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Heroes of the Storm Is Reborn With 2.0 – And Open Beta Is Live Now

Having played Blizzard’s flagship free-to-play MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, off and on since early alpha, I can attest to how far the game has…

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NCSoft Faces Backlash For City of Heroes Character’s Inclusion In Master X Master

“When good cross-promotions go bad” could be the title of the latest NCSoft snafu. The company recently announced that the Statesman, the leading NPC hero…

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Can You Go Home Again After Leaving A Game?

Here’s a simple question for you: Can you ever “go back” to an online game you once loved, but drifted away from? I’m not talking…

Neverwinter Cloaked Ascendancy Gyrion

Pulling Back the Cloak on Neverwinter’s Newest Expansion, Coming to Consoles April 11

Neverwinter sure seems to get a lot of content updates. Maybe it’s because it gets updated for both PC and consoles, so we see news…


Editorial: Trove’s Upcoming Console Release

It’s been quite some time since I last sat down and played Trove, Trion Worlds’ free-to-play voxel sandbox/creation/adventuring game. Since then, we’ve kind of seen…


Editorial: Is Pay-to-Win Behavior Always Bad?

In this week’s editorial we take a look at Pay-to-Win and its Critical Role in PVE heavy games like Warframe. Everyone who has played Warframe…


Editorial: A Casual Case Study of Heroes of the Storm’s Failure to Launch

Being a college student, the big rage is the extremely popular ULoL league, League of Legends‘ collegiate series. This collegiate series involves varsity or club…

Marvel Heroes Doctor Strange

Big Changes Haven’t Led To Big Player Turnout For Some F2P MMOs

Late last year, I questioned whether big MMO updates were really worth it. For all the time, money, and effort put into them, do they…

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Path of Exile: Fall of Oriath Adds Six Acts And Reshapes The World

Path of Exile keeps getting bigger. There were over one million active players in December, playing 44% more than the player base did in December…


PAX South 2017: Dauntless Aims Big

At last weekend’s PAX South in San Antonio, I got a chance to try Dauntless, Phoenix Labs’ upcoming free-to-play giant monster hunting MMO, currently in…

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Interview: Update 5.1 And The Evolution of SWTOR’s Galactic Command

Just because you’ve conquered the galaxy doesn’t mean you can take a vacation. There’s still work to be done, uprisings to quell, and glory to…


Editorial: The Power of Simple Grinding in MMORPGs.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This editorial was written by MMOBomber and new contributor Steven Hawke. If you’d like to see more of Steven’s thoughts on a regular…

gwent feat

MMOBomb’s Top 17 F2P Games To Look Forward To In 2017 And Beyond

2016 is almost gone, and that means just one thing: time to buy new calendars! Well, that and time to look forward to 2017. This…


MMOBomb’s Free-to-Play Predictions For 2017 — And Readers’ Predictions From 2016

I copped out last year. I admit it. When I did my sort-of-annual tradition of making end-of-year predictions for the F2P gaming space, I only…

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