1,000 Final Fantasy XIV Singers Just Popped A Limit Break While Performing Endwalker's Song "Close In The Distance"

Spearheaded by YouTubers Alex Moukala and Husky By The Geek, this ambitious cover is why fandoms are important.

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1000 Singers From FFXIV

MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV is no stranger to fandom content. In fact, there are a lot of music videos, goofy clips on Twitter, and a plethora of fanart from players who really love the game and their characters. Today, a special video is making the rounds on YouTube, which showcases a whopping 1,000 singers from the FFXIV community singing one of the Endwalker expansion's most heartfelt songs: "Close in the Distance."

Spearheaded by YouTubers and big fans of the series Alex Moukala and Husky By The Geek, the duo arranged the original song by Masayoshi Soken and Jason Charles Miller. The musical creators would then reach out to singers such as Adriana Figueroa, Amanda Achen, FamilyJules, Susan Calloway, and even the resident bun streamer Zepla to contribute their voices to "Close in the Distance."

The video on YouTube played out various scenes from the Endwalker expansion and was edited by Denmo, a FFXIV creator known for his sick transitions and editing style, and slowly built up a limit break gauge in the top-left corner. Around the last minute of the video, the singing from everyone involved raised the bar to its third level and was activated, spawning hundreds of portraits of singers within the community at the highest point of the song.

While an impressive feat by those who put together the video, the main point was to honor Masayoshi Soken's work and his dedication to the fans. Soken has been battling cancer, which he announced during a Final Fantasy XIV Digital Fan Festival in March 2020. However, despite his health and undergoing chemotherapy treatment, he has steadily produced memorable musical scores and remains a force on the dev team. Many fans now overwhelmingly support Soken after learning his story, which is why this video is so powerful. Alex Moukala stated that whatever monetization the video earns is going to cancer charities and encourages others to share the video to raise funding.

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rukia_yphanh2002 1 year ago
This is why I always love FF XIV community. All best wishes to Masayoshi Soken .

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