago
U forgot path of exile but it will be released soon (b4 diablo if they never release diablo)

Anyways anything can compare to diablo2 and i hope diablo 3 will be better :) cant wait

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