2000-Player PvP Comes To Aion EU, We Aren’t Sure Why Either


A new update is now live on Aion‘s European servers and, in addition to adding a new 12-person dungeon, it also implements mass-battle PvP with up to 2,000 players. Red Katalam pits players across servers into massive garrison siege battles where the most successful can earn new equipment and designs for magical crafting. Players must be level 76 or higher and be aware that the battles are only available at certain times.

As for the new dungeon, it begins with a party at Beninerk’s Manor — but quickly goes awry. Up to 12 people can participate in the dungeon at once — so long as they’re level 80.

Obviously, the update isn’t available for US players yet, but we’ll probably be hearing something soon enough. Until then, you can check the update notes on the EU site.


  1. Are there even 2000 active “unique” players in Aion EU? 😀
    What I mean: non-alts on same account/ non-alts from secondary and etc accounts.


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