4v1 Horror Combat Game Monstrum 2 To Officially Launch On Steam Soon

Early Access is available now.

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Monstrum 2 Launch

Fans of games like Dead by Daylight have something new to try out. Today, developer Junkfish announced the impending launch of its procedural 4v1 combat game Monstrum 2. The game officially launches on Steam on September 6 when it drops out of Early Access. At the same time, the developers will be offering players a 10% discount on the current price. Of course, if you want to go ahead and get the game now, you can forgo that and pay the full $15.

Monstrum 2 is set in the prison of Sparrowlock. The goal – for most of the players – is to escape. The goal for one is to prevent that. Four players work together to make their escape while evading a monster meant to keep them there. In their bid to escape, players need to solve puzzles while staying hidden. Players who work together will likely have a better chance of survival, but there is always the option to go it alone.

The single players will be able to choose from a variety of monsters to hunt their prey. Play as The Bhara, The Brute, or the telekinetic Malacosm.

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