Monstrum 2's 4v1 Asymmetric Survival Horror Experience Is Out On Steam Today

Players can get the game at a 10% discounted rate until September 12!

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Monstrum 2

Junkfish’s survival horror game, Monstrum 2, is out on Steam today. The game is set inside the procedurally-generated sea labyrinth - Sparrowlock. Players will join a team–2 to 5 players–of prisoners evading the terrors while figuring out how to escape, or perhaps they will become the very monstrosities they were trying to evade.

Players will need to use their skill in stealth to their advantage if they want to evade the predator by utilizing hiding spots, but they must also be wary of traps as they will give away a player's position. If players happen to be spotted, running is the best option for survival.

To those who prefer to play as the Monstrum, there are a variety of different monsters to choose from, each with distinctive playstyles. Monstrum will need to stalk and ambush their prey as The Bahagra or brutalize their victims as the Brute. Monsters can also be customized with various unlockable skins and accessories to allow players to feel like they have truly become the beast.

Players can pick up the game today on Steam and will even be able to grab the game with a 10% discount during its first week of launch. (Until September 12).

Still not convinced, well, then check out the official launch trailer below!

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