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About the game:
Title: Dekaron
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: GameHi
Publisher: Nexon

Dekaron, previously known as 2Moons, is a action free to play 3D MMORPG set in a violent Middle Ages based scenery, with a strong emphasis on PvP.

The game is very exciting and interesting due to the availabilty of large selection of skills and talents which enable you to design your player as you wish to. All the players in the game are divided into six different classes, which are: Azure Knight, Segnale, Incar Magician, Segita Hunter, Vicious Summoner and Bagi Warrior. Each of these six classes have there own unique skills and talents. These skills and talents can grow with stats points. One can gain five stat points with crossing each level. The characters are differentiated with four criteria that are: Strength, Dexterity, Health and spirit. Different characters have different increase of stats with each point given to it.

Explosive Features:

  • One of the bloodiest free MMORPGs out there
  • Large selection of skills and talents
  • Will remind you Diablo 2

Featured Video

System Requirements

Dekaron Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: 1.0 GHz Intel P3 or equivalent
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 2.1GB of free Space
Video Card: GeForce MX or better VGA card

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  1. Don’t waste your time with this game. It’s all pay to win now and the new company that took it from Nexon keeps promising updates and events that are bugged out/broken or just never happen.

    There are no updated guides on how to do anything in the game, the upgrading is impossible even with cash shop items

  2. Nexon is killing game, game is nearly dead,,like most of games they own..its bad times for deka now from such great potential to absolute bottom..talking from perspective :old and legit player.

  3. ive been a (2moons) dekaron player for about 6 years now. when I first played this game when it was called 2moons, it was very very very slow paced game for lvling, I think I reached only lvl 45 haha. had to get like 40mil exp at that lvl is nuts. ive had so many accounts through action 6-12. mainly because of hackers hacking my accounts and stuff like that, cause the game was ruined by hackers. I left the game for couple years, came back in about 2010 when nexon paired with gamehi. game was completely redone and changed up for the better. way better lvling, skills, weps, maps. just way better. now on action 16 I believe, theres soooooooooo much to do, new ultimate weps and dgs, sooo many helpful events to get you going. before nexon jumped in, I couldn’t lvl fast enough nor get good gear. now I have 2 accounts full of 150+ chars. fulled geared wth +7 and +9 items. yes the game is easier now, but way more fun and zero hackers. so far most addicting game yet. and for everyones info, the new 180 sets and weps will be coming soon and idk yet on the new 170 skils/180 skils.

  4. For one of the older MMORPG games out there, this game does stand alone it seems in gameplay and skill graphics…I also have played the sumy character…EPIC weapons graphics indeed! The Black Wizard is another favorite of mine…He requires skill and timing, but skill graphics during gameplay again are incredible for this character as well 🙂

  5. I used to play this one back in ’07. Was slow and hard but addictive. Stopped coz i went mac.. but still kept thinking of it…. some how it creates personal connection… now back on again…

    In its latest incarnation – easy to lvl to 130 then it require some commitment. As a user you have so much control over your character that you can make it perfect to suit your style – want to be a glass cannon, crit monster, tanky mage…. since you can control skill and stat points and then add / enhance your armours to further those stats… not come across many games that allow you to… you will get hooked !

  6. well i plyed the game for 2 yrs before i quit. the end for me was all the bots in the game and nothing was done about it

  7. Very very nice game fluid combat and vicious summoner skils = EPIC I mean mean I fall in love with this class has some beast skils and now u lvl up to 100+ in 1 hour or less

  8. They have cleaned up all the bots and also have had major lvling events I got from lvl 0 to 165 in 31 days and u can get exp boosts now for free with some luck playing thier ingame lottary. They now ban hackers and bots everyweek but the playerbase took a big hit from all the bots and hacks the last few years but I played for a month now and havnt seen a single bot or hacker and they post every account they ban

  9. I remember playing this game 5-6 years ago or so (I was roughly level 60 or so when I quit).It was great. I loved the Azure armour. For some reason, my best memories were going to the cemetery near the lake and killing zombies. I really enjoyed the dark environment. I think there was a fishing skill. Recently I started searching for 2moons and kept redirecting me to the wrong game. I’ve finally found it but it doesn’t look the same. Dekaron… R.I.P 2moons. 🙁

  10. Great RPG with Beautiful graphics, it has got a bad reputation, acclaim support has not been the best support, but since the 26th of august 2010,
    it was no longer acclaim, its was owned by Gamehi, but in 2012. Nexon took over, that is great news for most players, less hackers, and great support,
    Nexon currently run
    Dragon Nest
    Combat Arms
    Dungeon Fighter Online
    and finally Vindictus,
    With nexon running Dekaron, it can only get better,
    its got a great choice of weapons,you can upgrade it to or what ever you wish,plenty of different magic stats and options,
    its got a nice party system,has great events,Great skill and state builds too, PvP is very well done,
    there is alot to do,and has a nice choice of classes,

    Azure Knight,
    Bagi Warrior,

    great lvl cap too, 190,( might be more) no one is sure, it has not been reached yet,
    and no its not easy, if you do play and love this game, Be warned,you will find it hard to replace, i do recommend it,i personally love it, Skills are outstanding, great work has went into this game, and that’s why it had so many players, support at first ruined it, but thanks to the new owners, people tend to come back,
    half the screenshot’s above aren’t even full detail, try the game out, you will more than likely love it,

    someone else’s review says ” right-clicking to use special skills is -beyond- annoying.”
    there are two control types, yes the way he said, or just simple 1-9 number buttons to use skills,

    and on a side note, its not known as 2moons anymore, its now called Dekaron,

    have any questions ? please don’t hesitate to pm me,

    good luck all

    • Thanks Forty very helpful. Nexon is so damn complicated due to their having different games in different parts of the world. The current EU lineup is Vindictus, MapleStory, Dekaron, War Rock, Atlantica and Combat Arms (that’s from their website).Thats the same as on Wikipedia – Mabinogi is now ‘closed’ in the EU. On the other hand Mabinogi is run by Nexon in US as is Dragon Nest – but the latter is run by someone else in the EU! Dekaron though is not available through Nexon in the US – maybe that is why it is pretty ignored here?

      I’m interested in this because I have played Vindictus quite a bit and my own experiences with Nexon have been good. Yes prices for cosmetic stuff are high but it is up to you if you want to waste your money (I do!). So I am looking for another Nexon game to play in the EU – looks like Decaron would be the one to try first.

    • Are you kidding me ? The company that runs Dekaron is NEXON-EU, not the original nexon,
      This game went to hell ever since Nexon took over.
      The game freezes out of nowhere meaning you can’t play or even log in from another account until they do a maintenance., It has nothing to offer new players, no money, no nothing.
      Nexon-EU destroyed this game.

    • Saphi I’m Stueeee do you remember me?

      Havent played for about a year…Im hunting down my old friends… idk if thats the right term

      If ur still playing then lets meet sometime!

  11. stil a great game but it have a big problem like most mmorpg its crawling with botters and i dont mean a few i mean 100 ore more kill ea mob bevore your eyes with insane speed hack

    its for new players very hard to lvl with a lvl cap i think now 200 it takes many many years to get there and with so many botters and GameHi dont care much ore dont have the power to stop them you be in a game that you quit fast again rely bummer its stil a very good game with lots of fun open pk fast paced action good skill animation

    bummer that dill companies get stronger and take over most mmorpg cabal have lots of trouble dekaron RF online and many more its like a virus for most mmorpg games and there no way atm to stop them

  12. i was playing like 2 years ago i mean 2Moons, it was good and i think better then new ones but it like not mine this new version. it looks like something else not for me. but there people that like playing this new version 🙂

    • This is great news! Although there are a lot of other F2P MMOs out there that feature insnete 3D graphics like Cabal Online, Ragnarok is still a classic!

  13. This game was a huge blast when it came out, i played the 2 moons from acclaim and if was fun and fast paced. Didnt tested this version at the moment, but i fear that the years that passed over this game didnt left it with much to offer to new players, specially with other good f2p mmorpgs around,

  14. I have to add these two points as well….

    First off, this should not, in any way, shape or form; remind you of DII. I’m sorry but no. It’s nothing like DII. I love DII and I find it highly insulting that anyone would compare these two in a favorable manor.

    Secondly, the “blood” effect in this game is incredibly weak and should also not be considered a plus factor in it. If you want to see seriously well done blood I’d recommend “Requiem: Memento Mori”. It’s not one I play seriously but it’s very fun and has incredibly gory details.

  15. I used to love playing this game with a friend of mine, when it was 2Moons. It seems to have changed a lot and not for the better unfortunately. I didn’t play too much because it’s incredibly slow paced and right-clicking to use special skills is -beyond- annoying. It certainly looks better graphically, but that is about where the improvements stop. I have a good computer that runs most games fine on high-max graphic settings, however when I look at the sun glare (yes, only the glare coming from the sun) my game lags badly or actually acts as though it might freeze up for a few seconds. I prefer not to play any game with Bloom enabled so I have no idea what that would do along with the sun glare. Runs fine otherwise, I have no idea how to change that. I wouldn’t suggest this though to most people.

    • You are wrong. Dekaron (2moons) is one of the fastest paced games you’ll ever play.
      You probably didn’t get high lvl enough to witness it..I played this game since 2moons and never lagged at all and trust me, I had the shittiest comp ever, you said you had to right click to use skills? Theres 2 battle modes in the game, 1 for the keyboard and 1 for the mouse which can be toggled in game options.

      Like every other mmorpgs, you won’t witness anything special or miraculous at early levels,
      This game gets fun when you reach Draco desert (Lvl 55-65) map, but before that you’ll be shitting bricks if you solo.

      Judging from your comment, you never reached lvl 50-55 or higher.

      • Ah, the good old days of 2moons. I remember being in the closed beta.

        Anyways the game will probably run on a commodore 64. Ok well maybe I exaggerated a little bit but it will run on literally EVERYTHING even without setting the graphics to low. Indeed leveling is really slow and it was 2x times slower back in the day but that’s just about the only thing that’s slow about the game. It features extremely dynamic combat and overall gameplay. Even if the leveling was faster that wouldn’t have been helpful since spending your skill/stat points would have been pretty hazy for an unexperienced player.

        I agree that the game really picks up when you reach 55+ but then again it slows a lot at 125+.

        Well I guess all that doesn’t matter anymore since the game is completely ruined by hackers and questionable balance “fixes”.


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