Today is Halloween, so it’s fitting that we should talk about death — specifically, the death of free-to-play games.

No, not F2P gaming as a whole, which we’ve covered before, but the death of individual games. You know the ones I’m talking about, the ones that you’re a little surprised have lasted this long and wouldn’t be too shocked to see close up shop sometime in the next year or so.

Now, before you get your “game suxx dead lulz” mojo going, let’s be realistic: Games like Star Wars: The OldRepublic and Rift aren’t going anywhere, no matter how much you hate their cash shops. And we also won’t include games that have ceased development but are still active (and probably will be for a while), like Battleborn, or games that are completely out of the public consciousness, with single-digit player numbers.

So vote for — or against, depending on your point of view — one of the games listed below, or choose “Other” and let us know in the comments which F2P game you think is destined for the graveyard!

Last week, we asked you what was your preferred role in an MMO. The results were surprisingly even, with 31% choosing DPS, 26% Support, 23% Tank, and 20% choosing a Hybrid role. Comments seemed to be pro-DPS — “Can’t really go wrong” with DPS, Kevin Flemming said — and Yopee lamented that the reason we don’t see defined roles as much these days is because people don’t play non-DPS roles enough.

That’s probably due to soloing being so prevalent these days, and the best way to solo/level up quickly is to play DPS, so when it comes to dungeons/raiding/group content in general, people want to stick with what they know. Putting up big numbers and topping out DPS meters lets you know that you’re contributing, so there’s that, too.


    • Although you would think Wildstar to go fairly soon, it’s still active (believe it or not), regardless of what Steam Charts say. Most tend not to use Steam anyway.

      Every time I’ve popped my head in, there has been plenty of chatter. More than in so-called “busy” games.


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