Hey we're growing! MMOBomb welcomes editor Jason Winter

Michael Dunaway
By Michael Dunaway, News Editor May 8, 2013

It's my pleasure to announce a new addition to the writing team here at MMOBomb, Jason Winter. Jason isn't just a fan of MMOBomb, he's actually a veteran gaming journalist having previously served as the editor for the magazines Massive Online Gamer and Fun Online Games. He's also written professionally for websites including GameBreaker.tv, where he regularly serves as a co-host on their live shows. So it's safe to say the man knows his way around the MMO market and as such, he is a perfect fit here at MMOBomb.

Winter will be joining myself (Spunkify) as a regular contributor to the site, both as a writer of insightful editorial pieces and as a co-host on our Free-to-Play podcast.

From all of us here at MMOBomb, welcome!

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About the Author

Michael Dunaway
Michael Dunaway, News Editor
Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009.

Discussion (71)

Ionpulsar 8 years ago
Welcome Jason Winter, looking forward to your content here as well.

KuriousKobold 8 years ago
Welcome Jason!

Jellopy 8 years ago
Who the hell are you? You're not Magicman. Where's Magicman damn it?

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Reverite 8 years ago
Welcome to the community! MMOBomb is sure growing :D

Bic Boi 8 years ago
Welcome, welcome Mr. Winter. With all due respect to Spunkify and the mmobomb crew, I dare say that it is nice to have a professional touch here. Hoping to see great things from you my friend.

chefmadness 8 years ago
I researched some of your work &, WOW AWESOME! Welcome to mmo bomb.

Bane 8 years ago
Welcome :)

empire2x2 8 years ago
Brace yourselves! Winter is coming ;D

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Treeman De Unmountable 8 years ago
Woo hoo! Welcome to the community Jason! Glad to have a veteran gaming journalist join the team! :)

By the way just ignore those morons who makes you feel un-welcome. Those guys are just bunch of uneducated pricks.

Once again, welcome to MMOBomb! I'm looking forward to your works. ^_^


RenTheRose 8 years ago
i jest looked in to some of your work and am happy to see you joining mmobomb welcome i help you have a wonderfull time giveing use news lol and ain't it nice to be under the old one star :P

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Manolis 8 years ago
Welcome Jason... I was just wondering what have you done to Cryptic Studios lately and made them release Neverwinter... they seem to not like you at all (although the hate was historically from a long time ago :P)

cacalips 8 years ago
Please no lame key marketing lines like "revolutionary"..."pic"...etc.. Keep it real' risky, and controversial and we know you speak the truth and ratings go up. Use marketing pick up line, kiss corporate ss during interviews (or use false 'risque' pre established challenging questions) and ur stuck with the all 10 brainless crowd of mmobimb community. May god of geeks be with you on this sinking ship. Please post nude picks of the chick that does reviews to waych this site take number ibe video game spot. So far, no ones had the balls and all the closet fags fap o anime mmorpg anx my name is cacalips. Thinker of million dollar ifeas to lazy and busy to put in action.

MikeG33 8 years ago
Welcome Jason Winter Nights

funnyGUYhihi 8 years ago
Now i know what they ment with "Winter is coming"

Adrian87 8 years ago
Welcome to MMOBomb Jason.

DubGuySeven 8 years ago
Great News! Welcome on Board!

DC 8 years ago
Welcome Winter!
I hope you're not cold :D
Good to see that MMOBomb is refreshing the team, the site looks so inactive nowadays. I hope it gains more life now.

WarhammerzRule 8 years ago
hey jason welcome to the site! since MM left i kinda got boreds of mmobomb but ill keep tuning in for the new content realy looking forward for the f2p cast and wow is the neverwinter foundry good...just had to get that in there lol
anyway welcome jason

BonerRanger 8 years ago
Ay mate!
Brace yourselves, Winter is coming.
Anyway, as i see that you reply to dem comments and your replis are pretty funny, i like you.
May the wind whisk ye .. something... I should go back to sleep...
Anyway, welcome!

DragoonisMystic 8 years ago
Ok with a sense of funnies bones ,that u seen to have with on the first few statement here .It's good to be nice to say welcome to here Jason. Even if some seen to be a bit out of source since Magicman left .. I'm thinking by the way u remarked to statement that u have the right shoes to fix in .!!!LOL

Name (Required) 8 years ago
Welcome man, ignore the trolls, some people are just a little butthurt these days.

Good to see someone new on mmobomb, looking foward to see your work in the future

kAKASI 8 years ago
Welcome Jason ^^

KuriousKobold 8 years ago
Leave Spunkify alone! I for one enjoy his gameplay videos, which have gotten better since MM left!

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chefmadness 8 years ago
Hope you do a better job than spunk & read the comments on the videos you do. I hope you can fill Magicman's shoe's. He was awesome, This site has gotten kinda stale without him. Been looking at mmoden & mmohut a lot lately.

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SiiKGaming 8 years ago
Welcome to MMOBomb, Jason! I'm sure you will be worth it! Hope you enjoy your stay on here :D

Aladeen 8 years ago
I knew Winter was coming...I knew it, it was foreseen.

Extasist 8 years ago
somehow after magicman left, mmobomb dont feel that active anymore.

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classyholmes 8 years ago
Welcome good sir! This is the best site for all things f2p and knowing that its attracting a writer with all those credentials in his resume (and that sexy beard) makes me happy! Also when are we going to get beta keys for this game? XD

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xcr00k3dx 8 years ago
I've never heard of you.
But regardless welcome to the MMOBomb team Jason!

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styloz 8 years ago
spunky need to be whit remotay omer from mmohut you too where a great team togther spunky followed you her what happend to omer he is best for mmobomb

View 1 reply
70calories 8 years ago
Welcome welcome

dagudman 8 years ago
Welcome Jason!

Ionutz 8 years ago
Welcome Jason. (i still want the old hosts back miss you MagickMann,Brim etc.)

View 1 reply
spyhard420 8 years ago

jonathansty 8 years ago
Welcome to MMOBOMB.
Yes mmobomb needs more articles :p

0lly 8 years ago

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from_hell 8 years ago
I'm against this, Spunkify should continue doing everything himself until he grown old and bitter and goes crazy, it's the reasonable thing to do

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Reavermyst 8 years ago
Whoo, we really do need more people on this site contributing!

Ber 8 years ago
Welcome to the team Jason!
Mmobomb keeps getting better!!!

Okofire 8 years ago

Onslaught 8 years ago

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Gamer X 8 years ago
Welcome to mmobomb !!! :D

MountedMan 8 years ago

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