In just a few hours the doors for Runewaker’s MMORPG Dragon’s Prophet will open up, welcoming thousands of players from both NA and EU regions into the game’s open beta. This is a key moment for Dragon’s Prophet as many players have been skeptical whether or not the MMO would be ready for the limelight. Mostly due to an overwhelming amount of bugs and localization errors present towards the end of the closed beta.

While the European servers just came up, the NA servers are currently down for maintenance until 5 pm PDT as the publisher brings additional servers online and prepares a patch which should fix many of the issues players have had with Dragon’s Prophet over the course of the closed beta. In terms of bug fixes, the patch notes I was able to find weren’t terribly informative and only mentioned the game would be receiving a large localization update, multiple quest line fixes, and equipment enhancement fixes. That’s quite a lot fixes, albeit delivered vaguely. We will only find out if it was enough once the servers come back online.

The notes also mentioned a few non fix related additions beginning with the brand new starting zone “Puresha”, achievements, and guild technology/perks.

Will you be giving Dragon’s Prophet a go?

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  1. Is it just me but game developers all been dropping that open beta crap to much. Its like a free past when something goes wrong. Oh can’t get on server for a week? “Its open beta so its ok” NO its not, Don’t come out with a game that isn’t finished or polished. Only Reason I can see for it been done is because of money issues (They need it, we go it) or been pushed by a higher power to do it no matter what. If so don’t blow smoke up are bums and just tell us straight up.

    Show respect to the gamers developers. I would love to just see one come straight up and give it to us. “Ya its open beta but nothing like we wanted. We are been pushed and running low on cash so we are doing best we can do. This is are game and we well do are best to make it great” No bull, no smoke or mirrors, and just honest truth. For that you would have a fan for life.

    • In my opinion only reason cash shops open during Open beta is because 99.9999999999% there aren’t any wipes towards any point of it, even when it ends, so players have nothing to lose by buying cash shop items, even if they could just refund everyone’s balances if there were a wipe by some strange event. Plus people are always so eager to buy things.. That’s just the truth of the matter. If I had the money I would unlock everything lol.

  2. Not going to fully review DP until I’ve played it more, but for anyone wondering, dragons are super easy to obtain and there are tons of them. You’ll likely be swapping and releasing them as you find ones you like more. You can pick a starting area for your character, either right off the bat or after the painstakingly annoying tutorial, and each area has different types of dragons. I personally recommend the one farthest to the right, because it has flying dragons from the start. And they’re pretty badass.

  3. I heard from other threads/sites that Dragon Prophet is going to be a major P2W game, anyone got any info on this?

  4. This game isn’t as good as I expected it to be and to be honest I have only been able to play a little bit after the tutorial due to the frustrating cutscenes (I haven’t figured out how to skip them) and laggy fps when in certain maps.

    + cool taming system, great for ppl who enjoy collecting.
    + Pretty good character customization. I mean u have 6 different ways to shape your character’s boobs.
    + action combat. I enjoy action combat as opposed to standing in one place and spam skills.

    – low or med end computers will suffer fps lag. This is very very frustrating because your attacks are action based.
    – cutscenes are poorly done. The transition between cutscenes makes the game very choppy. On top of that, the voice over doesn’t match the character’s mouth movements or their gestures.
    – the game still has quite a few bugs.

    Hopefully they fix the lag and voice over issues that are noticeably bad in open beta. Honestly I can’t progress through the game because I cannot fight properly due to the excessive jerky motion of my character.

    • You can’t skip the cutscenes.. I’ve pressed every key on my keyboard lol. Thankfully most of them are relatively short after that annoying long one at the beginning.

      As for some of the issues I experienced in CBT are for the most part gone, even though they added the third start zone and that introduced more of those text bugs for that zone. I can actually read what the stuff says in the talent window(the N button screen, I forget what its exactly called lol). I do noticed the bar when you craft still says SYSTEM_blah_blah still. Client performance wise has been reasonably stable for me. I haven’t had any of the major issues others have been having. I don’t get 60+ FPS on it with my system, but I’m not lagging either because of it.

      They did nerf the archer to hell though. Range is pretty much non-existent(doesn’t really count as range anymore). There’s pretty much a cooldown when you use Bomb or any other those other right click skills before you can left click again. None of the other classes have that and the sorcerer can pretty much hit anything from half way across the map(okay, maybe not across the map but its more than double the range of the archer. Your movement speed is now pretty much cut in half when your shooting your bow, I’m sure that’s for balance reason but its annoying.

  5. -.- very very very bad my account got banned for no reason then created another account and got instant bann! (Idont use cheats hacks) dontk now if is the place where im actually living im going to play AoW again Dragons prophet= FAIL!

  6. what disappointing is when launching a game for open beta at least fix issues reported in CB then launch the game .
    from the looks of it company wants to make fast money and hurry it up for Open beta .

    now the rotten players will come up with exploits hacks bugs with benefits and there you go a Good game flushed down the toilet .

    we all know what happens to Never winter and some other previous titles that have suffered due to sheer negligence and then paid a heavy price .

    F2p concept is getting worse day by day =( fast money is what companies want not quality gaming.

      • Well i dont think games are created just for the fun… ofc its always for the money 😀 also its still beta. even if its open beta. i seen wipes after open betas many times. also i think they made it OBT just so more players would report stuff. If something rly bad would happen like in NW it would just be fixed and wiped.

  7. I can’t even get the damn thing to run. I clicked on it and it said I needed a computer with an OS XP and up(I have win7)…I then opened it up as admin and it says its running in the background, and I can’t find it in task manager, and of course, it doesn’t have an icon…

  8. I wanted to play this game but it says WinXP not supported?!?!!? It only supports WinVista and Win7?!! WTF?!?! It supports Vista and not XP?!?

  9. soo i tried playing the sony stuff but it says my account is not open to play the game… even though its open beta..

  10. I wanna the very best
    that no one ever waaaass
    to catch them is my real test
    to train em is my cauuuuussse
    I will… across the land
    searching far and wiiide
    this dragons will understand
    the fiya that burns insiiiiiide(i think they need pepto bismol)
    Gotta Catch em all!!!

  11. Open Betas are supposed to be non-polished, you play to polish it, hence the name beta. They game looks just fine from here, it doesnt look like another same old same old rpg, have fun playing rift, Ill be playing this and Tera till it comes out and make this game look so much better over time. Beta testers exist for a reason lol by the time Rift comes out Ill have one more game to play XD. Quit the negativity, ive seen worse. *cough* *raiderz* *cough*

    • Not to burst your bubble, but the reality of the current age of free to play is that open beta is essentially the full release. This has been the first free to play game I’ve seen go open beta with so many issues. If something breaks while they have been selling things and whatnot, the game will probably die really fast.

      That said, I personally enjoyed some parts of the game. Well, mostly just the dragons, which is their selling point I guess. Hopefully they patch up all their issues quickly.

        • The question is whether it’s a real beta – bug reporting UI, content surveys, premade characters, character wipes, refunds for purchases on launch etc.


          The cheap excuse to launch early and skip QA like most F2P games do nowadays.

          • Yeah and they seem to be taking it to the next level with Dragon’s prophet/Age of wushu. I mean those games are actually in its alpha state or closed beta at best and they are already happily making money of them.

            Funny thing is that european version of age of wushu (age of wulin) will be run by gpotato and they havent even started closed beta yet with the exact same version thats in ‘open beta’ for months and has had retail releases in the us.

      • @Hykova
        “This has been the first free to play game I’ve seen go open beta with so many issues. If something breaks while they have been selling things and whatnot, the game will probably die really fast.”

        Neverwinter would like to have a word with you..

  12. I can’t believe a non polished, unfinished game like this is going open beta so soon. The gameplay is a mess, the cutscenes are horribly animated and with subtitles not coinciding with the actual dialog, the story is just the tipical common sense background story for most low originality titles and overall the game doesn’t look like a 2013 game and plays worse than 90’s mmos the engine is just terrible I can run mmos like TERA and DC Universe Online in high setting but this one I have to set it to low and it still has framerate issues.
    I’m going to wait for Rift to transit to F2P in June, it looks awesome and plays awesome.

    • Ironic that you complain about optimization in dragons prophet and wait for Rift which is like the worst optimizied mmo of the decade :p

      • Wrong! Rift is a great MMO and was polished very well when it released. The scores from the major gaming hubs is proof of that. I’m willing to bet you haven’t even played RIFT.

        • Rifts gameplay was decently polished, but the optimization wasnt good really. Using SLI was basically a nono for Rift at release, cus u got less fps for using it.

          • Rift had one of the best launches ever, the optimization was very good as well. Maybe for SLI it wasn’t, I can’t tell. But for the rest, they just nailed it

        • I like Rift. I have over 2k hours played in Rift and have played it since first beta event. But it is a horribly optimized game overall. Actually 2 weeks ago 14 of my old wow guildies/old friends all started playing rift after f2p was announced and they could get it for free on Raptr. 13 have quit because they dont get over 20fps in areas with more than 30 or so players. having a 2year old laptop or a 2k $ 1month old machine, lowest possible graphics or ultra doesent change anything. 90% of players you ask if they have issues with fps in rift, half of them will say yes and the other half doesent think average 40fps is an issue.

          • And this is my beef with most new mmos, how they don’t realize they shoot themselves in the foot at the start with hardware requirements is beyond me.

            Out of 300+ guild members in WoW not 1/10 of that was able to play SWTOR for example. I myself quit Rift because I was getting very low frame rates in 20 man raids.

      • You didn’t read my comment with attention. The optimization issue is not the only problem of Dragon’s Prophet and nowadays when a game transits to open beta it is because it is aimed for a near future full release.
        And I may have not played Rift when it released but I played Rift Lite last year which is a trial version of Rift, and it seems to me that the game is pretty nice and I didn’t have any issue whatsoever hence me waiting for it to turn F2P.

        • I understood your post perfectly. I wasn’t defending dragon’s prophet or anything i was just commenting on how badly rift is optimized which i dont doubt you will notice once you get into content with more people.


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