BlizzCon is off and running and the free-to-play news is already rolling…but not from the titles you’d consider as the usual suspects. StarCraft 2 will be joining the ranks of Blizzard’s free-to-play titles and it’ll happen in less than 2 weeks! On November 14th, StarCraft 2 will become free for anyone that wants to play.

While there’s likely to be a full details list coming soon, what we can confirm right now is that everyone will get access to the Wings of Liberty campaign..and we mean full access. Already have Wings of Liberty? Fine, Blizz will throw in Heart of the Swarm for those that already own Liberty. Additional single player campaigns will require a purchase (either individually or in a bundle) for those that wish to continue the single player campaigns beyond Liberty (or Heart of the Swarm for people who already own Liberty.)

On the competitive/multiplayer side of StarCraft 2, rank ladder and co-op modes will also be available to free players. Blizzard describes the free content as “you can now play all of StarCraft II’s multiplayer, every Co-op Commander, and the entire first campaign in the single-player story, for free.” StarCraft 2 will be monetized through cosmetic and Co-Op Commander sales, but free players will be able to play all existing and future Co-Op Commanders for free up to level 5.

Check out the newly updated StarCraft 2 website for all the details.

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  1. I’m really angry with Blizzard right now. Even though they made the original StarCraft free to play, the ranked/ladder function was and still remains exclusive to the remastered version. On top of that, even those who had had the game before had to buy the remaster if they wished to play competitively (which is obviously the heart of the game), because there was no free upgrade. And now they announce StarCraft II as completely free to play, including the ranked function. It just seems unfair to me.

    • yeah that old game has gone f2p boooohoooo as i see it they had 2 options …… go f2p or close it down or forget about it…. if u own the game be gald its alive….. maibe will get some new content later…. was it better if it was forgoten whit 50 players online? … hmm

    • What does it matter, really? You bought the game. So what? You’re not the first person to ever purchase a game which has the intentions of going F2P, nor will you be the last.
      You bought it. Great. You showed your support for the game. Be proud in that, rather than bitch at future plans.
      Now there is a chance that more players will join, who didn’t buy the game (for whatever reasons). Be grateful they decided to try to keep it alive and open it up for a larger audience, rather than just axe it.


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