Disney’s Toontown Online officially ended its ten year run yesterday. The game centered around saving Toontown from joyless, fun-killing robots, while interacting with many of Disney’s classic cartoon characters. According to the Toontown site, Disney decided to shift their development focus toward their other online and mobile games, notably Club Penguin.

Players with paid subscriptions were notified via email concerning their refund options. For many, with its obvious cartoon appeal and low age requirement, Toontown represented one of their first experiences with online gaming.

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  1. Just putting this out there. Somebody has taken the entire game and made it free to play. Its called toontown Online. Everything is exactly as they left it

  2. I used to love this game when i was a little kid. But the problem is disney channel gives few cartoons now a days, and more real people. So it wasn’t odd for a little kid to say hey whos mickey mouse or goofy. and Cartoon network has a MMO with all of their cartoons on it, so this was expeced long ago. and the graphics suck on this game now to. This is an example of a lazy corporation with bad ideas, or just hires anybody.

  3. Honestly I thought this closed years ago. Must have been a different game. But this MMO shocks me that it has been around the last 5-6 years. Cartoon network has something similar it it’s content seem good and has better graphics. Then again Disney has an appeal to kids that cartoon network doesn’t. With all the hit Disney games on modern systems, it’s something to have kept players until now in my opinion. If they made a Kingdom Hearts mmo I’d bet kids, teens, and adults would flock to it

    • yea i loved kindom of hearts series, so much. you just made me nostalgia, and make me want to play the series again. i never finsihed the 2nd one. Thans McClintick 🙂 !!

  4. Actually kinda sucks considering I actually loved this game a LONGGG time back, had pretty fond memeories of it. Unfortuantly Disney has no idea how to run games as P2P is no longer a viable marketing scheme for any game that plans to continue going these days, if it had gone F2P even I might of though about going back to it.


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