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  1. NitrexStweygriffen on August 26, 2013

    This video also did not explain the game at all πŸ™

  2. Nitrex on August 26, 2013

    This guy is an idiot he dose not see things that are right in front of his face and I hope I dont have to see another one fo his videos

  3. Sakka on June 21, 2011

    he keeps saying japanese when all of this is clearly chinese. The title, loong, doesn’t even sound japanese. The tapestries look chinese. If he even had a briefing of a summary it says it is “set in the land of china”. and not very informational, he’s like captain obvious on here.

  4. Arthhman on June 15, 2011

    this First look video, didn’t show, or explain shit! boooom goes the bomb!

  5. auros95 on June 14, 2011

    Played this game for 2 months, kinda nice game but gets boring after some weeks πŸ™‚ But it worth for trying πŸ˜‰