How often does an MMO make a return to live, officially supported servers over a decade after shutting down? Not too often, but apparently it does happen. Take, for instance, Helbreath. An MMO developed by Siementech in 1999…

The game, which launched in South Korea back in the day, was suddenly resurrected in October coming back in an official capacity. We say “official” because the game has continued to exist in the form of unofficial servers.

Since the isometric game’s relaunch, the development team has been busy updating it, adding a variety of new features, repairing bugs, and more. You can check out Helbreath on the official site. (Be warned, the site is noisy. But you can find the pause/mute button on the bottom right hand side of the page.)

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  1. This is NOT an official server. I guess you could assume from the server name perhaps that it’s an official server but it isn’t. It is another of many private servers.

    Im not sure if the author is linked to the creator of this private server but the server is average and doesn’t even enable the command to see how many players are currently on.

    Do yourself a favour and avoid this server. Instead, jump on a private server with a long history like nemesis, Olympia or something similar.

    QuintLyn u got me excited for a second 🙁 please change the details so old players don’t get disappointed! The server is rubbish!

  2. This looks strangely familiar. Could I have played it on a dial-up modem? o_O Nah, no way I’m coming back to this. If I wanted “old school” I’d rather play Tree of Savior or something.

    P.S. Lol why do they have “Before I Forget” playing in the only gameplay video available on their official web page? 😀

  3. I played this game, most grind game i ever played , to learn skills u need to grind , for xp als, for fishing also , for everything u need to sit and do repetetive leveling but i liked it these times.

    • most old mmos are very grindy for sure, though for some odd reason it sems like not many minded this aspect back then, now it seems like it’s taboo, weird

      • Grindy games are still relatively big in Russia and Asia. Gamers here never grow up and change their priorities it would seem. I often read that our localized versions of Korean/Chinese games not being grindy enough “because they cater to soft westerners too much”


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