In an interview with Assistant Product Manager, Sean Orlikowski, is reporting that a few changes are in store for NCSoft’s Aion, including some changes that players have been clamoring to have made for years.

On January 28th, Aion will be adding special instances called “Abbeys.” Each race will have their own Abbey and these specific instances are reserved for returning players that haven’t logged in within the last 30 days. These zones are aimed at providing boosts and quests to players above level 46 to push them to max level and endgame content quickly. You’ll be able to access the zones at level 10, but you’ll have to do some leveling before the quests portion opens up. Existing players can also get bonuses for playing in these instances if a returning player is part of their party.

The manasocket system is also receiving a change that Aion players have wanted for a LONG time. Previously socketed stones will no longer break if the socket you’re trying to complete fails. Only the currently used stone will break. The enchantement system gets a new feature, too. You can now enchant your gear beyond a +15 modifier to the new cap of…unlimited! Feeling lucky? Then your +40 bonus is actually possible.

Check out the full interview linked above for all the finer points of each change.

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  1. My only issue with Aion is NCSoft’s video policy. I would get back into playing Aion in a heartbeat if I knew my videos were not going to get content ID when I monetize them!

  2. Aion ? Oh please its soooo old , we need something new . I don’t wanna return to a game that I won it already . We need new games not MMO type of , there all doomed : Aion , Tera , ArcheAge etc …..all failed games !

    • Tera failed? Try saying that again after looking at the highest revenue for mmos last year same with Aion. I only agree with Archeage

      • I wouldn’t exactly call it a success either. Going free to play was its only saving grace. Even SWTOR became somewhat popular after the switch even though it crashed and burned at release.

    • AION FAILD GAME? really? did u know AION are still #1 mmo at korea? even though they have BnS,TERA,AA and BLACK DESERT… because they give a big update every year only western ppl who complain to much about the update.. example: delete gunner its too OP. ” really? because ur nub at PVP because u cant beat them it mean OP?” ur just a nub player pretending to be a gamer who naver maximize the’re lvl in any MMO they played. just like others. P.S sowi for bad english.


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