Sign a petition to have the ESA remove their support from SOPA and PIPA here:

Ask your favorite gaming websites, youtube channels, and media to join the cause by not attending and covering E3 this year until the ESA changes their stance on SOPA and PIPA!

As hopefully you’ve heard, SOPA and PIPA are legislative bills that threaten the way we, as gamers and content producers, do things on a day-to-day basis. We are about to make a very bold statement as it comes to where we stand in regards to SOPA and PIPA and wanted everyone to be aware of it. will not be attending and covering E3 until the ESA drops its support of the SOPA and PIPA bills. The ESA (Entertainment Software Association) is widely considered to represent the gaming industry as a whole – they also are behind E3.

We’re releasing this announcement together with several other friends of ours including, Red 5 Studios, the guys behind Extra Credits, Loading Ready Run and much more. We also have involvement from several developers and publishers at this point.

We are asking any gaming website and YouTube channel to boycott and not attend or cover E3 this year as well. We are also asking publishers and developers who have publicly said they do not support SOPA to also remove their financial support from E3.

Yes, it’s a very big thing to ask but at the end of the day, we have to fight this thing right now otherwise we won’t have websites and YouTube channels to post content at all. If ESA truly apposed this legislation the last thing they want to do is support an entity that spent $190,000 on PIPA lobbying.

Are you a video game developer, publisher or gaming website that wants to be involved with this movement? Email StandTogetherSOPA at

BUT DON’T STOP THERE! Actions speak louder than signatures!

Download this video, upload it to youtube, facebook and anywhere else you feel will get this video out there! Send or link this video to other gaming websites and media! Use your social networks to spread this video everywhere!


  1. I really want to see the ESA suffer for their support of SOPA and I want all of the MMO companies who currently labor under their banner to withdraw from them. E3 is a gigantic event where a lot of game companies show off their wares and it may be difficult to pull out of that, but if the gaming journalism press actually refuses to cover it that might actually injure it somewhat.

    I will not accept weasel words from media companies who say nonsense like, “We don’t support SOPA in its current form,” because it belies a misunderstanding as to (or dishonesty about) why SOPA and PROTECT-IP are bad. These bills are philosophically corrupt and would tend to put more power in the hands of the powerful at the expense of video game companies, smaller media companies, video game journalism (journalism in general), and pretty much everything about the freedom of expression that Americans hold dear.

    The hit that gaming companies take by boycotting E3 would be nothing compared to the minefield that SOPA and PROTECT-IP will create for video game journalism let alone fans in general.

  2. i agree with them but we all know for Fact big companys will not listen if you say to them well i wont play your game unless you support they go ok got 1-3million other players

    We pay for the net (idk if other countrys get it free) in uk so this wont make much dif to me but if they try to add EVEN more just to play games i will hire a lawyer and take it to court (will get best Lawyer i can find instead wastein money on game for 2 months)

  3. I second that! In fact, at this point, I won’t even be buying games I have been looking forward too till companies withdraw their support of ESA. Aww, sorry Bioware no mass effect 3 for me. Sorry EA, I anti grabbbing one more of your games off steam or anywhere!

    Don’t often put personal information out, but I spent wrought 3k on games in 2011, thats not including what I spent upgrading my computer, or replacement of my sixth xbox to be turned into a paper weight and my first ps3 to die on me, so yea I am a drop in the bucket, but im no causal gamer.


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